Fine wood craftsman bamboo incense board and other man-made sheet What is the difference?

fine wood craftsman bamboo incense Legislative Branch board is a good board, will often be used to manufacture furniture. Artisan lines Xintec bamboo incense Legislative Branch board is very clear, it is a natural decoration. Fine wood craftsman bamboo incense Legislative Branch plate with high compressive strength and abrasion resistance, it is not prone to scratches in the use of fine wood craftsman bamboo incense Legislative Branch board. And fine wood craftsman bamboo incense Legislative Branch board there is a certain anti-termite capacity, because it has a unique aroma. So on the whole very good fine wood craftsman bamboo incense Legislative Branch board, the price is not too expensive, it is worth buying.

Xintec Artisan Zhuxiangju Colilert plate quality is better than the average particle board, Xintec Artisan Zhuxiangju bamboo plate is made of pure material, more resistant to moisture, it is understood bamboo incense absorbent expansion board is one-fortieth of ordinary particle board, and the bamboo itself inhibit bacterial function, even into the bathroom do not worry about moldy.

The quality of material are critical determinants of the quality of the wardrobe, Common particle board made wardrobe, easy to damp moldy, not durable. Like Xintec Artisan Zhuxiangju Kirisun plate, made of pure bamboo material, no smell, high moisture resistance, but also sterilization, bamboo Dipterocarpaceae riser pressed tightly, 1.3 times the density of particle board, more eat nails, binding more solid and durable.

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Can the water from the purifier be drunk directly

In recent years, with the aging trend in China more and more obvious, domestic consumers began to pay attention to health. Water is the source of human life, consumers in the early stage of health, water is more exquisite. Many home users are starting to install water purifiers in their homes to improve water quality.

Is the water from the purifier drinkable?

So, can you drink the filtered water directly? As a household water purifier, of course, not all water purifiers can purify the water quality can be directly drunk, the current market is common ultrafiltration water purifier and reverse osmosis water purifier, but only the reverse osmosis filter water quality can be directly drunk.

  1. Ultrafiltration membrane water purifier

The ultrafiltration membrane water purifier is directly connected to the tap water pipe, through the inner four or five levels of filter elements, the first level 5 mPP cotton filter element, the second level 5 mPP cotton filter element, the second level 5 mPP granule activated carbon filter element, the third level 3 F filter element, the fourth layer is ultrafiltration membrane, the fifth layer is the rear activated carbon filter element. Whether it is stage 4 filtration or stage 5 filtration, it depends on the accuracy of ultrafiltration membrane and the quality of each filter element.

  1. Reverse osmosis water purifier

Reverse osmosis water purifier is also known as RO reverse osmosis water purifier, generally is a five-level filter element, the first level for 5 million aperture filter element, the second level for the front carbon particle filter element, the third level 1 mPP cotton or compressed activated carbon filter element, the fourth level RO membrane, the fifth level for the rear activated carbon.

The two types of water purifiers are not very different from each other in terms of purification principle, but there are some differences. Taking ultrafiltration membrane water purifier as an example, it does not consume electricity, no waste water, energy saving and environmental protection, and the water output is large, the price is relatively cheap. But the water that USES its filter, cannot drink directly, need to boil to drink again, its purify effect is not as good as reverse osmosis.

The advantages of reverse osmosis water purifier is better purification effect, high precision, water quality can be drunk, health. However, the price of reverse osmosis water purifier is relatively expensive, small water output, will produce a lot of waste water.

In general, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water purifiers have their own advantages and disadvantages, of course, different places need different water purifiers. If the water quality is better, you can choose ultrafiltration purifier, but not directly drinking is not convenient. And the commercial field had better choose reverse osmosis water purifier is better. If the water quality problem is more serious, it is best to choose a good reverse osmosis purifier purification effect, so as to ensure the health of clean water.

Which manufacturers the strength of strong water purifier industry?

With the development of new coronavirus epidemic, bottled water ban in all regions, more and more people are concerned about drinking water safety issues, this way the water purification industry ushered to join a peak after the spring . But here, the water purifier market brand so much now, as a white entrepreneurs to change how to choose? Let’s take a look in the water purification industry, strong in high-end brand of clear spring water purifier.

1, Brand: clear mountain spring water industry is committed to for 22 years, by the end of 2019 there are over 600 franchised stores, nearly 2,000 distribution business, also has six overseas base of operations. Clear spring water purifier has higher than the target the European Union CE certification, stable product quality standards, exported to Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Middle East, and other countries and regions, the majority of customers and consumers at home.

2, the scale of production: Clear Spring Technology Park covers an area of ​​10,000 square feet, the total renovation cost a total of over 8 million, the company beautiful environment, office and entertainment facilities , or the water purification industry, “the quality and credibility of dual model”, has more than 100 employees, Shenzhen, Ping and a large water purifier manufacturer independent research and development.

3, Honor: clear mountain spring or an innovation, continuous improvement of science and technology enterprises, with a number of software works and more than 10 utility patents, as well as other certificates such as “quality of integrity outstanding enterprises”, “quality inspection and stability of qualified products” and the like are more numerous, October 16, 2018 is to obtain “national high-tech enterprises,” the honorary title

[123 ]

water purification industry in which manufacturers strong strength? Clear spring water purifier up to its name and go, investors welcomed the intention of the world come to visit!

Successful franchisees water purifier can not do without such support

For most water purifiers to join, it may have been first-time entrepreneurs, although they are high morale, full of confidence, worried that they will be unable to move due to lack of experience in the business. In recent years, our water purifier industry is growing, mainly affected by the pollution of our environment, these entrepreneurs is also seized this time in preparation for a big fight. But zero experience of investors how to avoid detours, the success of a business? Today we talk about:

1, professional sales team

Is there a water purifier brand potential, can make a difference in the market, first of all it depends on whether it has a sound service system. You know, perfect after-sales service is a water purifier to join a stable source of long-term and establish brand reputation of the most effective

means. In this regard clear spring water purifier can be called unique, each sales staff are to undergo a rigorous test of skills training and after induction of aftermarket users more professional, more attentive. The marketers also outstanding, a lot of experience in market development. How can choose such a brand, how can you not succeed?

2, joining support policies

Some franchisees because of their lack of experience, so choose the brand careful, and Shen, fear of being brushed off in the market, in fact, there is no need to worry. Clear spring water purifier after the franchisee shop next store will carry out systematic join to support its business lines. You can make a fully understand the white water purification industry, the rapid growth of water purification industry leader.

3 excellent model

finally have to mention, clear spring Share water purification mode, since 2017 in the industry made remarkable achievements, a lot of water purifiers to help franchisees find their own position, but also for many experienced investors 0 earned first pot of gold.

There are a lot of

successful approach, but regardless of the method used, which are inseparable from behind thatYou provide a service and support in all aspects of water purifier brand. If you also want to get involved in the water purification industry, then you are welcome to spring clean Science and Technology Park, where there is the answer you want.

Need to pay attention to buy water purifier water purifier which cleaning method

Many people will go to buy a water purifier, because now the city’s tap water plus the relationship between chemical agents bleach, drink up and have a smell, feel uncomfortable, it would be better to drink water purifier filter before drinking, What to buy water purifiers need to pay attention? after water purifier used for a period of time to be cleaned, and that water purifiers cleaning methods are there?

First, what to buy water purifier should be noted that
[ 123] 1, to understand water purifier brand qualification

a number of water purification industry, the brand, the brand currently has more than more than 4,000, but there are a lot of low-quality brand full of them. Buy water purifiers must choose the right brand, or see if there is a water purifier inspection reports, and other relevant documents of approval wading qualification certificate, compliance with the national “drinking water quality standards” to ensure that they are buying products that duly qualified, select specification brand.

2, understand the local water conditions

The principle of the water purifier characterized by filtering the water quality of the terminal, harmful impurities will be removed, depending on the water quality, the water purifier functions can be divided as are many. Our vast, complex and diverse regional water quality, water quality rigid generally north to buy the ion exchange resin cartridge and advanced filter water purifier based softener; southern soft quality to serious agricultural and industrial pollution, especially heavy metals, for higher quality requirements, high filtration accuracy can be selected RO reverse osmosis water, if the water quality is better local, machine-based ultrafiltration may be selected.

3, to confirm the purpose of their water

In general, consumers buy water purifier is mainly divided into whole house water purification and household drinking water in both categories. Domestic water is generally used whole house water purification system, the optional central main water purifier. It is noteworthy that whole house water purification system in the decoration need to pre-discharge tube, it is necessary to consider the amount of water, water effects should also be considered. Family drinking water does not require pre-discharge, with methods varied, with the mainstream market is divided into two types: pre-purifier water purifier + + five leading water purifier, water purifier pre-+ RO reverse osmosis water purification device.

4 for water purification installation position and installation dimensions

Consumers in the first set of mounting positions when the optional water purifier, and reserve a good amount of installation space, is determined installation. You can also go to the store to buy water purifier sales staff when consulting, if you can install the best home help staff see the arrangement, to provide professional advice.

Second, the method of cleaning water purifier which

1, water cleaning member

When the washing of household water purifiers, note that the power cut, scored bucket, the upper portion of the water purifier can disassemble parts removed, washed with water. Then, the injection of water inside the home water purifier tank, a cleaning brush scrub clean spout open and let the water clean. If not completely clean and feel after washing, water injection can be repeated, and turn on the water brushing process.

2, a pressurized filtration method

If the water purifier clean feel ineffective, it may take the form of pressure filtration method, the method is more professional. When washing, the lower end of the washing machine water inlet to the water purifiers, water purifiers the other end to the drain port, forming a closed loop, while using the cleaning agent for disinfection. The method utilizes the cyclic pressure cleaning of the machine itself, may be sufficient to achieve the purpose of cleaning, and can be completely discharged and impurities by mechanical pressure scale, this can help to find a professional chef Oh.

to buy water purifier needs attention? Buy water purifier when also taking into account the local water quality, poor water quality of local good decision to buy what kind of water purifier. In the water purifier cleaning methods are there? In the time of cleaning the water purifier, remember to be able to clear its cleaning method, particularly inside the filter cleaning should pay attention to.

Buy water purifier these four points do pay attention

Several readers recently received counseling, and related water purifier. They plan to buy a water purifier, water purifier on the market but feel the brand, model number, the price difference is also great, I do not know how to choose between a moment, hoping to get the appropriate help. The water purifier in the end how to buy it? Xiao Bian gave you today clear spring to share the purchase of the actual situation of these four points do pay attention.

1. First check Health this document

Beijing Times reporter was in the interview several times each expert told that if buy water purifiers, be sure to choose products with documents relating to health. According to “drinking water health supervision and management approach”, the production design of drinking water hygiene and safety products units and individuals must apply as required to the government health administrative departments for health permits approval documents, after obtaining the approval documents, before production and sales and each brand and each model of water purifier health permits unique lot number, consumers can check via the satellite Planning Commission website.

water purification products should be strictly in accordance with the requirements, products are sold by more than wading provincial health permits this document and this document is consistent with the product model, such as water-word No. (2) or Jing Wei water word . 2. Consumers can query whether the approval of the purchased water purifier by the Ministry of Health or the provincial health bureau website.

need to be reminded that some unscrupulous companies may apply for a type of Health this document, which share a document the sale of all other products. In addition, there may be applied to other brands of this document. Here we recommend that you, before you buy water purifiers, health permits batch personally check the Internet is still very necessary.

2. Do any channel to promote its effect

In a number of water purification to promote its products, since use of a certain special material, in addition to the water purifier water, also tend to have a therapeutic with , medical treatment and other special effects. In fact, according to the Ministry of Health, water purifier not allowed to add functional materials, also do not allow other functions in addition to the role of clean water, but not allowed to have any therapeutic effect of publicity disease. Therefore, consumers do not believe exaggerate business, false propaganda.

The consideration when choosing a water purifier, what does? First, you need to consider the family situation tap water used, water pollution ingredients, family members, water intake and spending power, etc., and pay attention to productionProduct size matches the cupboard reserve space. Secondly, in the face of water purification products, you need to carefully read the instructions, pay attention to water flow, the nominal parameters of the total net amount of water, apply pressure, combined with the price and other life circumstances be considered cost-effective products.

needs to be reminded that a high content of calcium and magnesium ions in water northern areas, easy to scale, may be purchased from selected resin exchange water purification filter cartridge; chlorine-containing water, heavy taste selectively activated areas more water purifiers; for serious pollution, need to drink straight home water purifier equipped with an optional reverse osmosis membrane.

3.TDS value does not reflect the water quality is good or bad

more publicity page purifier, there TDS pen TDS value of water quality test results for water purification, to show the net water purification devices for water quality.

However, Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee in a report that year, the TDS refers to the total concentration of dissolved substances in the water, mainly reflecting the concentration of potassium in water with water hardness and conductivity of the calcium and magnesium ions the relationship, that is, the total value of TDS in water containing a conductive material and does not reflect the water quality.

4. Use the filter should be replaced periodically

is that the core function of water purifier filters, with the increase in the net amount of water, not only the filter function will be degraded, but also add two the risk of secondary contamination. Consumers filter should be replaced based on filter life. In general, PP cotton filter recommended replacement cycle of four to six months; pre-carbon filter 8 to 12 months; post carbon filter is 12 to 18 months; membrane filter of 18 to 24 months; Reverse osmosis filter is 18 to 24 months. Therefore, businesses can keep up with the after-sales service is also very important. Filter should also pay attention to the price when consumers buy, to avoid the maintenance cost is too high.

If the consumer can not guarantee timely cleaning and replacement of filters, experts suggest that either ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis water purifier, purified water must be boiled for drinking, to ensure health.

What are the benefits of water purifiers? Your family will want to know

These days, the morning open the windows, the whole smoke-filled, feel like being in paradise. Face road visibility is only 100 cyclists represent not afford to hurt ah. Road riding gingerly, for fear of accidentally collision will occur with other vehicles or people, this is not just to go out in the morning, I heard a bang, a van and a car rear-ended, the moment, the top minivan water purifier scatter. See water purifier moment, I can not help but shocked, spent a long time in this industry, there is actually something to see this kind of intimacy! But, my friends, you know what good water purifier it?

a: secondary pollution of water solution

after chlorine disinfection of water, it can kill viruses, bacteria, but can not remove heavy metals, volatile substances; after long-distance transport of water through the pipe, prone to secondary pollution, so people basically will choose to drink boil, boil but can only solve the problem of bacteria, sediment can not be solved, rust, heavy metals, volatile matter and bacteria “corpse” and other issues, quality of drinking water will not be fundamentally improved, but will also have serious health risks.

bis: selecting an alternative preferred bottled water

bottled water bucket ranging from about 8 to 16 yuan, high cost, and a substantial proportion of this water is large with water purifiers or water machined, there is little natural mineral water; the same time the short shelf life of bottled water, used to connect with the dispenser in the open state, easily-contaminated air, and therefore not ideal for drinking water solutions.

Three: drink reach the standard, low cost

purifier can effectively separate and remove various pollutants, such as bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, volatile substances, rust, sludge sand and other impurities in the water and harmful substances, and the cost of bottled water is relatively much lower, good water taste, good water quality, drinking water is the ideal solution for families.

Four: Unlike the high cost of bottled water

bottled water is classified as a small number of rich families daily water, but its cost is too high, and bottled water is clean water, lack of trace elements and minerals substances on human health should not be long drink, the effect may not be as water purifiers.

How do community marketing water purification agents

To promote the stores, department stores or through wholesale marketing community, a lot of water purifiers Agent entrepreneurs commonly used marketing methods to attract fans.

community marketing is what? Community marketing is based on the same or similar interests, to gather popularity by some carriers, generated by a product or service to meet the needs of groups of business forms.

social marketing micro-channel carrier is not limited, a variety of platforms, and even internet and Community line community can do marketing.

a number of benefits to keep trying innovative marketing of water purification agents will understand community marketing brings. When they contacted marketing community, usually encounter the following issues:

The first batch of fans how come?

came after fans how should marketing?

more and more fans, but why orders with no positive results of growth?

These questions not just about how to start marketing your community, but does not have a review with key benefits. To solve the problem on the marketing of these communities, in fact, quite simple, is to import traditional marketing concept simple enough members.

all the water purification agents should understand about a truth that is more precious than the old customers will always be new customers, in order to consolidate the old customer loyalty to the brand, in addition to sophisticated goods and services in the face, have a “member” of the system, but also a way.

Even such small household appliances water purifiers, membership is still able to play its unique role.

even though the transition from the physical to the network, the basic mechanism remains a key member of the network marketing sustainable development. If we say that the official website is tantamount to corporate business base line, then the community should become the brand’s membership database.

From this point of view to think, you will be able to determine the direct marketing community is not there to play a benefit, or at least qualified. At the same time, also can further let you quickly understand how effective proxy store your water purifier to capture the appropriate community of fans, or how the usual business community, the cumulative energy of their own community.

members of the community structure is not qualified, but also by what kind of effective way to accumulateThe number of fans or the marketing force communities into force, if to think from the membership system entities, then reverse them from several levels of analysis.

If you are not interested in your goods and services people will want to be your member yet?

for membership, is there any kind of publicity they stimulate consumption?

face members put forward any brand can serve to strengthen cohesion?

If you think in this point of view, most of the water purification agents stores, whether they can quickly find a blind spot in the marketing community, and find out the direction of correction. From the fundamental point of view, the implementation process of marketing the community, or simply find customers, stimulate customers of diehard three steps.

When you are ready to begin marketing the community, how to build from scratch a healthy “online membership database”, the following basic concepts, it is thinking and can be executed.

● allow existing members to become the first community of fans

If itself has been operating for some time in the brand business, we believe we have accumulated some existing customers or members, in principle, these people already have a preliminary understanding of the brand, and even part has a certain reliability, so that these people became the first fan community is crucial to strengthen the effectiveness of the early marketing community.

Information bulletin in the water purifier agent franchise, newsletters or any customer information can be exposed to, we see the blocks are to promote good place.

from its beginning to meet new customers, as well-managed and existing customers, absolutely iron law long run!

● new to make the fans are willing to become a member

Of course, many water purification agents are new to this industry, they did not establish “the first batch of members.” A new brand to network marketing, want quick access to potential consumers, through advertising is definitely the only way. This time, let your fans know just willing to first contact is the most important.

stores recommended water purification agents through events, promotions and other ways to enhance the release or consumption of fans joined members of the brand. Such practices must be grounded in addition to the community platform, your home also has an official website or official mall to be converted to the fans members. If the lack of thisLinks, then it is easy to make deals with the activity stream to allow a lottery brigade in vain to enjoy the preferential marketing waste.

● directly through the community, so that more people enjoy and share offer

community the reason for so many marketers flock to become a school of learning internet marketing, simply because the people community consisting of, in addition to a symbol you direct access to customers, customers are more likely to pass through, to enjoy his community resources.

in considerable physical stores love using the punch, it is just a way for the release of the original single consumer to enjoy the benefits scheme, while customers use to help you further “propaganda” brand with concessions.

water purification agents to join the entrepreneur needs to be clear that, in practice, to become “fans / members” or to become a “client / consumer” is not necessarily an absolute process, the key is that you how the concept of entity members of the community into marketing, make it more perfect.

Water purification agents franchisees how to control risk

Any investment projects are certain risks of doing water purification agents are no exception, however, the water purification industry investment risk is very small, manageable, it is up to how to control it in order to reduce risk and increase profits?

a: understanding the water purifier market

in water purification agents, we must first understand local water purifier market prospects, the situation tap water, pollution Jianghai lakes, consumer awareness, the level of consumption, consumption structure, the main target groups, key competitors, competitors’ profitability, competitiveness and other factors, a comprehensive analysis study, to know ourselves and win every battle.

II: the brand accordingly investigation

in selecting water purifier brands, the brand should be carefully inspected, inspecting the production workshop, product price, product advantage, brand awareness, technical strength , team quality, service, market feedback and so on. For example Rongshida water purifiers, water purifiers well-known Chinese brands, cost-effective products, all aspects of support agents. Choose the strength of water purifier brand, for investors can reduce investment risk, selecting a proxy brand is critical, investors should be carefully chosen.

3: How to increase the water purifier profit

choose the strength of the water purifier brand is also the focus of increased profits, well-known brand water purifier virtually gave agents help now people like to go to all consumer psychology consumer brand products, because the brand product quality assurance. Water purification agents want to increase profits, the shop must be properly location, good shops can increase the visibility of the shop, increase the turnover rate, which we all should be clear, at the same time help us publicity advertising, publicity costs.

four: how to use agents joined characteristic

in water purification agents, to make good use of the characteristics of the agent, not just a store, but sell their products through multiple channels, development lines under agents, distributors, sales channels so that becomes wider, higher earnings in order to thus obtained. As the saying goes, Invictus, look for a job in the day, we must learn to treat properly, will become redoubled.

how water purification agents to reduce risk and increase profits? Risks are manageable, profits can be increased, specifically how to do,This should be judged according to the actual situation.

How can choose to good quality water purifiers

Filter water purifier is the soul, is the clean water quality protection, PP filter water purifier as the first, third level of filtration accessories, importance can be imagined, to buy good quality PP cotton filter to ensure user safety net key water. Today, Xiao Bian gave clear spring to share with you how to choose good quality water purifiers.

According to the formal aspect, quality, certification, measurement, quality PP filter needs to have the following characteristics.

1. normality filter manufacturers

in order to focus more on professional, high-quality products must be built on the basis of professional, formal and professional places as a precondition. PP filter manufacturer regular or not, can be verified in terms of the availability of clean water accessories business license, health products this document, quality inspection and other documents of approval.

2. Safeguard raw materials and production processes

first-class materials plus first-class production technology, is bound to make superior products. High-quality raw materials, the filter must be based on the use of high-tech professional and auxiliary equipment, can be achieved. PP filter is polypropylene raw materials, the use of foreign high-quality filter CNC equipment from production.

3. the length, weight, precision filtration protection

filter and filter housing need to use binding, a fixed length filter housing, the filter element must be fixed, a plurality cent less will PCT is very different, severe cases may cause the machine to leak; weight precision filter and filter water purification effect and determine the service life, the slightest error will directly affect the overall operation of water purification; filter length, weight, accuracy can be filtered by professional measuring tool checks, operators will have.

4. The international quality certification approval

True gold fears fire, better goods are not afraid of tests. Product quality or not, water purifier manufacturers not to say, individual users said not too, which requires layers of detection professional authority, who will be awarded through the certification approval by the relevant departments to query.