Are you still suffer water purifier choose what brand of suffering it?

Fifty-one struck, you know how to buy a water purifier it? You still use a few dollars a barrel drums blisters several hundred yuan a can of milk? Now the water has been mostly secondary pollution, you are still using your family’s “filter” it? Pro, baby’s physical growth, water is very important, good water baby and his family decided to physical health.

pro, May impending onslaught, soon there will be many water purifiers stores introduced none other benefits or low-cost promotions. In a variety of promotional activities, you know how to buy a water purifier it? Pro, you may not know, but it does not matter, clear spring water purifiers top ten brands to teach you.

pro, you have to remember three points selected water filter:

1, wading this document

pro, wading this document is the most important manufacturers of water purifiers of this document, this document only shows that there is wading water purifier manufacturers are qualified products. Without wading this document, either failed or are untested products, this product, you dare to use it? So, choose the product first step is to see wading document, but also to check the authenticity of this document wading. Wading carefully to understand this document, is also responsible for themselves and their families body.

2. Brand

pro, the brand is the most important purchase factors. Brand represents manufacturers strength, product strength. Big brands have quality assurance and after-sales service. Even if the price of the brand will be slightly more expensive than no-name, but you pay for, it is justified. Buy brand products, is to buy rest assured. With a brand products, is at ease with.

3, service

pro, water purifier factory service is a key element of the merits of the brand reputation. In general, the big brand service guaranteed. However, some brand new brand or service is not in place to start, advised consumers to be sure to select a product based on after-sales service reputation. Because the water purifier is a long-term after-sales service of the product, it must be valued after-sales service.

fifty-one struck, know these three points, you should know how to buy a water purifier it! Pro, using the May sales opportunity, and quickly buy a high-quality water purifier it! In case, clear spring water purifier is suitable How about you?

Dedicated intention in water purification project friends

We all know, water purifier market competition. Water purifier manufacturers life and death battle, the fight is the brand. In the market, only big brands never to be invincible. Here we are in clear spring, for example, burst a burst water purifier manufacturers of these investment insider.

I believe that the clear spring brand powerful insider three:

First, 17 years of continuous construction

clear spring brand founded in 1998, from the beginning of the start, clear spring We will focus on creating brand. Aside from quality, after-sales and other efforts to make clear mountain spring products by customers trust outside, clear spring is also committed to enrich the connotation of the brand in all aspects of the brand culture, brand spirit, brand awareness, reputation, loyalty. Making clear spring brand is not gorgeous but not really, but with the strength can occupy the minds of consumers.

Second, powerful hardware strength brands

even if the brand is bigger, there is no hard power as a support, a brand also but that is only temporary. Clear Springs knows the importance of hard power, so 17 years ago, we continue to invest in plant size, production equipment, laboratory equipment, scientific equipment, production lines, and strive to achieve growing. Because of the strength of the growth of hardware, clear spring brands grow step by step. Clear Springs company director have shared their own experiences, he said: “Only the strength of the production, scientific research strength up, brands can lasting and fresh.”

Third, the rich corporate culture to brand the service [123 ]
production and research strength reveals a manufacturer of hard power, and the corporate culture and innovation capability is the soft power. For 17 years, clear spring constantly enrich corporate culture and improve the scientific enterprise human management. In addition to organizing staff activities and create a relaxed working atmosphere, but also regular training to improve staff skills and literacy. Clear Spring attractive corporate culture presents a unique corporate image to the outside world, a united and to assist full image of cohesion for the brand extra points.

exposed a water purifier manufacturers insider exposure of investment, to believe that the people interested in joining the water industry friends a little inspiration.

Water purifier manufacturers build brands from no off-season

Ms. Wang Taiyuan of Shanxi some time ago bought a water purifier kitchen, she is 1800 yuan to buy. Because it is a large mall to buy, plus the price is not cheap, Ms. Wang and feeling he could buy a water purifier brand products, I believe bought a water purifier should be useful.

Wang the water purifier installed in the home with less than a month, the water purifier to leaking. Wang initially thought it was a small problem, they did not have it repaired. After a week, not only leaking water purifier, the water is also getting smaller and smaller. Ms. Wang suddenly realized that they are buying is not a brand, but is an ordinary poor quality water purifiers.

In fact, many people have the same experience and Wang. I thought they were buying branded products, and finally found just inferior products. Friends, do you think you really understand the water purifier brand it? Do you think that “brand = brand”? I want to tell you, not all brands can be called brand.

brand owner is to bring premium, value-added generated an intangible asset, the brand firmly occupy the minds of consumers. The brand is carried by some people recognized for its products and services is derived from mutual accommodation between the kind of brand product and the consumer buying behavior.

become a brand product, we must have three conditions: high quality, visibility (reputation) and occupied the minds of consumers. Consumers value these three points, while water purifier manufacturers must struggle in order to become a brand. First, improve product quality, increase the technology content, in order to quality for the purpose of production; second, to promotion, to expand its influence and visibility (reputation), only then will boost brand built; third, the net water heater manufacturers have to continuously enrich the connotation of the brand, deepen brand concept, to promote the brand story (culture) to the consciousness of the people, the occupation of the minds of consumers. Three-pronged approach, naturally become a brand.

The author of this once again reminded to buy a water purifier friends, be sure to look for the brand, buy brand is to buy rest assured. According to my understanding, there are now represented with clear spring water purifiers top ten brands on the market, consumers may choose these well-known brand products. Do not be deceived because freeloaders or buy no-name, small brands.

selected water purifier brand, which is responsible for their own lives, is responsible for the health of their families. We talked about these brands knowKnow, you make it?

Water purification agents to join? Please choose the strength of the manufacturers sale

The development of the water industry in recent years, can be described in full swing, in fact, has a lot of friends to join this industry came. Although the hot water industry, but for you, you do water purification agents do? Acting want to do, you need to have the following conditions.

1, have good interpersonal skills, with a certain social background. Today, a network of veins is money, with the more connections, the better products in the local promotion and sales.

2, with strong economic strength of the people. Strong economic strength, is venture capital. Those who have the entrepreneurial economy, although not had the experience in the water purification industry, but are willing to invest capital and effort, you can support the normal operation of the store.

3, have some industry experience. If you used to be a water purifier company salesman, water purification agents or salesman, not only ability to sell better, and there is a certain economic base and customer resources. Such people do water purification agents to join very advantageous, virtually already have a market basis.

4, who has worked on water purification related industries. For example, originally producing water purification devices, or engaged in the wholesale bottled water sector, there is a certain customer resources, like a water purifier brand agency. Or agents engaged in the building materials industry are now other products, building materials industry sales model is very familiar with, management capability is better. Such a person to join water purification industry, will flex its muscles.

5, had purification agents experience. For those who have engaged in other water purifier brand agency and the local water purification industry, there is a certain strength, because the water purification industry has the experience, so once choose a good brand Deputy District, more likely to succeed.

6, there is a strong desire to start a human. Prerequisite for success is to have a strong desire to succeed, like those of general economic strength, but has a strong entrepreneurial desire of people, but also to join the potential stock water purifier.
you do for water purification agents do? As long as you comply with any of the above conditions, I believe you can become a successful water purification agents.

No experience can do water purification agents do?

Our pollution is now in the end how serious, let the following several sets of data to tell you. Recently, the Ministry issued the “2014 China Land and Resources Communique” that comprehensive evaluation of the results of water quality monitoring sites showed excellent level of 529, accounting for 10.8% of the total number of monitoring stations; water quality monitoring sites showed a good level of 1266, accounting for 25.9%; grade quality was better monitoring points 90, 1.8%; poor quality as a level monitoring points 2221, accounting for 45.4%; poor quality as a level monitoring points 790, 16.1%. The main component exceeded the total hardness, total dissolved solids, iron, manganese, “three nitrogen” (nitrite nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen and ammonia), fluoride, sulfate, etc., the presence of arsenic, the individual water quality monitoring sites, lead , hexavalent chromium, cadmium and other heavy (s) exceed the standard metal.

Let’s look at news: April 21, pond water, a park north of the city of Hangzhou, near a steel plant by serious pollution, pond plants peripheral has been poisoned and become brown. And there’s not enough time to suffer from water pollution plants also maintained its strong should be green.

reading data and news, you still feel today’s water pollution is not serious? Do you continue to ignore the dangers of water pollution it? A lot of people actually know water pollution, but did not realize the seriousness of water pollution, so careless, that does not matter to drink at home. In fact, for water pollution, the more neglected, the greater the damage. The more silent, the more dangerous.

to combat water pollution, protect drinking water health is desperately needed. Life, we always use the water, laundry, cooking, drinking, tea and so on and so forth. Water Pollution strikes, you want a good solution yet? If you do not know how to solve, I teach you how to do it.

now on the market there have been purifiers and other water purification products, some brands have a good water filter effect, very popular with consumers. For example, clear spring water purifiers top ten brands, it is very popular. According to my understanding, clear spring consumers to buy the most important reason is that the excellent quality of clear spring water purifiers, first purification effect is good, high filtration precision; second is the clear spring high-quality materials, such as leaking or damaged will not happen. Because of high quality, clear spring have a market share of first place.

The facts tell us now water pollution is very serious indeed, for the health of you and your family, is to install a water purifierA wise choice. What is more important than the health of it? My home water purifier, there are clear spring is enough.

Exposed exposed inside a water purifier manufacturers Merchants

Recently, a forum broke a hot posts. Content spoofing agent for a water purifier manufacturers. Mr. Zhou is Zhoukou people, because thinking about doing water purification agents to get rich, he was by comparison, selected Shenzhen, a water purifier manufacturers. And the manufacturers have promised to support Mr. Zhou operational work. But after Mr. Zhou agents, manufacturers say business is not as good as done. Mr. Yu Shizhou want to change a number of goods, but the company has to pass the buck type of problem passing the buck. Finally, not only did not make money resulting Chow agent, also led to the shortfall.

Therefore, a good proxy manufacturers how important it is. Because of the strength of the manufacturers determine the fate of the agents, it is really the case.

If you just want to do a one-time business, then you can choose manufacturers. But if you want to do long-term business, you must select a big and strong manufacturers. Even if difficult, we must do it. Otherwise, it is difficult to succeed.

Acting big and strong water purification business, we must look at two aspects. First, the hardware strength, the second is the strength of the software. Hardware capabilities include: manufacturers entity area, workshop, production lines, laboratories, service department, factory technicians, factory installed service personnel. Software capabilities include: brand manufacturers, manufacturers of corporate culture, innovation and manufacturers of factory operators atmosphere, spirit and goals.

hard power and soft power must choose good manufacturers, in order not to lose the same time as Mr. Zhou and lose money. According to my understanding, Shenzhen now has hundreds of manufacturers, most of which are small and medium manufacturers, just like a clear spring, Angel, Hansi Dun and a few other manufacturers to large manufacturers. We recommend entrepreneurs to invest as much as possible to understand the big factory in Shenzhen water purifier situation.

According to my understanding, clear spring is one of the top ten brands of water purifiers Shenzhen. Clear Springs company’s existing area of ​​8,000 square meters, more than 200 employees, and has specialized production plants, production lines, as well as create a new industry precedent of clear spring water purification technology to produce research and development laboratories. These hardware capabilities won over many many investors entrepreneurs. The most important thing is that spring has always been clear emphasis on integrity, promised to support the agency’s policy will be implemented, not deception and prevarication.

water purifier manufacturers to support the decision to join the fate of the business, the proposed project is looking for friends, more understanding, more consideration. Maybe spring is not clear for you, but just in caseIt is right for you?

You suitable for water purification agents do?

There are thousands of ways to succeed, but often only one shortcut. How to make water purification agents how to win at the starting line? This is a problem so companies should consider.

Nowadays, people gradually increase brand awareness. More people are aware of the brand represents product quality, and the choice brand has become the first element of consumer shopping. Therefore, from the consumer psychology, agency brand water purifier can start to be recognized by consumers.

even if the agent has re-brand manufacturers its high cost, but also to do it. Now on the market to clear as spring water purifiers top ten brands on behalf of these brands have their own characteristics, some suitable for home, some for the whole house use, some professional removal of heavy metals in water, and some professional to remove impurities, different The same, but are different. Venture capitalists to join the manufacturers to choose the best from these brands.

According to my understanding, is now clear spring Shenzhen company in the implementation of the regional agency system, the purpose is to help agents to prosper. For investment, they have a large support policies 8: 1, strict protection of the region; 2, marketing support; 3, store planning support; 4, store presentation equipment and promotional material support; 5, advertising support; 6. Technical support ; 7, efficient logistics support; 8, improve sales and after-sales service support.

These are not the most important, the most important is the clear spring 17 years has been committed to building a strong brand. Clear Springs 17 years, constantly enrich the connotation of the brand from all aspects of the brand culture, brand spirit and brand awareness, reputation, loyalty. Because grown up time, clear spring has now entered the hearts of consumers, market share lead.

in water purification agents how to win at the starting line? As long as you are interested in water purification project, as long as you have the desire and courage to make money, you can contact us at any time.

Water purifier franchisees how to be successful?

Recently, a customer call and ask some questions clear mountain spring company salesman. He asked: “Now the competition is too large metropolitan water purifier agency, and can not be profitable to how to make a profit ……?” Here, clear spring the company will do to answer customer questions together, hoping to help Members venture capitalists.

1, in water purification agent in first-tier cities can make money?

A: of course be profitable. Although front-line cities purifier business competition, but there are many favorable conditions. First, high levels of big city life, strong health awareness, strong spending power; second, water purifier popular in big cities than the second and third tier cities, many people readily accepted this new water purification products; third, largest city information and logistics development, good service help agents; fourth, the big cities have more pressure, there is pressure to have power.

2, how to do to make money?

answer: do anything is a method of doing business is no different water purifier. Although sales are profitable sense to do, but learn to use new methods, more time and cost savings. First, in order to profit, be sure to choose a brand of water purification products such as water purifiers top ten brands of clear spring, because now consumers love the brand; secondly, in order to profit, be sure to serve new and old customers, especially the old customers, only to get good service trust; again, actively promote in a big city, you can do more activities; and finally, in order to profit, we must credit management, must give consumers more affordable.

3, the largest city competition, how to enhance their own advantages?

answered: big city big competition. It is important to enhance their own advantages. First: store location, should be selected as more people traffic areas or pedestrian streets, residential areas; second, to exquisite decoration store, play the effect can attract consumers; third, to save costs, including water and electricity , store daily expenses and so on; fourth, we must highlight the characteristics of the product characteristics, the store features, preferential characteristics, features prizes and so much more.

4, in water purification agent in the front-line cities, how profitable?

Answer: In the front-line cities, how much profit is to come according to many aspects. First, look at the sales, if able to sell 20-40 units a month, then the profit is very objective; Secondly, to see the difference, if a water purifier earn $ 500, as long as the pin much profit is also very impressive; again, see supplies, water purifier need regular replacement filter, the filter is an income replacement agents, replacement of more natural and more profits; and finally, look at the number of consumers, consumers accumulate, the more natural the better the business.

In general, as long as the intentions of agents to do business, earn one million years is definitely not empty words.

in water purification agent in first-tier cities can make money? Do not be afraid, as long as the election of the brand, everything is possible!

How do water purification agents to win at the starting line?

In the water industry in thousands of water purifier brand, agents Why did you choose us? This is all water purifier manufacturers can not avoid the question, why did the agents feel more secure, they will naturally tend to whom. So how to improve the sense of security agents?

clear spring think, first of all to continue to strengthen efforts to support the agents, send professionals to help them solve the following problem aftermarket sales, installation and maintenance of water purifiers, water purifiers to help them open up the market, build sales channels, good market model allows franchisees to better proxy with the major real estate agency, enterprises and institutions, factories schools, hotels and catering talk about water purification project.

water purifier has been developing quite mature, but really long stay agents was one of the few, if water purification companies to strengthen their support and encouragement, join the real implementation of supportive policies, training franchisees and timely communication with the franchisees, franchisee enhance market confidence, and actively explore the water purifier market, to get more space for development, to join to see the water purifier market prospects to do so with the agency and will get down heart to do their joining the water purifier brand, firm belief in long-term cooperation with the water purifier manufacturers.

In recent years, increasingly fierce competition in the market water purifier, a sense of crisis is not the most water purification companies themselves, but the agents, with the increasingly fierce market competition, water purifiers, own profit margins become smaller and smaller, and therefore always feel the sun does not guarantee evening, dangerous, and have been looking for ways to self-protection mode, then manufacturers need to give a sense of security to the franchisee, the franchisee timely resolution in the course of business of the problems encountered.

followed by the establishment of a common goal system, mutual benefit, manufacturers have to stand in the perspective of the agents to think, their pursuit of water purification companies give the best sales policy, and the pursuit of business is sweetly squeamish franchisee to give maximum support to open up the market to reduce marketing costs. It is not difficult to see, the franchisee is the key to open the local market manufacturers, is the bridge between manufacturers and end-markets, both sides should abide by its commitments, integrity and win-win, work hand in hand. Enterprises not only to provide competitive water purification products and attentive service for water purification agents franchisee, but also to ensure that the interests of franchisees, franchisee expedient to maintain the core philosophy, which clearly highlights the company’s water purifier brand image .

water purifier manufacturers to improve the sense of security agents? Believed to have been aboveWas very detailed, and water purification company you know, to help agents franchisees become bigger and stronger at the same time, also in the expansion of its sales channels, for their own future development plays a decisive role.

In the first-tier cities in water purification agents to make money?

Merchant is the most budget-conscious understand, when put into a project, we should estimate the amount of money inserted once, so that we know our money goes, then reduce the cost of capital within a reasonable range, to achieve the best investment results . Then the water purifier to join the pre-need to invest much? Here with small series to eight hundred eighteen.

In general, water purifiers to join the pre-main expenditures these areas :: daily expenses, renovation costs, water purification equipment, shop rental, proxy initial fee. Premise, which is capital expenditure to be under normal circumstances, we continue to look down.

in the water purifier course of business, we have to set aside part of the funds prepared for every contingency. For example, we want to host small events, send a small ad, staff ahead of an advance of wages, and so on. Although the above that I said not arise, however, be prepared, which we have taken into account the job. About 5K enough.

how much rent to store it? The agency needs to look at geographic location, the flow of people, store size to determine, if in the city center, a little more than that relatively expensive. If in the vicinity of the cell, that rental shops will be relatively cheaper. Moreover, this agent franchisee with a direct link, if it wants large-scale stores, that the funds required will be higher, if they have a shop, so much the better. I will not forget this, I really can not be calculated.

purifier stores three scale, medium and small. Small water purifier general store, about three yuan can get, which is mainly water purification equipment funds to be spending. Thirty thousand yuan Why? Because we have such a clear spring provision, our agent franchisees, we will help our customers. Pro rata reimbursement of the cost of renovation, agency fees 0 0 initial fee, 0 margin, but also the end of rebates, advertising support and other policies.

water purifier to join the pre-need to invest much? I am sure you join the ins and outs of the funds have to understand, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.