3D concrete printing press is under construction

Interdisciplinary teams of architects and materials experts are developing commercially viable 3D concrete presses that can create complex objects using one of the most popular building materials on the planet. The purpose of this discipline group is to combine things, through 3D rendering software, which can be modeled in reality.
Foster is working with Skanska, Loughborough University, and contractors in various industries to develop this 3D printing project. Their primary goal is to reduce time (from weeks to hours), thereby increasing the number of options available for on-site deployment, creating new possibilities for one of the most ubiquitous building materials on the planet.

Essentially, a computer-controlled robotic arm lays down the concrete layer, according to the programming sequence in each previous building . The highly controlled extrusion of cement-based mortar is accurately positioned according to computer data and avoids the need for solid material input. Currently, the second phase of the prototype has been built and the team is working to create highly complex shapes. The results so far are encouraging: structural, sturdy forms, which will be difficult.

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