Market downturn in the end of 2019, domestic servo s anger?

Speaking before the servo domestic industry, the more we look at this crazy country Mexico. In 1994 Mexico’s per capita GDP is $ 5854, while China’s per capita GDP by 2011 to reach US $ 5618. Logically, the 1990s Mexicans, life is not really clear, but whatever the outcome, flies down. Why the “old ink” will sneak defying the United States, rather undeclared employment in the United States , is also reluctant to stay in their homeland? The reason is that Mexico’s weak industrial base country, foreign goods including shipping costs and customs duties, resulting in the local quality of life is not high. Compared to other developing countries, to earn the same money in China’s life to be a lot of cool, after all this is fully industrialized countries, although the quality of goods may be uneven, but always bought necessities at lower prices. In the industrial sector, manufacturing servo is very basic components, not to achieve localization will increase the domestic manufacturing costs, but also indirectly affect consumers. Servo industry through the development of China for nearly 20 years, in 2019 servo industry subject to the overall environmental impact, the overall market was down about 20%. From Panasonic servo and servo feedback more than 200 domestic enterprises this point of view, there are business decline phenomenon. However, this decline is normal, because the slump in manufacturing. So, faced with domestic servo current environment, how to survive, to find a correct path of development? Lower prices stable customer business income does not increase profits in the third quarter results: net profit Kymmene 6.46 billion, down 18.64 percent year on year; new and up to 052 million net profit, down 67.5% year on year, the British Witten net profit -0.39 billion, down year on year 120.97%. 2019 servo market is difficult, in the end Difficulties? At the macro view, the market decline on the one hand from the industrial restructuring and upgrading, on the other hand by the trade wars lead to a decline in orders. Specifically, textiles, machine tools, 3C industries such serious downturn, correspondingly less demand for servo. External trade situation is bad, but also led to infighting in the industry. For servo industry, an unavoidable question is the price war. When the market share is small when lower prices are inevitable. Some large companies do market price, when the small-scale manufacturers to survive, had a sale. From the industrial point of view of listed companies, the majority of enterprises have “income does not increase profits” to the servo motor, for example, on the one hand due to the factor labor costs, raw materials of rare-earth guideCaused by rising manufacturing costs; on the other hand the market has become to kill a “Red Sea”, so many businesses dilemma. According to a servo motor factory revealed that the original 1,200 yuan servo motor, the lowest this year bought a 800, but 800 is still not the market, the lowest CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , you can say “no minimum only lower.” . The encoder servo system components, is dominated foreign brand “camp.” According to industry sources, Tamagawa first quarter sales fell about 40% in the second quarter fell about 20%. Domestic agents said Tamagawa performance decline not because of competition, but shrinking downstream demand; in the field of servo motors, many Japanese, domestic orders fell sharply. Tamagawa encoder in this year’s performance, but also revealed the side of this year’s market does not optimistic. Domestic servo spirit in the end not working? Since it is generally shrinking market, business competition, and as a business how to do? The most direct and most practical coping strategies, is to save costs, so that product prices more competitive. We might expect manufacturers to reduce manufacturing costs, the industry is a cut to the heart, and the customer is worried. Do not worry, there is the group of technology vendors, saving on cost, performance was quite artistic. For a certain customer base servo manufacturers at the expense of product quality and competitive price change is a sign of a move to drop. Therefore, art servo manufacturers cost-saving, is that they use based on customer demand, products to “downsizing.” In the field of servo drives, lower manufacturing costs, functional specialization, volume miniaturization, cost-effective, more subdivision application is to develop the trend of manufacturers. At the same time as the development of intelligent servo Guangzhou Branch NV2 series of compact servo drives, based on the N2 series, optimizing the internal circuit design, for different applications, some of the features do cut, reduce manufacturing costs, and ensure a certain degree of Competitiveness. Another example of the mountain ITES G1 series drivers, further optimization of the underlying components outside, based on customer needs, the introduction of new technical solutions, the cost to a new level. The encoder, a domestic home motion control companies revealed that the entire servo costs, the encoder accounts for a quarter. Currently, at this stage optical encoder basically no room for price cuts. Servo price should come down, and the holding accuracy is not affected too much, the magnetic field application part instead of optical encoder encoding. WhoOut of the line of difference is amazing spirit, we can use the data to prove the dire economic situation. In fact, the market is not good, sharp description of the economic downturn brings growing pains, but also brings a business opportunity for error correction. Reducing end-user productivity, there is plenty of time, the performance of new equipment to test CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the servo manufacturers on new research and development, leaving plenty of time. For businesses, not just look at the macro issues. Business segments in more areas of Running with Scissors, every student will be able impasse. At present, although 3C, textiles, machine tools and other industrial quiet, but there are still considerable in some industries, such as high-end logistics, security, and finishing textiles. For example, , it is generally considered a bad injection molding industry this year, however, the injection molding industry still part of the market, “the sun is shining.” We find that the domestic market as well as end TOG Pakistan, India, the Middle East, Southeast Asian countries and regions, the demand for security doors is extremely strong, Shenzhen Longgang plastic enclosure to provide some security for enterprises injection molding plant, but is too busy . Injection molding plant further expand the scale due to the increase in orders, purchases and replacement demand for servo plastic injection equipment, but also further increase. Insiders said that the development of automation industry itself is differentiated. Special period of economic downturn, companies need to develop specific strategies. And strong technical development servo vendors, more thinking because matching technology R & D and market information. Small-scale manufacturers, should identify the appropriate market segments. Compression servo product manufacturing costs, only a specific period of “painkillers”, after all, the cost of raw materials encoders, rare earths, chips put in here. Excessive price cuts will only lead to a decline in product quality. In early 2019, the annual meeting of the League of motion control to the nature of the manufacturing of the themes explored. The nature of manufacturing is the ultimate responsible for the user, as users would like, anxious users anxious to create wealth for the user. This requires servo manufacturers, ultimately responsible for the customer. Servo products are recognized by customers, the industry has a reputation in order to sell out. Profits selling products will have to go, we have to improve product design, process and technology. Servo domestic companies want to Panasonic, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi learning, in fact, to catch up with these giants, this should be the industry’s large listed companies. There are technical small-scale manufacturers, should be focused onMarket Segmentation doing fine and stronger, become a benchmark. For automated enterprise market segment, it is a common theme, but it’s route development of domestic enterprises. Domestic servo started late, precipitation technology thin, can not, compete with Japanese products in Europe and America. Currently placed in the way, or to be more rooted in the segments of woodworking, textile, printing and packaging, new energy and other industries inside. Conclusion servo visits to a number of domestic manufacturers (excluding listed companies), they share a common view that at this stage they have to “boil.” Relative to foreign brands, our talent pool, technology accumulation, supply chain, program experience can not be compared with European and American, Japanese companies. Servo domestic manufacturers to develop but also to survive, we must rely on after-sales service advantages, and dig deep in some areas. Manufacturing is the fundamental development of a country of 1.4 billion people, China has completed industrialization, but only the initial stage Copyright Control Engineering , the plant’s core components, products of high import dependence. Servo is one of the basic components industry, must have the domestic and foreign products to compete, end users have one more choice, high-end development to manufacturing line stability Zhiyuan. Automation development road is long, and finally pay tribute to those who explore the industry’s twists and turns.

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