A lot of new wooden floors cracked and cracked more than 100 places

Recently, Ms. Cheng Chengkong entered the business newspaper hotline 5179666 to reflect: Although she is now moving into a new home, whenever she sees the wooden floor in her home, her heart is flustered. The home decoration used the wooden king floor. Now, just staying for 3 months, the floor has a lot of wrinkles and cracks.

Reporter’s reply

Customer complaints:

More than 100 floors of ‘defects’

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter walked into Ms. Kong Located in the home of Building 8 of Yuanyi Baizhuang, I saw a lot of transparent glue on the floor of Ms. Kong’s home. Ms. Kong said that the wooden floor mainly has three problems. ‘One is the crack in the middle of the floor, and then there is crack; the other is that the wooden floor has wrinkles, similar to the shell; the third is that the gap between some wooden floors is too big. . ‘

In the bedroom of Ms. Kong’s daughter, there is a wooden floor that is particularly conspicuous. There is a ‘drum skin’ with a length of about 4 cm on the floor. In addition to the ‘drum skin’, more wooden floors cracked, ‘wrinkled skin, cracks, everywhere in the house. In addition, there are too many gaps between the wooden floors in the house. ‘In the storage room, a seam can be put down two coins at the same time.

‘I did not expect the wood king floor will have such problems. Ms. Kong said that since the installation of the floor in March last year, the problem of wooden floors has continued to emerge. ‘In August last year, I reported these problems to the sale of Muwang floor. They also sent people to see them, but the problem has not been solved until now. ‘

Engineering supervision:

The floor of the leather will be replaced

Ms. Kong said that in January this year, the wooden king floor was sent after the sale. ‘But the problem still exists, and when I contact each other again, the other party is always dragging on, and the attitude is quite indifferent. ‘

Yesterday afternoon, in a store in the Muwang floor of the Oriental Mall in the provincial capital, the reporter saw the supervision of the wooden king floor responsible for after-sales work, and explained that Ms. Kong’s home bought the ‘Longfeng Tan The wooden floor’, due to the influence of the type and use of the wooden floor, ‘the phenomenon of ‘skinning’ will occur, we can’t guarantee that the profiles are exactly the same when we take the materials. ‘The supervisor also said that the three types of phenomena appearing on Ms. Kong’s floor are not quality problems. ‘This problem is caused by many factors, we will replace the problematic floor. ‘

Release date: 2012/3/29 9:32:54

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