AOANMEI Yao Amei mother water, baby summer healthy drinking water essential

As we all know, & ldquo; water is the source of life. Healthy drinking water is the source of our health. Whether it is the elderly, young people or children, it is very important to cultivate a healthy drinking habit.

Industry: Paying attention to the health of mother and baby drinking water is not a problem

Clean and quality drinking water is essential for the health and longevity of the human body, especially pregnant women and infants who are at the stage of growth and development. The quality of water quality will directly affect the health and intelligence of the next generation. According to industry experts, “for the baby, if a large amount of lead is inhaled, its IQ and physical development will be affected, even including neurobehavioral. For new mothers who are breastfeeding, water is the main raw material for making milk. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good quality mother and baby water.

Due to the backwardness of drinking water concept and the increasing pollution of water pollution, it has directly led to the prominent problems of healthy drinking water for pregnant women, newborn mothers and infants in China. In this way, it will greatly affect the growth of infants and young children, and even cause cancer. It is imperative to pay attention to the health of mother and baby. In order to ensure the physical and mental health of pregnant mothers, newborn mothers and the next generation, how to properly and effectively drink water, how to choose high-quality maternal and child water, has become a new health topic for every family.

YAOANMEI Yao Amei mother water: focus on maternal and child health every day

Ask: What kind of mother-infant water is best to drink? According to the market, YAOANMEI Yaoya is the best. Sister mother water. In this hot summer day, YAOANMEI Yao Amei mother water has been praised by many mothers for its unique advantages. Many mothers will choose YAOANMEI Yao Amei mother to drink and drink for the baby, and won the praise. And trust.

It is understood that YAOANMEI Yao Amei mother water is the main product of the self-owned brand YAOANMEI Yao Amei mother water of Beijing Yaozhai Ecological Hut Health Management Co., Ltd., which has a 219mL mother and baby water and 350mL mother. Water, especially suitable for pregnant mothers, newborn mothers and infants. YAOANMEI Yao Amei mother water selection has “the world’s recognized longevity town,” the Chinese people’s holy land called the high quality water source of Guangxi Bama, natural springs, zero-polluted deep underground spring water. The water is pure and pollution-free, and contains balanced mineral elements formed by long-term natural mineralization and filtration. It can well supplement the trace elements needed by the body for infants and young children. The most important thing is that YAOANMEI Yao Amei mother water and modern pollution insulation, without any industrialization cycle, is non-renewable rare high-quality fresh water resources, peace of mind, straight drink and good water.

As the world’s rare small molecule water, YAOANMEI Yao Amei mother water is the first choice for milk powder supplement and soup, which can help to improve the taste of milk powder and soup, so that the baby falls in love with drinking water. At the same time, it is more easily absorbed by the body and can achieve the best nutrient absorption effect. In addition, it is worth noting that YAOANMEI Yao Amei mother water can also care for the health of pregnant mothers while caring for the baby. YAOANMEI Yao Amei mother water has a natural weak alkaline, which helps to mediate the acid-base balance of pregnant women, and is more conducive to fetal development.

& ldquo; In general, YAOANMEI Yao Amei mother water is a natural purified mother-infant water, from the bit by bit to protect the baby’s natural purity, let the baby grow up healthily . From this point of view, YAOANMEI Yao Amei mother water is subject to numerous & lsquo; mother powder & rsquo; sought after is also reasonable, which has to be said to be a wise choice. Industry experts say it.

It is reported that YAOANMEI Yao Amei mother water is rich in the unique cultural connotation of Bama, and has a moving story of drinking water. Xiaoyao Amei grew up drinking Bama’s mountain spring water. When she grew up and went out of her hometown, she could not find the taste of her childhood. At this moment, she really discovered how special and precious the water in her hometown is. In order to let the Bama culture go out, in order to allow everyone to drink the good water in their hometown, in order to let Yaozhai be honest and present in front of people, in order to share the good water of the hometown to everyone, she founded “YAOANMEI” Yao Amei mother water brand.

& ldquo;The healthy growth of the baby is a source of family happiness. Caring for the baby is the goal pursued by YAOANMEI Yao Amei Water. In the future, YAOANMEI Yao Amei mother water will continue to drink healthy water and enjoy the principles of health & rsquo; every day, so that more pregnant mothers, newborn mothers and infants can drink health. The nutritious water makes more people understand the Bama culture. YAOANMEI Yao Amei mother water brand related person in charge said.

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