Aluminum alloy doors and windows, in the end is diversified or specialized?

  People often say that it is better to be more refined and finer than to do more, especially for enterprises, it is best to do fine management, and now many companies tend to diversify, more and more aluminum alloy doors and windows Brands are moving towards diversified development, and there seems to be fewer and fewer specialized companies. In this case, how should aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises choose?
   Diversified development requires two kinds of strength

  Overview of China’s aluminum alloy doors and windows industry, Diversified development has become a trend. Many aluminum alloy doors and windows companies have been diversified in horizontal expansion. For aluminum alloy doors and windows companies, diversification is an important way to grab consumers and markets, and to seek breakthroughs in fierce competition. However, diversification is not a panacea, and there are many companies that blindly expand and destroy them. Industry experts point out that big homes have always been “pan”, but not everyone can “generalize” and be careful to “pan”.

   So, what kind of conditions can the company achieve “pan”? The industry insiders have two strengths to enter the big home. First, consumers have decoration phobias, home integration services are market trends; second, enterprises have a leading edge in the field, and can naturally expand to other customization areas. It can be seen from this that it is an important strategy to expand relevant fields one by one based on the advantages of a certain field. Companies with a diversified layout mostly follow this principle. Expanding from related product categories, whether from the technical foundation, resource integration or consumer perception, has inherent advantages.

  Specialized management also has a spring of development

   Compared with the enthusiasm of the “diversification” of the layout, it still insists on deepening the professional operation of a single category. There are fewer and fewer companies. Does this mean that there is a lack of broad development space for specialization? The industry believes that specialization is a big market. “To be good, to be good, to be fine, to be fine, is the strongest company.”

  From a global and historical perspective, internationally renowned brands and centuries old Shops have indeed grown through specialization, and they have achieved the ultimate in the field of specificity, becoming the well-deserved leader in their category. For consumers, they tend to think that professional branded products and services are more professional and reliable. According to industry insiders, companies need to be focused, focused, and take a professional development path.

   future home return to professional development

   From the current situation, the aluminum alloy door and window industry is quite “diversified” overwhelming “specialization “The trend.” In the future, will more and more enterprises abandon the deepening of specialization and choose diversified expansion? The industry believes that from the perspective of market, it should be both professional and diversified, with a focus on professionalism. He pointed out that the diversified layout, especially the “big home” strategy, has high requirements for the talents, resources, capital, R&D and design of the company, and not every enterprise is suitable. In the future, there will be some strong brands in the field of home furnishing, but most companies still need to return to specialization.

   In terms of diversification trends, experts believe that companies should diversify on the basis of a deep degree of specialization of a single category. Because companies cross-border to do other categories will have the risk of “unprofessional”, after all, most Chinese companies have no absolute advantage in the segmentation category. It can be seen from the above that the industry professionals will be specialized and diversified as the choice of different stages of enterprise development.

   In general, aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises should still be professionally developed, and at the same time develop diversification under different circumstances, let the two models coexist, develop together, and maximize .
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