British postage rose, people online shopping “recycling stamps” reduce the burden, December 6th According to the European “Sing Tao Daily” reported on the 5th, the British postage has been rising, the first-level postage has increased by 7 pence in the past five years (from 60 pence to 67 pence). In order to reduce the burden on the public, popular online shopping “recycling stamps”, a low-cost “circular stamps” rdquo; only 16 pence.

According to Royal Mail, “circular stamps” caused a loss of £10 million per year. Recycling stamps, originally unposted stamps, have no postmarks on them. On the Internet, unstamped stamps are resold at the original price of 1/4.

Information: The staff at the Royal Postal Center is working in Northampton, England. Image source: CFP Vision China

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