Cabinet finishing to solve your obsessive-compulsive disorder

As a daily fireworks, the kitchen area needs to keep the table top clean and easy to care. On the surface, it seems to be simple and orderly, but there are small flaws everywhere.
Cabinet finishing

General drawers, opening is a large space, it is very annoying to organize, and some people are used to not picking up the inside of the cabinet, because they can not see (smirking). However, it is troublesome to find things, often like an ant on the hot pot. Therefore, it is easier to find a safe place to use the correct finishing method to calm yourself down and give your daily items a secure home.

I. Kitchen drawer

The first layer: specially used for small pieces and tableware, small chopsticks, forks, forks, Dessert tableware, soup spoons, etc. are separated one by one, while a large partition basket can be used for rice spoons, blenders, and the like.

Second floor: The most common area, used for daily use of bowls, small tea sets, tea towels, serving pots, etc., can be used to increase the space by stacking, and avoid the bumps of the tableware. It is also convenient. The use of the tray rack can also make full use of the space inside the drawer according to the size of the different tableware, and the storage can be seen at a glance.

The third layer: the area that is not often used, usually used to store spare pots, glassware, storage tanks, etc.

Second, kitchen cabinet

Every layer of cabinets must have their own classification, so it looks beautiful, and easy to take some, refreshing wrought iron divider basket More suitable for the kitchen. The left side is generally a relatively convenient area for daily taking of food, and the internal space of the hanging cabinet can be reused through the layered frame, which can be fully filled. What should I do if I replace the cleaning supplies with a lot of green eyes and feel very spicy? You can sort it with a simple, pure white storage box and stack it up!

Three, kitchen base cabinet

I want to install a small monster on the turntable, but because of the gas pipeline problem can not be achieved? You can use the solid wood bottle holder to store longer items such as olive oil and red wine. Below the sink, the space utilization rate is very low due to the booster pump, pre-filter, dishwasher, etc., and the appearance of the telescopic rack can completely stagger the pipeline route and adjust the height of the layer.

4. Sideboard

The sideboard is a large monster in the house, which carries the storage of all daily necessities. The height of the partition of the cabinet can be adjusted, and then the size is calculated to each centimeter, and the storage box is purchased to make full use of the space. At the same time, in order to satisfy the desire of Virgo, you can force your family to buy the daily paper when you purchase the daily paper.
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