2016 water purifier manufacturers to join what is good?

Any business, if you do not understand the consumer can not be a good operation. So we have to ask is, water purification agents, you have to find out about the needs of consumers do?

As we all know, in general, low level of county-level consumer market, the limited purchasing power of people, than the deep north of Guangzhou, county-level market does not so atmospheric, but it can represent the county-level market consumers do not know the brand, but not the consumer. County-level market, consumer spending up, that is unambiguous.

clear spring of consumers think the county is as follows:

1, at a certain level of market category, which brand, which is an international brand, which is the brand, which is the premium brand , which is low-end brand, has a basic impression.

2, county-level market customers impulse spending ratio less than urban customers, especially male customers, is likely to place in the commodity explanation, the case of services in place, the purchase of high value-added products, and even buy the product portfolio .

3, low-rise buildings will affect the consumption structure, but does not affect the spending power, nor those who want to influence local consumption “vulgarity” of high-income people; folk and more multi-cuisine, leisure facilities and more county, more likely to produce large amounts of living, and then even the county, too dirty and messy.

4 product categories not too much, but too little, county comparisons of consumer psychology is very serious, it is necessary to distinguish between different levels of products, at least in the selling price and to separate the three highest a layer of pricing or even “alarmingly high.”

5, to do large-scale outdoor activities in the county high street will attract many passengers era has passed, many markets are beginning to be wave after wave of explosion marketing to get numb, but more often as a lively look in. They want to see some more creative promotion, or more real service commitment.

6, county or outdoor advertising flyers, text should be less to subtlety, not too much, too complicated, or talk to local cultural traditions on the best combination of hot spots.

7, if purchased at a local boutique in the shopping process, they will be more glorious. If there are well-known stores in high-income consumer photo of this product, and mainstream product prices low, everyone will experience priceValue sense.

Today, among the water purifier has been not only to solve the basic needs of drinking water. Safe, comfortable, stylish, has increasingly become the pursuit of consumers. Clear spring 17 year commitment to providing consumers with the most comprehensive and perfect the best quality home water purification solutions, through the efforts of the industry has become one of the fastest growing water purifier brand.

When selecting water purifier manufacturers, agents what most relationship problems?

Entrepreneurship is never a simple matter, hard, tired is normal. For water purification industry, hot Agent’s no secret, but in order to profit from which is not easy, so that the water purifier stores have agents operating method.

1, the location is very important

a good store location, get more traffic, we all know this simple truth. Water purification agents wish to refer to the local home appliance store’s location, near a crowded go out into that crowd. Like downtown, home appliances market, department store, part of the population of the district, are a good choice.

2, highlighting its own characteristics

If you do not store water purifier own characteristics, it is easy to be submerged in a sea of ​​monotony, and the most distinctive stores are often memorable storefront. Therefore, water purification agents must ingenuity, be sure to make yourself different from the usual stores, which can considerably as a water purifier selling point.

3, analyze customer needs

daily trading has successes and failures, not only care about the results, should also be organized Purchasing Guide salesman analyze why the customers to the transaction, the Why they can not! So that, after the sale, the better grasp the consumer’s mind, to find a good countermeasure successfully won customers!

4, from a consumer point of view

open the door to do business, we must know how to understand the customer, with the customer’s attitude to their own requirements. The customer’s mind is not so cunning, we must humbly and customers to talk, let them say the voices, only know the customers really think, to find a way out of sales! Of course, you understand the customer, the customer has been respected, naturally, it will not be so cold. Even if the deal fails, only recognize a few friends thiophene! But the store’s image these people will be a mass 10 10 Fax 100, forming a chain of good publicity! You accumulate a large number of potential customers.

Therefore, water purification agents have stores operating methods, business tactics is making money!

Water purifiers to join the agency to do anything to prepare?

10 morning, Jinan, Shandong Province in September 2020 date appliances exhibition was officially opened. Set numerous high-end, cutting-edge consumer electronics products focus on appearance, let the audience feel close and fruitful latest smart technology. With the Internet of Things, cloud computing’s rapid development, the interaction between man and intelligent home appliances are becoming more and more manufacturers to discuss issues, this trend is also fully reflected on the consumer electronics show. Has been adhering to the “intelligent, green and healthy” concept of clear spring water purifier, this bring a variety of water purification products focused on appearance, get a higher concern.

a show opening, clear spring booths have cited the eye of many visitors, who come to consult Luo an endless stream. Clear mountain spring products by the admiration of many visitors. Q8 no waste water which a water machine has become a major part of the show, not only to the audience feast for the eyes, but also gives you the future of intelligent life full of hopes and expectations.

Skills to join water purifier manufacturers

Hot water purifier market, so many investors see hope of making money. However, for investors, the choice of what kind of water purifier manufacturers are more protected? Clear Spring believes that few can from the following:

First, the proportion of investment and return on

not as an emerging industry, water purifier low cost, high profit, fast return on investment, just like the solar year, the first to join are making money. Let me say now bottled water, “secondary pollution” serious, more and more people seek out healthy drinking water needs. So, instead of bottled water purifier is an inevitable trend.

Second, choose what kind of factory?

to clear the spring, for example, clear spring water industry is a focus on technology companies for 17 years, has its own water purification research and development and production workshop , the country has more than 300 exclusive outlets, more than 1,000 service outlets. Clear Springs conducted for all new dealers will join the high standard of training, and the opportunity to arrange a successful model of the market for field study, the implementation of a one to one support to dealers, professional different areas for different geographic locations planning to make the most appropriate marketing programs; implement policies to protect the area, a strict implementation of a land distribution, to maximize the protection of the interests of dealers.

Third, supporting policies

1, strict protection of the region. Agents enjoy the protection area, the company exclusive license area as the company’s regional market policies, and not as an agent contractually committed to the development of the second agents in the same area. In addition the company for cross-regional R & D center and developed a strict control policy associated penalties, which protect the rights of agents.

2, price policy. Nine against the company product line, the company developed a competitive supply prices and retail prices of the market system, to protect the profit margins of the agents, according to the company a certain amount of advertising to provide free information to agents (including leaflets , half pages, pictures, knowledge manual) and promotional products ((X exhibition stands, posters, showcase, energy cups, etc.), after-sales materials.

water purification agents to join the select manufacturers guaranteed, you also What are waiting for? Come on and join us! 400-6188-308

Water purification agents choose what brand is good?

In today’s era of rapid economic development, they never lack of entrepreneurial opportunities, but the lack of vision found. In recent years, developed rapidly in the appliance industry, water purification industry is a good venture. Today, most of the water purifier manufacturers are to operate in the form of investment agency. ? Water purification agents better to do how to profit by the data, we do a simple analysis:?

1. At present there exist serious water pollution problems more than 1,000 cities, aging water pipes, rust , sand and more, so there is municipal water secondary pollution.

2, to improve the health and raise the level of awareness of people’s living standards have forced people to choose healthy family water purifier.

3, the current penetration of water purifiers in foreign countries reached 80% in the country less than 15% full proof of the development trend of the water purifier is inevitable, more importantly, in the domestic market also very large.

water purification appliances in the series belong to the current market is the most popular in the industry, with the evolution of the times, domestic water pollution is getting worse in most regions, with the improvement of people’s income, quality of life especially particular about the quality of drinking water for most families on special attention and concern. Most of mainland China water purifier market in a blank stage, the energetic efforts of agents and distributors, to introduce water purifier tell each household become indispensable household appliances daily necessities.

water purifier belong to the less mature industry, people lack awareness for water purification products for water purifier price is unclear. Water purifier is a high profit industry, for manufacturers to dealers are probably in the manufacturing gross margin ranging from 80% -90%, and the proportion of profits between the agents for the dealers under the general line at a 30% -50%. Here, there are still differences in channels, different channels, profits certainly it is not the same.

Through the above analysis, water purification agents still do well, the key is to have confidence, methods, coupled with the broad prospects for the market, you have to worry about not making money?

Select brand water purification agents What is the most important?

Zhou is well known, the water purification industry has broad prospects for development, with the water purifier demand growth year after year, many people have joined the project water purification agents, want to learn a piece. But after some time, water purification agents learned that harsh reality, only a handful of customers, difficult to maintain and closed a few. How purifier Agent do to be successful, it has become a water purification agents franchisee can not figure out the problem.

water purification industry is now mature technologies, products and more homogeneous, wishing to win the fierce competition from the water purifier market, differentiated services as a viable way. Clear spring water purifier in quality assurance at the same time, took the lead through the value of the service, to attract franchisees to consolidate its presence in water purification agents to join the market leader, and many times was named the top ten water purifier brand.

for water purification agents, clear spring water purifier to provide after-sales service, including customer visits and three bags of service, these water purifiers are leading manufacturers in the future, clear spring will continue to enrich services content, to better serve customers and agents to join.

clear spring strictly regulate the service process, after consumer installation, the headquarters will conduct telephone interviews on a regular basis to remind customers timely replacement of filter supplies, confirm customer satisfaction with products and services. So as to enhance customer clear spring water purifier brand satisfaction and loyalty. Currently water industry only a few high-end water purifier brand to provide this this service.

clear spring water purifier to ensure agents to join, water purifier “one year replacement, three-year warranty and lifetime maintenance”, where the booster pump 2-year warranty, 3 year warranty pressure tank, ultrafiltration film warranty 3 years and this is the only water purification industry dare filter manufacturers warranty.

water purification agents franchisee For achievement dream of wealth, in addition to watching water purifier brand, but also pay attention to after-sales service provided by the manufacturer of water purifier. After all, water purification agents do not join a one-time sale, in order to capture the hearts and minds of customers, must be high-quality products with good after-sales service. It is also a clear spring water purifier to stand out in the market, by secret water purification agents franchisees favor.

Household water purifiers Merchants pay attention to what the problem?

As the economy continues to develop, more and more emphasis on rural development for the country, more resources are put into the countryside, which greatly promoted the modernization of the rural consumer. For water purifier manufacturers, it is an unprecedented new opportunities, who can pre-empt it work, who will be able to get clean water in rural wealth opportunities. Therefore, the development of rural water purifier agents is the future trend of development.

First, to improve economic conditions in rural areas

Since 2008, decided to speed up construction of rural roads, the state continued to attach great importance to rural and township economic development, the rural economy has seen leaps and bounds, plus In recent years, accelerating process of urbanization, rural, rural living standards have generally improved. Bring urban population of the city to return home consumer attitudes and spending habits also greatly stimulate the consumer market water purifier, water purification industry in rural areas is no longer a stumbling block, as many water purification agents to join the fight over fragrant steamed bun.

Second, improve drinking water safety awareness

In recent years, large-scale development in rural areas, while water pollution into a growth trend, a large number of factories moved to the mainland, due to the various rural areas of economic management, environmental protection not enough attention is not even relevant policy guidance, resulting in wanton disregard of the plant discharged industrial waste water, coupled with domestic sewage in rural areas itself, but also with industrial water pollution with the gas branch, rural water crisis is already threatening the normal life of rural residents ! Rapid economic improvement, rural, rural water environment continues to worsen, people’s health consciousness. Rapid economic development, residents of the requirements of the standard of living getting higher and higher, people have enough economic to buy water purification products; on the other hand, with the rapid economic rise of the water environment in rural areas also suffered tremendous damage, stream fish throughout the year in emissions of a large number of industrial and agricultural waste water and domestic sewage, clear water becomes muddy, people’s drinking water safety also suffered varying degrees of threat to people’s health consciousness.

Third, the water purifier popular prices

Of course, the gap between rural and urban point of more than two points, but the real decision purifier can successfully enter the rural market is still price! Water Purifier in a long time, the impression of rural residents is a luxury, even with the improvement of living standards, still afraid of luxury beyond basic living to chip. But now, with greatly improved water purification technology, rawGreatly reduce production costs, the manufacturing process is more skillful, water purifiers getting into the civilian population in the price. After water purifier to become every family can buy from mass home appliances, water purifier swept the countryside, rural markets, is the trend!

difficult to find from the above, the development of rural water purifier agents will be the future trend of development of water purification industry, who can grasp the trend in the profitability of the industry who will be able to get rich!

In water purification agents profits high?

CCTV advertising, news source, online advertising, from media advertising …… have to say, water purifier manufacturers boast more and more chaotic, more and more exaggerated. Qing Xiao Bian remind each spring water purification agents to join, water purifier manufacturer which is better? We will have to see the quality. Quality is fundamental, not to the quality of select agents joined the premise of bullying.

“Every family are water purifiers top ten brands, to find out which is really water purifiers top ten brands, or are not water purifiers top ten brands?” Interested in joining the water purifier Jianli after Mr. Wu browsing the internet a bunch of news about the water purifier, disoriented, in an interview carried in even a hint of anger. In fact, far more than is Mr. Wu, nearly all people who want to join the water purifier has been overwhelming online advertising obsessed, he shouted: “! Now water purifier market is too confusing.”

a to look at how water purifier manufacturers have is speculation

in fact, to choose which brand to join the water purifier is not difficult, of course, is the most important to consider the quality of the brand product, how the product advantages and reputation. Quality is the life of the product, but there is too much water purifier manufacturer of single-minded focus efforts on advertising, are not large sums of money for research and development of new technologies and products, but to advertise that led to the emergence of the Internet a variety of “water purifier ranking”, “water purifiers top ten brands”, “Chinese water purifier power rankings.”
these slogans, the topic has become a staple of purifier industry insiders joke, joke those weak little water purifier brand doing unnecessary struggle, the king’s water purifier brand has always been focused on research projects for product development on the clear spring water purifier is the industry’s most powerful king, clear spring will be more than 80 percent of all funds for the upgrading of the development of new technologies and products.
2020, clear spring in order to develop cutting-edge technology industries, set up a special research and development laboratory water purification technology with industry-leading levels. And strongly buy tens of millions of advanced water purification equipment, water purification attract high-tech talent, the company in May finally made a breakthrough in the industry, “no waste” technology, new products without waste water machine officially come out. Clear mountain spring water machine, although no wastewater launched soon, but withstood the test of various water quality, well received by users and dealers friends welcome.

Second, not to the quality of the selected object bullying Agent

Select the reason clear spring water purifier to join, because the spring is a clear intention to do the brand, is all water purifier brand is the most willing to spend money to study the brand, since 2020, held a new conference Qing spring Release new industry, such as the above-mentioned spring no clear waste water machine, one machine heated sea blue. Such a water purifier brand can not become the most powerful king do? “Natural selection, survival of the fittest” has always been the truth, in order to go strong, product quality is the key.

In short, the last to remind the agent franchisee that the general field trips to manufacturers, manufacturers will be responsible for all the fanfare, you do not believe, who believe who finished. Only to the quality of Heroes, advertising, “the top international marketing programs” are not taken into account.

Understand the market in water purification agents are more certainty

NEEDHAM, Massachusetts, August 28, from the company of the China Merchants came the news again. Clear Springs Zhumadian Zhengyang joined distributor established formally signed, the total beam from Zhengyang County, Yuan total officially became a clear spring family. The contract will further enhance the clear mountain spring in Henan Province brand influence, has laid a solid foundation for all-round regional markets open Zhumadian, Henan clear spring area started to join, water purifier investment hot in progress!

of the total beam from Zhengyang County, Yuan always said it was because the water purification industry optimistic about the prospects and clear mountain spring water purifier brand strength, decided to invest in water purification business. It is understood that the total Liang Yuan in total after the show on August 20 Shunde learned clear spring water purifier, the company’s strength is very recognized, clear spring night that is rushed to Shenzhen to visit the headquarters from Shunde, visit the company after Liang total, Yuan total strength of the company’s insight into, then recently joined the clear spring.

How to choose a home water purifier? What are common misconceptions?

People often say that “choice is more important than the effort,” indeed. The most effective method to create wealth in the world is learning, knowledge is the key to open the vault. For water purification industry, water purification Agent Which is better? There is no doubt, clear spring is your best choice.

to spring clean your wealth of reasons, the current domestic environment is increasingly challenged, the market value of hundreds of billions of cake, waiting for us to fight. Join purifier, clear spring in the country office is booming. Let us feel the value of clear spring!

Company size: The company has large-scale production, covers an area of ​​8,000 square meters. Not only in production sites, production equipment, quality system, but also reflects the weapon to conquer the consumer in the market. The centripetal force, clear spring Shenzhen headquarters binding agents to join the national cohesion and, therefore, the success of the spring with clear rely on the scale of victory, gathering the most abundant industrial chain resources, with the international market basis, and can radiate extensive global regional markets inseparable .

management team: The company has its own production management team and marketing team. Their level of professionalism, technology, management skills, professionalism, experience in the industry. They are far ahead of peers, the company’s core competitiveness lies.

production system: With the increasing production, the introduction of new technology, product development, human resources continues to expand, clear spring in the world to establish a complete quality assurance system. Start from the source of raw materials to manufacture components and other products. To carry out stringent quality checks to ensure that only clear spring which meet the global quality standard components to enter the production process.

pursuit of innovation: people insist on clear spring constant pursuit in the industry, keep making progress, to achieve a more advanced skills, superior quality consumer feedback,

The operating principle: today’s clear spring, willing to “good intentions of a group of people a lifetime thing” approach to business. Provide the best products and excellent development platform for agents to join as a water purifier, do our best to serve you a clear spring have been pursuing the goal.

water purifier Agent which is better? There is no doubt, clear spring is your best choice.