Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Curtains

In order to increase the beauty and privacy of the living room, most homeowners will hang a beautiful curtain at home. However, in the face of various kinds of curtains on the market, many consumers feel that it is worrying. As we all know, different types of curtains show different effects. Some curtains have a dangling feeling, while others are more elegant. Gentle, in short, each kind of curtain effect is different, the scope of application is also different, then what are the advantages and disadvantages of various curtains? Let’s take a look.

In order to increase the beauty of the living room And privacy, most housesThe main will hang a beautiful curtain at home, but facing the curtains of various materials on the market, Less consumers feel troubles. As we all know, different types of curtains show different effects. Some curtains have a drape feeling, while others are more elegant and soft. In short, each curtain has different effects and the scope of application is different. Then various curtainsWhat are the advantages and disadvantages? Let’s take a look.

Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of various curtains

1. Fleece curtains

This kind of material is used frequently in life, especially in some high-grade homes. The velvet curtains are more textured. It has a soft touch and a strong drape. The reaction has strong color fastness, but the vacuuming power is very strong, and it is heavy and difficult to clean.

Second, cotton linen curtains

For some users who love nature, this material is very suitable, and it also fits the overall home decoration pattern. It is simple and natural, with soft luster and good moisture permeability. However, it lacks elasticity and is easy to wrinkle after washing. Shrinking shape, easy to fade.

Three, plastic aluminum blinds

The curtains of this type of material are very opaque and easy to clean. They are suitable for places with heavy smoke and smoke in the cooking area. But can not block mosquitoes, even if the color on the market is increasing, but the aesthetics is not as good as traditional fabric curtains.

Four, polyester curtains

The curtains of this material can be made waterproof and oil resistant, and they are also very durable. They are very good for cooking areas and bathrooms, but they are poor in hygroscopicity and breathability, and have poor dyeing properties.

Which kind of curtains are good? /span>

1, match the style of the room furniture

When making product selection, it must match the overall dressing style. Furniture of different styles and materials should be equipped with curtains of different textures and varieties. For example, classical solid wood furniture is most suitable for jacquard. Fabrics and yarn-dyed fabrics are matched to create a vivid, romantic, simple and bright modern life scene. The choice of furniture is wider, and the silk and metallic luster fabric curtains are the first choice.

2, adapt to the overall function of the room

Of course, the function of the living room is also one of the key points that cannot be ignored. For example, the cooking area should be made of practical and easy to wash fabrics. The restaurant uses luxurious and beautiful fabrics, and the choice of fabrics is also required. Depending on the room’s demand for light, plenty of light, optional tulle, thin cotton or silk fabric, the room is too light, you should choose a slightly thick wool blend or brocade to make curtains to resist strong light .

Summary: Ok, the above is aboutvarious curtains The advantages and disadvantages of the introduction are introduced, I hope to provide you with some help, I believe in the future Various curtainsIn the selection process, friends will be more comfortable and buy their own satisfactory products.


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