A minimalist sauna house designed by Wingardhs

The sauna is a traditional ritual in Swedish villages and countryside. Designer Wingardhs reveals a unique concept of minimalist design featuring a sauna pond. The furniture in the sauna house is made up of modern furniture and is stylish and advanced.

All of this house is about relaxation. This is a beautiful place where you can relax, release all the stress and forget your troubles. Although you will eventually go back, everything will be the same, but at least you have some peace and quiet for a while. The important thing is that when you want to rest, there is no better way to come to such a good house than this.
This is a great way to release toxins and body pressure. The house has a very relaxing interior design. The colors used are gentle and quiet, and the atmosphere is very popular. The surrounding environment is also unique and eye-catching. This may be the perfect holiday destination. Quiet, beautiful, relaxed, calm. What else do you want?

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