3 dying in the northwestern United States, or blizzard in the south for a week (Figure)

Northwestern blizzard caused 3 dead southern blizzards or lasted for a week (Figure)

On the 9th, a resident of Oregon cleaned the snow on the car.

On the 4th, two pedestrians walked through the snow-covered Central Park in New York.

China News Service February 10th According to US media reports, from 8th to 9th, the storm hit the northwestern part of the United States, part of Washington State was covered with snow, and the snow caused 3 people in Oregon. Death, the northern part of California also ushered in precipitation.

In Oregon, the storm killed three people. One of the 61-year-olds suddenly fell down while shoveling snow outdoors, and another couple were buried in the snow.

As of 9th local time, nearly 3 inches (about 7.6 cm) of snow covered the Seattle area, setting a record for snow in the local area for several years. Snowfall in the southwestern state of Washington is more than 5 inches (about 13 cm).

In addition, the northeastern United States is welcoming snowfall as scheduled. Although the snowfall in New York may exceed 7 centimeters, the scale has weakened compared to the previous two blizzards. However, this cold air will go south and bring a blizzard that may last for a week in the southern United States.

As the southern United States has insufficient experience in dealing with snowfall, experts predict that the storm will bring chaos to the lives of the people of the South. Experts reminded that the ice rain will make the road slippery and the road traffic will be paralyzed.

It is reported that the impact of the snowfall will be from Ohio to Central Appalachian, and parts of Columbus, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Illinois, Pennsylvania and New York will be affected.

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