Six accused in the Ataturk Airport terrorist attack in Turkey were sentenced to life imprisonment

Xinhua News Agency, Istanbul, November 16th A court in Turkey sentenced six defendants in the terrorist attack on Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul on the 16th to life imprisonment.

According to the Anatolian News Agency of Turkey, the court in Istanbul, the country’s largest city, has determined that six defendants “in violation of the Constitution” and “deliberately killed 45 people” and sentenced them to each 46 life imprisonment. In addition, the court also convicted the killing of 142 people and property damage, and sentenced six people to a total of 2,604 years of imprisonment.

On June 28, 2016, Ataturk International Airport was attacked by three suicide attackers, killing 45 people including foreigners. The Turkish government determined that the attack was carried out by the extremist organization “Islamic State”.

The demonstration almost came across an accident, protesting against men carrying explosive devices to see the French president

[Global Network News] All over France protested to raise fuel tax demonstrations on the 23rd in the western region almost accidents, a man was found wearing an explosive device, its Ask to see the French president.

Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” reported on November 24 that the car wash shop was attached to a shopping mall in Angers, Maine-et-Loire, western France. The 45-year-old man wore a yellow vest like the protester and showed his explosive device.

Today Russia reported on the 23rd that the man claimed that in addition to grenades, he had more explosives, and he asked to meet with French President Mark Long.

Main medical technology card, 2025 World Expo will be held in Osaka, Japan

[World Wide Web Reporter Wang Huan] Determining the International Exhibition Bureau (BIE) Plenary Session of the 2025 World Expo Host Country, on the afternoon of November 23, local time Held in Paris. The Osaka City of Japan was finally elected by secret ballot from the member states. Japan won in the battle for three parties. This will be the second time that Osaka has hosted a large-scale World Expo in 54 years since 1970. It is the first World Expo in Japan in 20 years after Aichi in 2005. The Osaka Expo strives to contribute to health and medical-related technologies with the theme of “Life shines the design of the future society”.

According to a report by the Kyodo News Agency on November 25, the first round of voting results were 85 votes for Japan, 48 votes for Russia, and 23 votes for Azerbaijan. In countries that did not win more than two-thirds of the votes, Japan won 92 votes in the final vote, more than 61 votes in Russia.

Osaka Prefecture Governor Matsui Ichiro held a press conference at the venue, saying that “the next step is to improve the situation in Osaka and Kansai, which will help contribute to Japan”. The organization of transportation at the venue will intensify the establishment of organizations involving the central government, the economic community and the local government. The economic industry, Asahi Hiroshi, is pleased to say that “Japan has established a major goal after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics”.

Japan plans to repair the law in 2019, allowing employees to directly receive wages with their mobile phones., December 7th, according to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” network, Japan has implemented a new rule for the rapid development of “no cash society” in 2019, so that wages can be paid by mobile phone transfer. Employees can be charged directly in the e-wallet.

It is reported that Japan established a salary regulation in 1947, stipulating that employers must use money as their labor compensation. Subsequently, this decree was changed in view of the formation of the bank transfer business. Nowadays, with the booming cashless transactions such as mobile phone transfers, the authorities will revise this decree again.

The policy review panel of the Japanese labor authorities wants to amend the regulations in 2019. The policy after the introduction will indicate that Japanese companies can allow employees to choose to use their mobile phones to receive wages without the need to transfer funds through banks. However, to ensure the value of the salary, it will be noted that this regulation does not include volatile currency.

US California Bar Shooting Case More Case Details Disclosure

CCTV News: On the evening of the 7th local time, a shooting incident occurred in a bar in Thousand Oaks, California. Up to now, a total of 12 people have been killed in the shootings, including a police officer and more than 10 others were injured. In addition, the police said that the gunman had committed suicide. At present, more information about the identity of the gunman and the details of the case has been disclosed. Local police and FBI personnel are also continuing investigations, hoping to ascertain the gunmen’s motives as soon as possible.

Investigator: Gunman or Separate Crime

After the incident, Paul & Sdot, assistant director of the FBI’s Los Angeles office, said that the investigators were on the scene of the crime scene and the suspect’s vehicle. And the residence is under investigation. He said that at present, the suspect seems to be acting alone.

Paul & Sdot, assistant director of the FBI’s Los Angeles office; Dragu: “The FBI’s Los Angeles evidence response team is investigating the crime scene behind me, while The suspect’s vehicle is also being investigated, as well as its residence in Newbury Park. For the time being, we have not found other complicity or other threats to the Los Angeles area. ”

Thousand Oaks Wendula County Sheriff Dean of the city said that the shooting occurred at around 23:20 on the 7th local time. At that time, the gunman entered a bar in Thousand Oaks, threw smoke bombs and fired at the crowd. At the time of the shooting, there were more than 200 people in the bar, many of whom were students from nearby universities and six policemen who got off work.

Dean said, The police who lost their job in the shooting were the first police officers to arrive at the crime scene, Horus. The 54-year-old Horus is an old policeman with 29 years of police status and originally planned to retire next year.

The gunman served in the military with mental health issues

At present, the identity of the gunman has been confirmed. This person is called Ian & Sdot; David & Sdot; Lang, is a 28-year-old white man. According to CNN, from August 2008 to March 2013, he served in the US Marine Corps and also participated in US military operations in Afghanistan. There are also reports that he was a machine gunner during his service in Afghanistan. In recent years, the police have had several contacts with him and he believes he has post-traumatic stress disorder. However, the police did not control them due to mental health problems.

Revealed that Ian & Sdot; David & Sdot; Lang used a legally purchased Glock 21 semi-automatic pistol, and he used an extra long clip, which was banned in the local area.

Irish 3 women wearing thongs on the streets marching protest against injustice

[Global Network Report] According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on November 22, in the Irish capital of Dublin city center, three wearing underwear Women took to the streets to protest the injustice of the trial of teenage sexual assault.

A 27-year-old man sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl in Cork, Ireland, was acquitted. During the trial, the defendant’s lawyer claimed that the plaintiff was wearing a thong on behalf of his consent to sexual intercourse with the defendant and suggested that the jury should consider the evidence. The jury finally found the defendant not guilty. This case has also caused public outrage.

Three female protesters wore exposed clothes and wrote slogans such as “This does not agree” and “I don’t ask for this”.

Abe meets Okinawa governor’s consultation and relocates in Futenma: the talks are broken and there is no result

[Global Network Reporter Wang Huan] On the relocation of the US military’s Okinawa Futenma base in Japan, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on November 28 and Okinawa Prefecture Governor Yucheng Danny held talks. Yucheng requested to suspend the relocation plan, but Abe once again asked the Okinawa prefecture to understand the US military’s plan to fully return the Futenma base. The two sides failed to eliminate differences of opinion and lead to the fruitless outcome of the talks.

According to a report by NHK TV on November 29, Yucheng Danny said during the talks that public opinion has been fully reflected in the previous election of the governor of Okinawa Prefecture. I hope the central government can accept this overwhelming Most public opinion. He asked the Japanese government to eliminate the dangers of the Futenma base and suspend the relocation plan. In response, Abe once again asked Okinawa to understand the plan for the US military to fully return the Futenma base. The two sides failed to resolve their differences.

Abe said: “We will temporarily suspend the consultation of the Chief Cabinet Secretary Sugita Sugita and Okinawa Prefecture Deputy Governor Xie Huaxi Ichiro. In the future, consultations like this one will be held as needed. & rdquo; He suggested suspending the ongoing consultations since the 9th of this month and continuing the dialogue as needed in the future.

After the talks, Yucheng told the media: “Inconvenience, inequality, unfair dissatisfaction deeply plagued the citizens of Okinawa, so the central government must take responsibility to solve related problems. & rdquo;

Kyodo believes that Yucheng asked the Japanese government to abandon the relocation plan, and the talks ended in a rupture. The Japanese central government’s policy is to continue to promote the relocation of related projects, which will inevitably lead to strong opposition from the Okinawa Prefecture.

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yu Yiwei said at a press conference on the 28th: ​​”The idea of ​​the relocation of Futenma is very different and failed to reach an agreement. The Japanese central government will effectively promote the relocation project. ”

Brussels knife wounding case: the prosecution considers a terrorist incident investigation

Case Spot Map (Lianhe Zaobao)

Today’s Russian website reported that on the 20th local time, a police officer in the police station in downtown Brussels, Belgium, was wounded, causing a police officer to be injured. At present, the prosecution has investigated it as a terrorist incident.

A Brussels police spokesman said that a police officer was stabbed and slightly injured in the case. His colleague shot at the attacker and returned fire. The attacker was subdued.

It is known that injured police officers and attackers were sent to hospital for treatment, and both were not in danger.

Local media reported that the attacker shouted at the time of the incident “Allah is great”. (Overseas website Wei Xueyu)

Worried that the “yellow vest” demonstrations are coming back, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre are closed this Saturday.

local time 2018 On November 26th, Paris, France, the landmark Eiffel Tower in Paris is installing bullet-proof glass walls. Eastern IC map

The French government made a major concession this week to cancel the fuel tax plan originally scheduled to start next year. Despite this, the three-week “Yellow Vest” campaign may still be coming back on the upcoming Saturday, and the French government plans to deploy more than 65,000 security forces throughout Paris and across the country to ensure security.

According to Agence France-Presse reported on the 7th, the French government and local authorities held an emergency meeting on the 6th to develop a strategy for how to deal with possible weekend protests. Previously, different protest groups announced their plans on social networks and chat groups, and protesters called on the public to continue to join the “fourth act” —— to participate in the fourth weekend of protests. Although the French government has announced that it will abandon the fuel tax hike, the protesters’ demands have now extended to other broader areas, including the education reform of French workers, retirees and students, and therefore, “yellow vests” protest It is possible to take to the streets again this weekend.

Hostage-taking incident in northern Afghanistan At least 40 truck drivers were hijacked

Original title: Hostage-taking incidents in northern Afghanistan

Xinhua News Agency, Kabul, December 2 (Reporter: He) Afghan local officials confirmed to Xinhua News Agency on the 2nd that Taliban militants were in the country that morning. At least 40 truck drivers were hijacked in the northern province of Samangan.

Samangan police spokesman Muhammad & Sdot; Munir & Sdot; Rahimi said the incident occurred in the province of Darasov, where the truck drivers were driving to Balkh in the north The provincial highway was hijacked.

Rahimi said that the local police had sent search and rescue personnel to the incident area, and the incident is under further investigation.

At present, the Taliban has not commented on this matter.

Some local media quoted sources as saying that Taliban militants had asked for money from these truck drivers and hijacked them after being rejected.