Water purifier manufacturers which is better? No investigation no right to speak

water purifier in China fire up, more and more companies competing to join the industry, wants a share in this hot market carve.

water purification market competition will become increasingly intense, clear spring already aware, clear spring brand official said more than once in the interview, you want to improve future profitability, enhance their own and take the brand the road is the key. The current water purification industry, due to the lack of culture, brand scattered, no core competitiveness, has been criticized. This is also a lot of consumers prefer foreign brands reasons. Then the water purifier brand manufacturers how to take a good way?

as a business manager for a real insight into the needs of consumers. For this, not only water purifier manufacturers, water purifier terminal for dealers is also very important.

1, to understand the feelings of consumers demand. Understand the consumer when shopping, the characteristics of those products is the main factor in their purchase and secondary factors, and all sorts of factors.

2, research consumer trends. With the continuous improvement of the quality of life of consumers, new consumer demand will continue to occur, companies should deeply understand the market, or proactively discover potential insight into consumer demand and future needs, to discover the commanding heights of products, to seize the consumer mental space.

want to do business with consumers to create value, no matter when, water purifier water purifier manufacturers and dealers can not forget their mainstream consumers is what people, because they determine the marketing trend. Initial market development is provided by the enterprise value and led, products, channels and even by the enterprise products, prices and services determine the value of the entire market. Water purifier brand to seize the hearts of consumers like “fancies.” This is the highest level for the traders.

water purifier manufacturers only adhere to the road of the brand, in order to enhance their product value to a greater extent, in order to go further in the water purification industry.

Water purifier franchisee to learn to take precautions

Some people say that “the 21st century the only constant, only change”, that’s true. For the water industry, the development of a new level in order to step on it must be changed, and enter the network marketing is the trend of the times.

In fact, network marketing all the time affect the development of the water purifier market, why some companies can come from behind in the water purifier started their own brand in such a short period of time, rely on network marketing. Here we take a look at how they do:

should first have a good network marketing network marketing ten basic capabilities:

(1) writing skills;

(2) data collection capability;

(3) the user experience capability;

(4) own ability;

(5) code is the ability to understand; [ 123]
(6) web production capacity;

(7) to participate in communication skills;

(8) resource utilization capabilities;

(9) Thinking ability to sum up ;

(10) the ability to adapt to change.

a lot of water purifier companies know that online media is an important channel for sales promotion, but also know the products and services by Internet users search habits and supply a wide range of the population according to the customer’s interest, will be able to showcase our products one step ahead and selling superior performance, won a good reputation and seize market opportunities, rapidly increasing sales and popularity, and many companies also take advantage of cooperation with related sales trading site.

In Many water purifier related websites, text plus picture information is the most important news of publicity, so that users can quickly understand the latest news related products. However, many companies only stay in the primary stage of the sales network, there are many problems. Many production enterprises construction site water purification machines, are mainly a water purifier Display website, never even got a marketing purpose, many sites also just as a facade of enterprises, businesses and consumers can not become intermediate links between.

Many businesses are active site to provide information to users, so that consumers passively accept water purifier relevant information so declaredPoor pass effect. And many companies do not provide websites to give users an interactive platform for users as consumers can have a place to communicate with each other, deepen consumer awareness of water purifier network, thereby promoting their consumption desires.

Of course, Internet marketing also has some deficiencies, but overall perspective of the development must be favorable, enterprises should make good use of the network, this channel will brand development onto a new level.

2020, people sense a loss of water, clear spring with a sincere cry

Summary: Recently I visited a special Jianyang in Sichuan agency of a clear spring, how to listen to the store’s customer evaluation clear spring. When I arrived Feb. 3 in Jianyang clear spring agency, we found the store a dozen customers come to the consultation and the purchase of clean spring water purifier day. In the visit, we randomly interviewed three consumers.

interviewed: Jianyang consumers Kim
Reporter: Mr. King, hello! I see that you came early this morning, today is your special come to buy water purifiers do?
Kim: Hello. Is that, years later, my son was getting married, a new house is being renovated now, I want to put on a new home water purifier. So today specifically come here to see the water purifier, listen to the villagers that clear mountain spring water purification effect with the good, so come early in the morning today.

Reporter: Do you think the shopping safe?
Mr. King: I bought here before fellow, shopping guide staff during the presentations, or very formal, but the owner also promised there will be perfect after-sales service, but also provide a formal invoice, I believe that purchase clear mountain spring water purifier It is still guaranteed.

Reporter: Do you have knowledge of the water purifier before you?
Mr. King: I did not understand before water purifier, the last two years many of my friends have to spend, I slowly know the water purifier. In recent years there watching TV press reports pollution incident, I really felt the water pollution is very serious, so as soon as possible or buy a water purifier, the sooner the more beneficial to the body.

Interviewed: Ms. Lin Jianyang consumers
Reporter: Lin, Hello! See that you have to buy a water purifier, Why did you buy this water purifier it?
Schilling 🙁 laughs) like this, I want to buy a water purifier at the end of 2014, water purifiers and now many families are using, I can not fall to the people. But because the price is a little expensive, so I did not buy before. This time, markdowns here, so I came to buy a flat. This brand, was quite reassuring, clear spring in Jianyang there are a lot of people to buy, so I bought one.

Reporter: You have to clear Schilling spring without some understanding?
Ms. Lin: I bought a brand-name water purifier before, but it took a while no effects. To clear spring water purifier I do not really understand, but listen to shopping guide said that the most important water purifier is the filter. Shopping guide told me,Clear Springs is a water purifier brand rankings, the filter can be used in one to two years, and durable. I think there are brands and filter long time, and therefore safer.

interviewed three: Jianyang consumer Miss Dai
Reporter: Miss Dai, hello. You also do activities come here because of it?
Ms. Dai: Hello. Yes ah, seen here doing activities I came, they (the store) none other very much, and I want to buy a water purifier, so this is such a good opportunity, I would have bought one. I visited this shop a bit, looked pretty good, and a great scale, in terms of publicity consumption in place, virtually to the other stores set up a new consumer impressions, the event also closer to them (stores) and consumers distance.

Water purification agents to join the preparatory work

Water purification agents to join? Please choose aftermarket strength of the manufacturers. This is a true story, with the intention to join the water industry friends beware.

things like this, Mr Cheng Sichuan Deyang, in November 2014 to buy a certain brand of water purifiers. Buy a home installed, water purifiers use more than a month will be broken. Later, Cheng Contact Deyang brand water purifier agents, but agents will try to shift the problem to the water purifier manufacturers, called Cheng directly contact the manufacturer.

Thus, Cheng only contact the manufacturers. After Cheng dial telephone aftermarket manufacturers, to reflect their own situation to the manufacturers, the manufacturers immediately promised to immediately contact Deyang agents arrange the sale, Mr Cheng This assured that heart of stone he has finally landed. But Mr Cheng at home waiting for a few days, no one to contact him after sale.

Subsequently, Mr. Zheng began to contact Deyang agents, there are people talking over the phone before, now can get through, but not even speak of people are gone. Cheng heart began to worry, he felt vaguely water purifier sale would be a big problem. He then phoned the brand water purifier manufacturers, the answer is still “will immediately contact the dealer to arrange Deyang sale.” Since manufacturers will once again promised to do the processing. Mr Cheng did not say much.

waited a few days, still no one to contact him after sale. Now, Mr. Cheng fire. He quickly called to the factory, he asked: “You said contact over there gave me a sale, but there has not come yet, if you do not solve this thing, I’ll looking for the Consumers Association..” Manufacturers still give Mr Cheng The answer is “Deyang agent will contact immediately arrange sale.” After listening to Mr Cheng heart is about cold, he felt his home water purifier maintenance hopeless.

Mr Cheng told friends, their home water purifier has been broken five months, and has played 20 times phone, manufacturers and dealers are not solved. Especially manufacturers, there is no perfect after-sales service. Cheng feel taken advantage of, he decided to wait a few days he made no one to deal with water purification, he will go to the local Consumers Association complained that the brand Deyang agents.

for water purification agents to join friends, you see this story, it is what kind of mood? Anyway, I was very sad Cheng, what is wrong with him, why would suffer such treatment? thereforeTo join the water industry friends, you choose aftermarket manufacturers to be sure to choose the strength of the manufacturers. The only way to be worthy of consumers, worthy of their own conscience.

water purifier manufacturers are so many, cohabitation, not every manufacturer is like clear spring water purifiers top ten brands that pay attention to after-sales service. Therefore, water purification agents to join friends, you choose the manufacturers must sharpen the eye, to examine whether manufacturers have sales department, whether there is after-sales installation personnel, whether the emphasis on after-sales work, whether really put consumers first. You only have to join the agency to improve after-sales of the manufacturers, it will not be like Mr Cheng tragedy.

Incoming water pollution, water purifier and the popularity of cell phones

Tomorrow is fifty-one, and then the major business promotional activities certainly missed. For water purification industry, water purification agents how to do promotion? Clear spring there are a few methods to share with you.

1, promotional methods. Price reduction? Discount? Gift certificates? Gifts? lottery? Consumer credit? Free installation of water purifiers other promotions to try other methods? What kind of promotional method you choose, to take into account the purpose of promotion, consumer spending habits, competitors and the budgetary costs of promotion, and to consider how to allocate resources.

2, sales people. But also for the promotion crowd. Water purification agents should target customers based on the location of their environment. Area residents are office buildings or other groups? Is middle-aged or young people? Promotional how to attract these people to buy? How to attract the biggest crowds with minimal input? These considerations will affect our final sales.

3, user experience. To select a relatively good economic conditions, and more serious water pollution as a breakthrough in the market place, in this promotion and publicity promotional activities. And make a real life interpretation. The use of props cupboard, a water purifier installed, with live pictures, animation, narration, so that consumers feel the real life of the family of water purification. To demonstrate the positive, good user experience, convincing.

4, selling defective or not defective gift. Consumers are not stupid. You do promotions to sell a good product or defective, the consumer is to know. If the promotion as an opportunity to sell defective, then you’re wrong. Customers will see the value of any gifts to the product itself, “Maiduhaizhu” story we know everything. So the promotion will sell is the good reputation of the brand product.

5, promotional visit. For the end of the deal customers are not traded, but the beginning of the service. Around to customers to install water purifiers a week, once a return visit telephone or SMS, qq, micro-letters, etc., to keep abreast of customer usage and feelings, listen to the views of customers, in order to improve on the shortcomings, so that the client It will be more recognition and trust you, and introduce relatives and friends and neighbors to buy your water purifier to achieve word of mouth marketing. For customers with intent to buy a water purifier to keep in touch, understand customer needs, why not buy in order to better customer transactions.

water purification agents intentions promotional campaigns, consumers are visible, so please agency fifty-one on it!

To strengthen the construction of water purifier manufacturers to hire agents

For the friends interested in joining the water industry, there are two things must be clear: First, clean water GB; the second is wading document. Water purification agents wanted to join, it is necessary to understand these two terms.

usually what we call, a water purifier GB, that is the national standard water purifier. Is a water purifier water purifier manufacturers must follow standards, mandatory national standard, only strictly follow the national standard, in order to ensure the quality of water purification products. At present, although China has also formulated relevant standards, but because of the complexity of the treatment, a number of standard ‘uncontrollable’, and set out the standard is not necessarily entirely reasonable. It is clear spring is understood that with the current national standard water purifier matching “Household and similar water purifier performance test method” has completed the development work, scheduled for release in the second half of 2020. Then, the water purifier manufacturers will follow standard.

and wading document, i.e. water purifier manufacturer’s product license. Wading this document is very important to have it, a manufacturers of water purification products is qualified products. Without wading document, it indicates that a manufacturer’s products are either unqualified or untested. Wading this document is not easily able to get, only with relevant technology, research capacity in order to be granted. Clear spring water purifier, as early as in 2008, by China Health Authority full acceptance, the first country to get wading document.

Complete understanding of these two terms. So the question is, the current national standard has not yet introduced a water purifier, water purifier to buy or how to join the agency a water purifier manufacturers to choose it?

The answer is self-evident. That’s sure to choose a wading documents relating to the manufacturers. Only select manufacturers have to wade this document, your life, your water purifier business did not have to worry about.

Shenzhen water purifier manufacturers, it is actually the best

For the majority of venture capitalists, the water industry is indeed a good choice. First of all, we have a huge market in the future will gradually spread to every family; secondly, water purifier market today there are gaps in our four-tier cities and even in some places still blank. Then the water purifier manufacturers joined Which is better? To listen to expert advice.

A lot of people are interested in water purification project, but do not know the price of joining agent. I engaged in the water industry, though not long, but also have some experience, you may wish to share with friends. In general, in water purification county agent about 50,000, do municipal agency about 100,000. Of course, the size of the brand at different prices will vary.

Second, in water purification project profitable large, generally from the manufacturers delivery will give the agency price (lowest price). Such as by 600 delivery, to 1500 yuan sold to the market operator, the profit of $ 900 a month to sell 20, then earn 900 * 20 = 18,000 yuan. As long as agents willing to endure hardship, we continue to learn, even if you have no experience, but also do a good job. But the key is that you are willing to work hard to learn.

Proxy water purifiers project, as long as selecting the right brand, 100,000 in exchange for 1 million is not an empty word. If a dealer can sell 30 units a month purifier, a month income of over 30,000 yuan, the fully earn 1 million a year. Although very few such examples, but maybe you can become such a person do? Even if you can not earn one million years, but as long as you put your heart to do, you can be sure of not earn 500,000.

As far as I know, clear spring water purifier Shenzhen factory is a good choice. First, the brand is the clear mountain spring water purifiers top ten brands in Shenzhen City, a large number of proxy clear spring brand audience; secondly, joined the agency clear spring, 0 initial fee, the amount you can just pick up the first batch; and finally, clear spring Merchants there are eight major support policy, 50% support, true to the largest dealer discount.

water purifier manufacturers joined Which is better? If you are interested in water purification project, you are welcome to understand the clear spring.

Fifty-one struck, water purification agents how to do promotion?

A water purifier manufacturers to recruit sales agents may be the problem, but the problem is more likely to be the manufacturer itself. Now the company tried various methods of investment, there are successes and failures. Each have different failure, success is similar. Water purification agents Which is better? This is the best manufacturers

and a lot of water purifier manufacturers to recruit agents in stark contrast to the clear spring Shenzhen company every month to recruit more than 10 agents. The strength of the data is the best proof. According to media reports, clear spring the country with over 300 stores retail outlets, more than more than 1,000 service outlets, turnover hit a record high in 2014, the market share among the best, most users welcomed the top ten brands.

In fact, the final analysis, clear spring able to hire agents or because the brand strength. First, clear spring production of quality products strong, clear spring constantly technically improve product quality, and strictly control the inspection processes to ensure that flow into the market of 100 percent qualified products; secondly, clear spring sale strong, clear spring in domestic service more than more than 1,000 outlets, anytime, anywhere can provide installation, maintenance for the consumer, for the core and other services; and finally, clear spring with a brand strength, clear spring 17 years, constantly enrich the connotation of the brand, manufacturing quality, the brand has gradually occupied the minds of consumers .

I suggest is looking for water purification project friends, may wish to know under clear spring. You know, choose a good manufacturer, the agent will cause redoubled. Proposed investment purifier friends, and more visits, more understanding, we must choose to have the brand strength of the manufacturers.

water purification agents Which is better? Finally, buy a water purifier manufacturers to join limerick dedicated to friends:

There are four to choose a water purifier, clear spring for your guidance;

to be a manufacturer of high strength; brand strength and ultimately;

second, high product quality and after-sales service is very important;

Third, we need policies to support, marketing programs essential;

Fourth, we must be alert to small manufacturers, Acting distribution sharpen the eye;

success has a knack select important than the effort;

clear spring welcomed the guidance, practical cooperation will be better;

ventureRich road with you hand in hand before the trip!

Water purifier manufacturers joined Which is better? Suggestions to listen to expert

Adding water industry, water purification agents become necessary to know how to gain advantage. Although the water industry is a sunrise industry, but the competition is very fierce. As we enter an industry, we need to keep on learning and innovation, the only way we can be based on an invincible position in the industry. Of course, these techniques are tracked, and the following spring to follow a clear look.

1, use word of mouth to gain advantage. This word of mouth marketing is the very objective of a mass 10, have spread …… most typical examples such as millet, apples, beauty, etc., these brands are word of mouth marketing originator ah, a mass ten, hundred , infinite loop, viral marketing, you believe investors should be aware of the benefits of this one. So how to enhance the prestige of it, such as:? Good reputation. On-time delivery, says it will do. Visit friends and family, and this is a way to oh.

2, after-sales service. Any consumer want to have good service, good service is a must. If so that consumers unhappy in the course of business, it will only fewer customers to buy your home products, on the contrary, more and more people will patronize you. So how to improve their services? Quality staff is very important, so when recruiting sales staff, need to focus on this issue. Record customer information, regular feedback and improve customer satisfaction.

3, and promotional activities. water purifiers and other home appliances is different, because the water purifier filter replacement is required. If you have some customer resources in the early, there will be a steady stream of customers since then. So, after water purifier store opened, it must not be understated, to do high-profile events and promotions, in order to gain an advantage. In other words, although the water purifier is now a sunrise industry, but the later did, that the lower edge.

water purification agents how to gain advantage? Make good use of its resources in order to capture the market faster.

Water purification agents Which is better? This is the best manufacturers

Water pollution incidents occur frequently, drinking water security has become a big social problem. For now, installing a water purifier is probably the safest, most effective way. Home water purification products can be directly purified water to each family, thus ensuring the actual water reaches the most practical standard fundamentally. So far, clear spring water purifier manufacturers promise, only the most professional water purifier.

household water purification products using special design, better suited to the home environment, most realistic needs, but also the most important basic premise of household drinking water security, in particular to ensure that you can reach the most good water purification function and effect, brand quality water purification products in which it is playing a very important role, is well worth the best choice for consumer trust, you can ensure improved living standards, quality of life is guaranteed.

The main function is to purify water purifier, which must be reasonable arrangements with water pipes, and to carry out professional installation support, in order to ensure water supply in the process, to provide them all to be safe drinking water. Select brand quality water purification products, people can rest assured that the selection and quality of the brand, product type selection, installation and technical support services, brand reputation, so that so that consumers can choose more confidence.

professional production technology is an important prerequisite to ensure the drinking water, so consumers must understand the strength of the brand, to clear spring water purifier brand products, reasonable practical function, easy operation, professional installation, and in terms of the basic functions of water purification, but also has a very clear quality standards, the production of first-class production technology, but also the product, to ensure the reasonable cost, so higher prices for better quality and service are also guaranteed, because we are only the most professional water purifier.