Latex gloves lamps floating on the lake okorder

More than 1,000 expanded and illuminated latex gloves, installed by the Spanish lighting designer Luzinterruptus on the surface of the French lake. Created a multidisciplinary art festival, 700 pairs of gas-filled gloves and autonomous LED lights combined with lamps that float on the water.
With such a dark water, in fact, it is completely forbidden to get in the water, we think it is almost our responsibility, think that it is very strange and sinister to recall in its depths. The tragic scene, the scene of the sinking body, the gloves being tied together, floating or going to sink, depends on one’s life experience.

The designer said: “We believe that everything here looks so impeccable perfect In such a natural and pastoral environment, we add more beauty to our light, so that’s why we choose to target mysterious and dark designs. ”

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Stylish kitchen in New York after renovation okorder

This kitchen is part of a New York City Hall that is only 16 feet wide but the interior feels spacious and airy. After the hosted Angela moved from London, she decided to change this lovely house and make it her new home, so it was refurbished by the kitchen. Now there is a dining area and a small lounge.

The house has good conditions and structure. However, the interior decoration is outdated and needs to be modified. She chose a simple white appearance in the kitchen. This is a smart choice, taking into account the dimensions of this space. The walls are white and the cabinets have the same color. The concrete countertops are also smooth and well matched to the entire finish. They also add some pretty textures.
The kitchen is part of a common area that overlooks the garden. This means it has a quiet environment, which also benefits from a lot of natural light. Window curtains allow light to pass through and protect privacy. For details and decoration, Angela kept the simplicity of the matter, only choosing some elegant chandeliers and a floating shelf to display her colored ceramics.

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An unforgettable interior design in Sao Paulo, Brazil okorder

The design of this apartment was completed in 2012. Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, it has a very memorable interior design, the overall impression is that it is a very casual family design with a diverse modern lifestyle and character.

The apartment has approximately 680 square feet of space. This is not a very large place but spacious enough to contain a large bedroom and a large living room. All rooms can communicate with each other and there is a smooth transition between the spaces.
The entire apartment, all rooms have one thing: simple and bold color features. These colors create a very diverse palette when the room is treated as a whole. Although they have nothing to do with, they give the apartment enough cohesion.

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Design of a modern house in Warsaw okorder

I like to say that this modern house is located in Warsaw, it is a smart house. The material and shape of the house design usually describes the modern architecture and the personality of the owner. The house is completely different, everything is clean, it seems to be a luxury home, and the indoor pool is ready for friends gathering.

That is a beautiful design, modern elegance and style. Just watching, the bright green grass makes me want to feel its texture. I like the combination of glass and other materials. Its one pool makes it more attractive. This house is something I have never seen before. This is an interesting detail. I hope the owner will not hide it there.

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Luxury and simple house in Menorca okorder

This house is luxurious, it is located in Menorca, covering a total area of ​​180 square meters, the house is not too big, but there is a design that can make full use of its geographical location and view, this is a MODO architecture project . Surrounded by a peaceful area, it has beautiful scenery and the house is built in two existing homes. It is very clean and has a simple design. A major problem when building a home is the desire to have the privacy it needs while respecting the privacy of the neighbors. This is why its geometric design is selected.

This house is almost completely enclosed in the north. It opened the south to capture the ocean. The internal structure is at two levels. The first floor contains the bedroom and private area, while the living room and kitchen are on the second floor. The interior design is very simple, based on a classic black and white color combination, as well as a joyful, lively yellow.

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Special design concept of an apartment in Russia okorder

Each apartment or every home is unique and specially designed. However, some will stand out and be different. This is an example of this apartment located in Moscow, Russia, which has a very interesting interior design.

This is a Geometrix design project, the idea was to create a modern interior. The main requirement of the owner is to have bare walls, which is the starting point for the entire project. The team came up with a very interesting and unusual design concept that gave it a lot of compelling features. The materials, colours and textures they use achieve a harmonious and balanced result to a certain extent, which highlights the minimalist interior design features, with clear lines, different colours and a large number of elements that stand out.

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New bathroom design in Australia okorder

Bathrooms are a place that people often need to use and a place to pay attention to hygiene. With the development of the economy, people are designing more and more bathrooms. Australia has introduced a new bathroom design.

As soon as you enter the bathroom, you can see an oversized white bathtub placed against the wall, connected next to it Some water pipes allow people to easily take a hot bath and eliminate fatigue. On the side of the bathtub is a row of shelves, placed with a lot of small pots and decorations to increase the freshness of the air. On the other side are two white sinks and mirrors that allow two people to use at the same time.

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Soft sofas let people reduce fatigue okorder

The sofa is mainly made of soft fabric. It is very comfortable to sit on, so there are many places, such as the living room, you can sit and watch TV; the restaurant can sit on the soft sofa and enjoy the food; the office Can work comfortably, can also relieve a little fatigue, it is too tired, you can also take a nap on the sofa … … sofa can make our life more comfortable.

This sofa has four pieces of wood as the base support, making the sofa a little distance from the floor, not only easy to clean, It also reduces the contamination of the bottom of the sofa due to excessive contact with the floor. The whole sofa is a taupe, which looks low-key and stable. The high backrest of the sofa allows people to sit on the sofa and naturally lean forward, comfortably leaning against and reducing stress.

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Al Gou Baths in Manhattan okorder

The traditional textile factory in Manhattan, New York, dates back to 1883. After years of development, it was recently converted into the Alcant Baths. The bath space is about 16,000 square feet. There are four small baths in the center of the bath. The bottom and walls of the bath are made of smooth marble. The water temperature in the bath can reach 46 degrees Fahrenheit to 102 degrees Fahrenheit. There is also a saltwater pool and a public bath around the bath.

Although the Alcant Baths are newly built, the overall design does incorporate the ancient American bathing buildings. The iconic red brick construction was used inside the bathhouse, and the interior decorations of the bathhouse were mostly designed to mimic ancient bathing buildings.

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James Terrell Retrospective in Australia okorder

Light has become an important part of art, this is the work of skilled James · Terrell, the lightness is the essence of art itself. James Terrell retrospective at the National Gallery of Australia. James Teller is known as a variety of light designers, or rather, more than half a century of our perception of light, giving its flesh its emptiness. Terrell’s background enriches his work in mathematics and perceptual psychology, which creates illusion geometry that you really have to see yourself.

An American-born artist will exhibit his work for the first time at the National Gallery of Australia. This exhibition, called James Retrospective, will explore the artist’s obsession with light and space. The head of the gallery, Ron · Redford said: “Exhibition, when you walk into every life-changing, immersive work, you have to doubt what you actually see. High-intensity light colors and power give viewers different experiences and are often pushed to extreme scenes. & rdquo;
Through his work of light and its impact on cognition, Terrell has reached a new field of art. His fascinating installation pauses the audience and considers the characters they create.

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