Asymmetrical roof designed by FT architects

The Japanese practice was designed by FT Architects and realized a single-volume chevron roof in the home of its customers in Kanagawa, Japan. There is an area measuring 4.5 m * 7.2 m of space, and the plan includes a diagonally directed beam that produces an asymmetrical form of the necessary higher space. On the outside, wearing a translucent polycarbonate corrugated board, which visually reveals its structural frame, is called “light shed”, through these two ranges of roofs and matte and clear glass windows. Its illuminating space allows for an ideal environment for daylight walls.

And the design of the “light shed” is mainly derived from the pragmatic particularity of a photography studio, architecture The division also intends to embed the symbolism in the project, the powerful beams and the exposed wooden frame, with reference to the Japanese wood construction tradition, and the modern sense of reality.

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