ON Semiconductor Introduces Automotive LED drivers and controllers for advanced automotive lighting applications

Promote energy-efficient and innovative ON Semiconductor (ON Semiconductor), launched a new series consists of four devices consisting of promoting automobile manufacturers and consumers now expect high levels of performance and innovative features exterior and interior automotive lighting. The new series is designed for low-power solid-state lighting, comprising two LED drivers (NCV7683 and NCV7685) and two current controllers (NCV7691 and NCV7692).
To enhance road safety, auto makers are from a simple “on / off” operation of the steering system precision, the rear combination lamps (RCL), turn signal lamps, fog lamps and other external adjustable LED cluster motion and a combination of variable intensity to issue clearer and higher visibility warning to other road users. NCV7685 NCV7683 and 12, respectively, and an integrated linear programmable current source 8, thereby driving multiple LED strings with a current up to 100 mA per channel. These devices can be configured to provide a range of options, including daisy chain, the illumination brightness control, current regulation, and Channel sequence combinations. NCV7685 I2C interface 8-bit error detecting function having a CRC8 Copyright Control Engineering can be carried out by pulse width modulation (PWM) of individual current regulator output, and for advanced diagnostic, or detection of an open circuit comprising LED string undervoltage detection, but also to provide a dedicated diagnostic pin. According to a particular design requirements, DC-DC controller may be used and / or the LDO regulator is NCV7685 power. NCV7691 provide a stable wide current range, one or more strings for driving the LED CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , only one external NPN bipolar transistor and a feedback resistor. The driver provides design flexibility, can add extra single channel in a multichannel system, and through which the input support PWM dimming function. NCV7691 string including open, short, thermal shutdown, and Copyright Control Engineering , to ensure safe and reliable operation of the basic lighting. Derived NCV7692 provide faster response time CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and reduces the open load detection threshold. ON Semiconductor’s automotive products divisionDepartment Jim Alvernaz said: “The possibility of performance and features LED lighting, automotive manufacturers and consumers have been required Control Engineering Copyright , and sophisticated lighting drivers and controllers for the ideas into reality essential. in addition to the important safety benefits of LED-based automotive lighting also create exciting opportunities for automotive engineers, and to enhance the brand image. ”

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