A single man contemporary apartment in Moscow

About 463 square feet (48.3 square meters), this Kotelnik apartment in Moscow is perfect for one person. It is now occupied by a young single man. Geometrium created a new layout and design that includes a new sleeping area, an open space including a kitchen, dining and living room, and a smoking area.

The kitchen and bathroom are co-located, and the bedroom is moved to the middle of the apartment and enclosed in a glass panel. There are only walls between the hallway, living room and bathroom, keeping the apartment open as much as possible.

They chose a modern loft-like feel, so they integrated the natural slate into the interior, giving a slight industrial look.

On the wall, concrete bricks are used to replace old bricks.

In the middle of the apartment, the IKEA wardrobe system is installed in the storage area, including the bedroom side. The beds were made from old trays and they placed a mattress.

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