A scrap pool in Russia has become a resort resort. Officials have warned that pool water is poisonous.

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Young people taking pictures in the pool (Source: Fox News)

Overseas Network July 14th Recently, a lake in Siberia, Russia The green color and the “Novosibirsk Maldives” reputation, led everyone to take pictures. However, Siberian power generation company said that the lake is a artificially constructed toxic waste landfill and warned tourists not to enter the water.

According to the US Fox News, Siberian Power Company said that the interior of the man-made lake was an ashes dumped by a nearby coal-fired power plant. Although the artificial lake does not pose a threat to the environment, the lake contains a lot of chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. In addition, the bottom of the man-made lake is still very muddy, and it is difficult for people to come out after falling into the pool. The company said it had arranged security guards on Friday (12th) to block illegal intruders.

Siberian Power Generation issued a statement on a social networking site saying: “Last week, the Tez-5 waste pool in Novosibirsk became a popular spot on the Internet, but don’t swim in the pool. The water in the pool contains large amounts of calcium salts and metal oxides that can cause skin irritation. At the same time, don’t fall into the pool when you are taking a selfie, this is very dangerous!”

3 dying in the northwestern United States, or blizzard in the south for a week (Figure)

Northwestern blizzard caused 3 dead southern blizzards or lasted for a week (Figure)

On the 9th, a resident of Oregon cleaned the snow on the car.

On the 4th, two pedestrians walked through the snow-covered Central Park in New York.

China News Service February 10th According to US media reports, from 8th to 9th, the storm hit the northwestern part of the United States, part of Washington State was covered with snow, and the snow caused 3 people in Oregon. Death, the northern part of California also ushered in precipitation.

In Oregon, the storm killed three people. One of the 61-year-olds suddenly fell down while shoveling snow outdoors, and another couple were buried in the snow.

As of 9th local time, nearly 3 inches (about 7.6 cm) of snow covered the Seattle area, setting a record for snow in the local area for several years. Snowfall in the southwestern state of Washington is more than 5 inches (about 13 cm).

In addition, the northeastern United States is welcoming snowfall as scheduled. Although the snowfall in New York may exceed 7 centimeters, the scale has weakened compared to the previous two blizzards. However, this cold air will go south and bring a blizzard that may last for a week in the southern United States.

As the southern United States has insufficient experience in dealing with snowfall, experts predict that the storm will bring chaos to the lives of the people of the South. Experts reminded that the ice rain will make the road slippery and the road traffic will be paralyzed.

It is reported that the impact of the snowfall will be from Ohio to Central Appalachian, and parts of Columbus, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Illinois, Pennsylvania and New York will be affected.

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The United States and South Korea insist on the annual military exercise. North Korea refuses the US special envoy.

Original title: US and South Korea insist on annual military exercise North Korea refuses US special envoy

The United States and South Korea announced on the 10th that they will start two military exercises as scheduled in late this month. exercise. Knowing this decision, North Korea once again refused to allow the US special envoy to visit the DPRK and negotiate the release of a US citizen. Han Mei insisted on the military exercise and also cast a shadow over the long-lost reunion plan for the relatives of the DPRK and the ROK.

The South Korean Ministry of National Defense announced on the 10th that it will start the joint military exercise of code-named “Key Decisions” and “Vultures” on the 24th of this month. South Korea’s Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min Jong said at a regular press conference that “the key decision” will continue until March 6th, when the vulture will continue until April 18.

The Korean and American authorities passed the “United Nations Command” on the 9th, and the military armistice committee informed the DPRK of the exercise schedule. On the same day, US officials and sources said that North Korea changed its attitude and refused to allow the US State Department’s special envoy for North Korea’s human rights, Robert &middot, to visit the DPRK. The reason may be that the United States and South Korea refused to cancel the military exercise. Robert · Jin visits the DPRK to try to promote the release of Korean-Americans Jun Junhao who served his sentence in the DPRK.

Han Mei insisted on holding a military exercise, which cast a shadow over the reunion plan of the Korean relatives.

South Korea’s Unification Ministry spokesperson Kim Jong-do on the 10th called on the DPRK not to suspend the agreement on the separation of relatives because of the Korean-American military exercise.

In the military exercise last year, the United States sent a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the F-22 stealth fighter and the B-52 strategic bomber.

The Yonhap News Agency reported that in order to avoid affecting the reunion of discrete relatives, this year’s military performance will be low-key, and the US nuclear submarines will still participate, but the B-52 and B-2 stealth bombers will not participate.

Hui Xiaoshuang (Xinhua News Agency for this newspaper)

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Chilean government studies whether to withdraw from the Bogotá Convention

Xinhuanet, Cartagena, Colombia, February 10 (Reporter Hou Xiwen) Chilean President Piñera, who is attending the 8th Pacific Alliance Summit in Cartagena, Colombia, said on the 9th that the current territorial dispute is complicated. The Chilean government is studying whether to withdraw from the Bogotá Convention.

Pinella said in an interview with Chilean TV station TVN on the 9th that it is necessary for Chile to decide whether to stay or withdraw (Bogot Convention). He said that he has repeatedly discussed this issue with Chilean President-elect Bachelet, who will be sworn in on March 11 this year.

Two weeks ago, the International Court of Justice in The Hague ruled on the disputed waters of about 38,000 square kilometers between the two countries. 17,000 square kilometers were attributed to Chile and 21,000 square kilometers were owned by Peru. There are still territorial disputes between Chile and Bolivia, and the Bolivian government has resorted to the International Court of Justice in The Hague in April 2013.

Pinella said in an interview that the Chilean government has thoroughly studied the territorial claims of Bolivia. He firmly believes that under the framework of international law, Bolivia’s complaint has no factual and legal basis, and “there will be no results”.

21 countries in the Americas signed the Bogotá Convention (also known as the Inter-American Peaceful Settlement Treaty) in Bogota, Colombia, on April 30, 1948, which confers jurisdiction on the International Court of Justice The issue of territorial disputes must be resolved peacefully in accordance with the ruling of the International Court of Justice.

The Colombian government announced its formal withdrawal from the Bogotá Convention at the end of 2012 because it did not accept the Hague International Court of Justice’s “unfair ruling” regarding its dispute with the territorial waters of Nicaragua.

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Abe will publish the first China-Japan talks for the first time.

China News Service February 10th According to the Japan News Network, February 11th is Japan’s “Foundation Day”, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will make a speech, “to cultivate national patriotism” ”. According to the report, this will be the first time that Japanese Prime Ministers have spoken for the “National Day”.

According to reports, according to the Japanese history book “Japanese Book Ji”, “Japan” was established on February 11, 666 BC, and was founded by Emperor Shenwu. Therefore, Japan first formulated this one in 1872, “the anniversary of the founding of the country”.

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yi Yiwei said in a press conference on the 10th that Abe will make a speech on the 11th. Yan Yiguan said that the purpose of Abe’s speech was to carry out the “national commemoration of the founding of the nation and the patriotism of the nation”, and set up the purpose and bless the country as an important day.

Does the move by Prime Minister Abe’s move to the reporter show the right-wing of the regime? ” Question, Yan Yiwei retorted: “On the anniversary of the establishment of the purpose of the speech, is it right-wing?” I think that people with this kind of thinking have problems with their brains. ”

According to the Japan News Network, according to the information disclosed in advance, Abe’s conversation will have the following main contents: “When we look back at the road our country has traveled so far, we I would like to thank the efforts of our ancestors and pray for the prosperity of Japan for a confident and proud future. ”

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Japan added 550,000 flu patients in the first week of February, with 1.87 million patients

According to “Japan Today” reported on February 11, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases of Japan was announced on February 10, local time. In the first week of February alone, the number of flu patients visiting various medical institutions in Japan increased. 550,000 people.

The National Institute of Infectious Diseases of Japan announced that within a week before February 7, the number of flu patients visiting medical institutions across the country has reached approximately 1.87 million, an increase of 550,000 from the previous week.

The flu is spreading in Japan, especially in the Kanto, Kyushu and Okinawa regions. Among them, Okinawa Prefecture has the largest number of flu patients, with an average of 68.98 patients per designated medical institution, followed by Oita (60.03) and Miyazaki (56.08).

The number of children with flu in Japan continues to rise. The number of children with influenza from 0 to 9 years old in the country has reached 690,000, and the number of children aged 10 to 19 has reached 340,000.

The National Institute of Infectious Diseases of Japan recommends that people take flu shots, wash their hands and do preventive work.

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Toyota announced that it will stop producing cars in Australia

People’s Network Canberra, February 10, according to “Australian Daily” reported on the 10th, Japanese automaker Toyota said on the same day that it will stop its car and engine production in Australia by the end of 2017, Australia will lose the last car Manufacturers, meanwhile, also means that the country’s automotive industry will draw a full stop.

In May 2013, Ford Motor Company announced that it will close two production plants in Australia in 2016 and stop producing cars in Australia. In December of the same year, General Motors also announced that it will be in 2017. Stopping the car production business in Australia, the Australian car manufacturing industry will also officially bid farewell to the “Australian national car brand” & rdquo; & mdash; & mdash; Horton.

Toyota has set up a factory in Australia since 1963. In 2013, Toyota’s car production in Australia was 106,000 units, up 4.8% from 2012. The withdrawal of Toyota from the Australian automotive industry will directly affect the country’s 2,500 jobs. Australian manufacturing has been declining for several years. After Ford and GM stopped producing cars in Australia, Australian Prime Minister Abbot had publicly called for Toyota’s auto factory to stay in Australia. However, Toyota Motor Corporation Chairman Akio Toyoda said on the 10th that Toyota’s withdrawal from Australia was a “painful decision”. He said that the fierce market competition, the continued strength of the Australian dollar, and the unfavorable factors such as the shrinking scale of Australian automobile manufacturing are the main reasons for Toyota’s decision to withdraw from the Australian automotive industry.

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India’s defense budget is tight, delaying major arms procurement projects

International Online Report (Reporter Sun Yang): The Indian Ministry of National Defense recently said that due to the tight budget of the defense, the main procurement projects that have been carried out will be postponed, including the value of up to tens of billions of dollars, India purchased from France. Gusts & rdquo; plan of the fighter.

Indian Defense Minister Anthony told the media at the 8th Indian Army Naval Equipment Defense Exhibition, because the defense budget for this fiscal year has exceeded 90%, the Ministry of National Defense has now launched Major arms procurement projects will be postponed until the April-May election in India. India originally planned to spend nearly $20 billion to buy 126 “gusts” from France, and the plan for the fighters was forced to shelve. It is understood that India and France have already determined their purchase intentions as early as 2012, but the purchase agreement has not been finalized because it is difficult to reach an agreement on the delivery time and method.

In addition to the “Gust” plan, Anthony also revealed that investigations into helicopter procurement cases involving bribery scandals are in the final stages. He said that the Ministry of National Defense will not tolerate any problems of malfeasance and corruption in the military procurement process. The Indian government announced the cancellation of a $760 million helicopter purchase contract signed in 2010 with Italy’s Agusta · Westland, due to a suspected rebate of up to $68 million. In recent years, due to the constant corruption scandal, coupled with the devaluation of the rupee to weaken the purchasing power of the defense budget, India’s arms procurement is not as fast as before. Judging from the defense exhibition held in New Delhi these days, although many internationally renowned arms brands have shown positive interest in India, there has not been a “big order”.

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The United States and South Korea issued a statement saying that the joint military exercise will be held as scheduled.

According to British media reports on February 10, the United States and South Korea Joint Command issued a statement on the 10th that from February 24 to April 18, the joint military exercise between South Korea and the United States will proceed as scheduled, and the plan has notified the North Korean side. .

On February 5th, the US B-52 bomber was trained in the West Sea, and North Korea strongly protested. The DPRK National Defense Commission issued a statement on the 6th in the name of a spokesperson for the Policy Bureau, urging South Korea and the United States to suspend the joint military exercise to be held in late February, and said that it will reconsider the agreement reached by the ROK on the reunion of discrete families. It is reported that the two sides have scheduled to hold a reunion of separated family members from the 20th to the 25th of this month.

In response, South Korea’s Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min Jong said on the 6th that “key decision” (KR) and “鹞鹰” (FE) joint military exercise is a routine defensive exercise by South Korea and the United States. The two military exercises will be carried out as scheduled and will not be associated with the reunion activities of the separated families of the Han and the DPRK.

On the 10th, the United States and South Korea’s top commanders, the United States and South Korea’s Joint Command, said that they had informed North Korea of ​​the “key decision” (KR) and “鹞鹰” by the Panmunjom Korea-Chongqing communication channel. FE) The date of the joint military exercise, and stressed that these military exercises are only routine defensive exercises, not provocative.

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