Water purifier manufacturers decide the fate of franchisee support

For water purification project, to choose a good brand is no easy task. As a result, the water industry brand confusion; secondly, many agents of the brand concept is not well understood. water purifier brand so much, how to choose?

1, look at the history of the brand. Both phones also have in front of you, a brand of the mobile phone manufacturers have 10 years of history, while the other one is less than 5 years old. Both, who would you choose? There are 10 years of history of the manufacturers, as you choose not to choose, since I was elected.

a long history, the brand longer necessarily the way to go, although some products a few years time could rise to well-known brands. But are few, most of the brands of its history must be old.

2, listen to word of mouth selecting water purifier brand, we must listen to the people who did the water industry reputation on the market for some brands. Word of mouth is good, it is naturally a good explanation of this brand, good reputation, then this can only be called product can not be called brand. Because, there is a brand reputation.

3, look at qualifications qualifications is very important to know whether a brand is a big brand, it is necessary to view the qualifications of the brand manufacturers. In particular, an important qualification issued by the relevant state departments as qualified to represent the strength. Small brands want to get important documents of approval issued by the State Department is very difficult, especially the last two years standardize and improve the system of after-related industry.

4, perceptual awareness.

because there is a brand reputation and visibility. Generally a big brand, people will know a lot. In contrast, no brand people know only very few. Therefore, venture capital providers to be aware of some brand awareness and brand can understand the real truth through questionnaires and surveys visits form.

5, field trips to understand whether manufacturers attach importance to brand building.

only focus on brand building, increasing capital investment, the greater the stronger the brand in order. On the contrary, not willing to invest blindly just to get, not pay, so the brand will be difficult to gain a foothold. Therefore, venture capitalists brand manufacturers to understand whether the emphasis on investment in brand building, corporate managers had better have some understanding.

water purifier brand so much, how to choose? Investors well above 105, select the brand will not be difficult. Quickly learn it, so many brands,Intentions to be elected to.

Water pollution occur frequently, install a water purifier is king

In the water purifier to join the process, there will always ignore some of the details, but these details tend to affect our ultimate success. Then the water purifier to join what errors exist? Below you one by one answer:

1, do not rush to the market to investigate the market, some of the franchisee only to see the conditions and prospects of appealing advertising, see the nice company directory, in a hurry to join the after, but I do not know to enter the industry, the industry has a better business, agents have more favorable conditions and support guide, we want to drop out, because of “breach of contract” and no way retreat. Looking for a good brand, is impatient eat hot tofu.

2 study is not comprehensive enough, just visit those money-sided water purifier store, there was not sufficient rational analysis. Prior to joining, although in accordance with the opinions of many brands and manufacturers to understand exactly what the business is doing, but also to see the store operating conditions, but a lot of water purifier brand agency service providers generally only take you to see what well-run water purifier store, and you may not see but which the mediocre performance of the water purifier shop.

3, did not follow the provisions of the unauthorized change of business requirement or standard, in violation of the terms of the agency agreement, such franchisee encountered a lot of clear spring, leading to adverse consequences of lack of agency services business recognition and support, ate dark loss there is no one to talk. Generally speaking, the job requirements of manufacturers are tempered through out, it has a certain rationality to tampering will lose the meaning of its existence. After

Some franchisees think they are familiar with the operation of the entire store, you can not follow the operation specified in the manufacturer’s own decisions and do not know there will be problems. A series of changes in operating procedures in particular is carried out with the acquiescence of or non-authorized agent of the manufacturer, not the headquarters of the various provisions of the execution or refuse to perform, then the agent will lose support headquarters, only alone.

summarized above, is the clear spring a few errors in the Join process, existing franchisee, franchisees hope to learn a lesson ,, the only way to become a successful water purifier franchisee.

Water purifier manufacturers to improve the sense of security agents?

We know that the water industry is currently the hottest business projects, but also means that the competition will be very fierce. So what capacity water purification agents franchisees have? In order to gain a firm foothold in the industry?

a reasonable investment

for funds is not very abundant franchisees may choose to shop the way of financing, despite the business well, but every day to raise money to debt service, completely unintentional put in operation, which will outweigh the benefits. Clear Spring believes that franchisees to do what, choose water purifier joining fee for their strength, otherwise the debt, worried all day, a great impact on store operations. Meanwhile, franchisees to determine a reasonable allocation ratio for the entire investment fund, make overall planning. Do not wait for the opening of Fengfengguangguang, only to find that the latter has no funds to operate the store, would not Nao Lege big joke.

Second, cost control, planning strategies

successful businessman always very good control of costs, curbing spending because it means that more than one point out of profits, the cost of compression in the lower within the scope it is absolutely necessary. However, too much saving is not correct. For example, the lighting effects for the sale of certain goods, it is an indispensable condition to attract customers, but if the spotlights turned off to save power, will certainly be worth the candle.

Meanwhile, the water purifier to join planned purchase policies, regulate the turnover rate is also cost-effective control. Yahuo store should be avoided as far as possible, tying up many new boss serious money is often the case, financial operations stretched, and soon in trouble. Seasonal slow-moving goods timely clearance price cuts, supplement the existing vacancies with new goods. After all, only to sell the commodity is money.

Third, personnel training, staff management

After a successful joining, manufacturers usually provide a range of training, but that is limited. Franchisees not to place undue reliance on manufacturers, need to find the problem at the source, the real mastery, learn how to manage employees. Do not have “just to join a successful, you can easily sit back and enjoy.” Ideas. Wait until the real opening, a variety of after-sale problems will follow. So, water purification agents franchisee must recognize that the management staff is their own business, but also have to do something.

Success begins with adequate preparation, water purification agents franchisees only have more ability to gain a firm foothold in the industry.

Water purifier sales season approaching, plus you choose the right brand yet?

Agents do not want to make money is not a good agent, management is the process of making money is the goal. However, the water purifier business process will encounter various problems, such as turnover does not raise but declined. Today, just as we talk about the clear spring, water purification agents how to increase turnover?

world never fall in your lap a good thing, as water purification agents when we shop opened up, we should take the initiative, do not sit still. Because only action can we get a higher turnover, in order to earn more profit.

we must have such a sense, the market is constantly changing, just sit still stalled, we should be moving. We should look out for the needs of users, find the demand to meet consumer demand, so that our turnover will increase. For example: When we find people in the vicinity are a little like the high-end water purifier, then we should put some high-end products to meet consumer.

service issues is the development of water purification industry suffered the biggest bottleneck, who will come to do the after-sales advantage. Said water filter cartridge needs to be updated, if our attitude is very bad, and that such big trouble. Word of mouth is very important, if the service is good, like reputation, the more people know, the turnover will continue to increase.

In addition, our products also increase exposure may be appropriately engage in some interactive. For example, promotions, sweepstakes, post free replacement filter, advertising, leaflets, car and so on, these are some of the ways to join the water purifier business turnover increase oh.

water purification agents how to increase turnover? Methods are varied, not impossible things, the method only unexpected, I hope this article to every agent luck!

Water purifier franchisees to improve the terminal market

At present, China’s water industry is the fastest growing home appliance industry, attracting a large number of companies and investors, then the purification agents strong Which? Which is the most reliable? Clear spring reading experience to share, you know.

First, the big brands more trustworthy

brand stores like facade, the big brands do not have eye-catching logo, not attractive in dazzling appliance stores in the eye. Instead of spending huge sums of money to promote a low price but just out of a small brand, as a long-term agent market, has won the big brands, which would allow species dependent, but not every brand can open up the market, the water purification industry in accordance with the needs of different regions water quality do different developers. In this regard the domestic brands, clear spring can be said to the extreme.

Second, the manufacturers of support is crucial

a lot of water purification agents franchisee reflect, some manufacturers after their purchase, as many agents usually disappear after a purchase from manufacturers, manufacturers sales manager just as absent, so that agents feel cheated. Because for manufacturers, dealers often distributed nationwide, each agent separately provide guidance and support does require a certain cost, but clear spring as an international brand, uphold the “global services” inside, to every agent to provide comprehensive support.

First, clear spring water purification agents will have a detailed delivery plan, based on market feedback agents there will be a corresponding detailed marketing strategies, improve after-sale tracking service, timely delivery time, marketing training from time to time. Therefore, a sound service system and investment policies of the manufacturers more trustworthy.

Third, the product quality is the fundamental

determines the quality of the products you make an important condition for the sustainability of profit after the market, many agents worked so hard to do a good job market, with the increase in product sales as well as themselves pushed to the cliff, because the products often appear so, that kind of problem, the sales will be relatively poor, clear spring water purifier in order to improve the quality of products, the introduction of French technology, and independent complete production line to ensure every process in the production process can be strictly a result of the failure rate down to one ten thousandth of the following product, with excellent product quality, clear spring repeatedly been selected as 3.15 consumer trust brand.

water purification agents Which is stronger? By analyzing the above aspects, regardless of brand, product or vendor support of quality, clear spring water purifier is undoubtedly the most worthy of our trust products.

Water purifiers to join what errors exist?

Hot water industry, to many investors indicates a new business direction. But Agent is a water purifier to be very prudent thing, once the wrong choice is likely to lose everything, clear spring suggest that investors should carefully consider the following points.

First, the brand is the first element

choice than to choose a good brand of entrepreneurs play an important advocacy role. The franchisee support and training, as well as products, service attention to the situation, hard and soft power of convergence, and lay a solid foundation for a bright future water purifier market operations. Choose a relatively high profile brand, product sales for the latter problems are a great role in promoting.

Second, the production technology is floor

Mao said “no investigation, no voice” for the water purifier manufacturers, technology does not produce no right to speak. Throughout the major appliance brands compete for market ultimately it relies on technology. For water purification agents operating in the process, we must strictly examine the company’s product quality. As the saying goes is the product quality and the vitality of enterprises, this is the most I will not go into details, the only agency to remind you friend is, when looking at the water purifier brand companies must pay attention to whether the full license, especially qualified products inspection and quarantine certificates and certificates of health authorities, and water this document. The second is the agent process to choose what kind of product, the choice of selling the demand for products is a key factor in the success of the agency.

Third, supporting policies is the key to

do not think the mere single-handedly put the water purification agents to join a good job, to support efforts of manufacturers is our development advantages. Therefore, the choice of the manufacturers to consider, and water purifier manufacturers in the Join process also requires overall planning to ensure that water purification agents operating in the process, can successfully develop new markets, good marketing.

clear mountain spring water purifier manufacturers that, water purifier manufacturers need to be prepared in cooperation more multi-path channel sales, strengthen efforts to support franchisees, mainly reflected in: store decoration support costs, a large number of the advertising, network promotion, marketing program planning support, dealers worry-free agent, easy to seize the market.

clear spring after years of development, has explored a successful marketing experience from market experience, will always be clear spring BongLine fully support the concept of water purification agents franchisee, so that every agency can become bigger and stronger in our stage to create their own wealth, to the road of success!

How water purifier agents increase turnover?

According to foreign media sources, a report in the latest “If you think China’s air is dirty, you should go see where the water” Photos, the foreign media inventory of the problem of water pollution around China worsening, shocking. Foreign media pointed out that although China is now vigorously flood began, but the short term is difficult to once and for all, the future will give rise to serious water pollution trends hot Chinese water market. How to water purification agents do?

to see this news. Some people lament the deterioration of water pollution, and some people thinking about how to make their drinking water from pollution, and commercial vision, the people are thinking about how to make money in water purification market. Water pollution by the birth of the water industry in the country now, although access to development and growth, but the market is still blank in China four-tier cities and towns. Visible venture capital, the water industry is a good choice.

water purification agents how to do? In fact, very simple, with clear spring water purifiers top ten brands, for example, you can make clear spring market agency, or county agent. Doing spring clean municipal agents, only 100,000, county agent only 50,000. For agents, clear spring eight major support policy, the company will send someone to help agents develop the market, and give concessions on the product delivery price. General Manager

Li Hong clear spring company, said clearing agents are not afraid of spring, even if the basis is not afraid to 0, for fear that agents would not learn. Clear Springs believe that agents daring to dare, continuous learning, clear spring and agents will be able to achieve a win-win.

a lot of venture capitalists, in fact, very interested in water purification projects, but most of them still in a wait state. Clear Springs is understandable, but time is money, time is efficiency. Wait too long, they tend to lose the opportunity. Went to look for action, the opportunity is the greatest wind.

If you want to venture investment, if you are interested in water purification project, you are welcome to spring clean Shenzhen company to examine, only coming, you know how clear spring strength.

What capacity water purification agents franchisees have?

The quality of a commodity inspection, depending on whether it is being recognized by consumers, but people usually prefer to use market share data to speak. Experts point out that water purifier which is better? Filter is really good.

Reporters interviewed the Shenzhen, a water purifier Laboratory water purification experts, he said he tap water at home is also a slight pollution, himself installed a clear mountain spring drink straight. According to his analysis, the appearance of clear spring water purifier, including the internal structure of the machine and in fact a lot of water purifier brand is the same, but the clear spring water filter cartridge is particularly good. Filter is the most important water purifier accessories, high-quality filter in order to have high quality products.

Reporters subsequent access to relevant information, to understand the knowledge of some of the water purifier filter. According to the reporter, currently on the market mainstream water purifier has two kinds of ultrafiltration membranes and reverse osmosis filter. For most urban families use municipal tap water, experts recommend membrane filter, because the waterworks factory water meets standards for drinking water, just in pipeline transport, secondary water supply equipment during storage may cause secondary pollution. Ultrafiltration membrane water completely filter out these harmful substances, while retaining beneficial minerals and trace elements. As for the use of well water in rural households, it is recommended to use a reverse osmosis membrane filter, this filter is more effective for heavy metal pollution in isolation.

It is understood that Shenzhen-spring company’s products have strict selection, selection of filters, filter never allowing poor consumers become the root cause hazards. Clear spring to remind: After purchasing a water filter, the filter should be replaced to avoid secondary pollution. Replace the filter is to be replaced according to the length of time the water purifier using any of a water purifier filter must be replaced regularly. Replace the filter in the water purifier regard, we need to determine the specific time depending on household water consumption and water quality.

In general, PP cotton 4-6 months, 8-12 months pre-carbon, ultrafiltration filter 18-24 months, 18-24 months, the RO membranes, post carbon 12-18 months. For some filter kettle, each filter 150 may filter liters bucket of water equivalent to 10, 30-day cycle. In other words, once a month we need to replace the filter.

by investigative reporter, and finally opened a clear mountain spring water purifier market share of the first reason. Which water purifier good? Filter is really good. Everything just because it – excellentQuality filter. Choose water machine, clear spring, they purchased.

Foreign media said China’s future water pollution, water purification agents how to do?

And other manufacturers to recruit agents in stark contrast to the current situation, the clear spring water purifier 2 consecutive months, outstanding performance, and why the industry competition is so fierce, clear spring water purifier investment still unbeaten?

It is understood, clear spring brand founded in 1998, has been 17 years of history. For 17 years, clear spring continue to strengthen brand building, and constantly enrich the connotation of the brand. Finally, step by step to grow from a small, became today’s water industry’s top ten brands. Clear spring success has once again proved a truth: Stick can be successful.

For brand building, clear spring mainly to do the following four steps are being recruited agents of the manufacturers wish to learn about.

1, precise positioning of the brand. This is the first clear spring brand building, clear spring vigorously take the difference of location, location “professional removal of heavy metals in water,” and to create a placeholder associated positioning and positioning, so the first step to do a good bedding for subsequent construction .

2. Construction brand. Clear spring after a clear brand positioning, will continue to enhance the reputation of clear spring, will be a simple product into a brand-name products, so that went into the hearts of more users. But clear spring clear, light fame is not enough, must have meaning.

3, enrich brand connotation, become a brand. Clear spring after the product is known to more people, constantly enrich the connotation from the culture, reputation, the spirit, the user experience, making it upgraded to the brand. Products from brand to brand and then, clear spring are carefully grown up.

4, consolidate brands. After occupying the minds of consumers become rich connotation of the brand, clear spring began to consolidate its brand strength. On the one hand, to expand the brand value, on the other hand, to build brand characteristics and advantages, making clear spring brand excellence, even more remarkable.

believe that the brand is the clear mountain spring water purifier investment of success. Water purifier manufacturers, and quickly learn it with clear spring. Shenzhen is now clear spring the company is to implement the regional agent system, if you want to invest in business, if you are interested in water purification project, you can contact the clear spring, a telephone, an opportunity.

Suggestions water purification agents to the franchisee

Now on the market in general water purifiers are selling more than 1,000 yuan, but the millet company has recently launched a water purifier, priced at only 499 yuan. The author expressed shocked, then this millet 499 water purifier really fly it?

for the price of only 499 yuan a water purifier, water purifiers top ten brands of clear spring think, millet together the United States, to launch a water purifier to remove all aspects from development to production, to sales of cost, $ 499 water purification products, not only to make money, not lose money is not easy, it is common knowledge industry. Unless the products of inferior materials, we can not guarantee the basic quality. In this case, millet will not spend big capital to promote low-cost water purifier, it is difficult to win the market share, not to mention the impact on businesses and the traditional water purifier market sales.

Thus, millet 499 yuan but in a low-cost water purifier as a gimmick fills a real quality and not necessarily the same as the production of high-quality phones.

clear spring think, water purifier prices rise, not fall, high-quality consumer into a trend. Currently, the market common type of RO water purifier prices generally yuan in 2000, interestingly, with the rapid growth in sales of water purifiers, water purifiers terminal market overall price rise, not fall, in particular, has a technological advantage focus type brands, such as the clean spring newly developed energy-saving water machine, due to its patented “water-saving 1: 1” features a single Brightmoon sales showed growth of retail prices also. This shows that with the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life requirements, as well as consumer psychology continue to become more rational, preferring to excellent use of the product to pay part of the money, not willing to buy low-quality low-cost products, particularly in relation to health household electrical appliances.

therefore, have to say, rely on low prices to attract consumers out of date, only really rely on quality in order to be accepted and recognized by consumers. Price is not the first element of consumers buy water purifier, but the brand. Brand reveals the quality of products, quality of products of the minds of consumers must be NO.1.