Abe will publish the first China-Japan talks for the first time.

China News Service February 10th According to the Japan News Network, February 11th is Japan’s “Foundation Day”, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will make a speech, “to cultivate national patriotism” ”. According to the report, this will be the first time that Japanese Prime Ministers have spoken for the “National Day”.

According to reports, according to the Japanese history book “Japanese Book Ji”, “Japan” was established on February 11, 666 BC, and was founded by Emperor Shenwu. Therefore, Japan first formulated this one in 1872, “the anniversary of the founding of the country”.

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yi Yiwei said in a press conference on the 10th that Abe will make a speech on the 11th. Yan Yiguan said that the purpose of Abe’s speech was to carry out the “national commemoration of the founding of the nation and the patriotism of the nation”, and set up the purpose and bless the country as an important day.

Does the move by Prime Minister Abe’s move to the reporter show the right-wing of the regime? ” Question, Yan Yiwei retorted: “On the anniversary of the establishment of the purpose of the speech, is it right-wing?” I think that people with this kind of thinking have problems with their brains. ”

According to the Japan News Network, according to the information disclosed in advance, Abe’s conversation will have the following main contents: “When we look back at the road our country has traveled so far, we I would like to thank the efforts of our ancestors and pray for the prosperity of Japan for a confident and proud future. ”

Responsible Editor: Qi Yuhan

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