Can the water from the purifier be drunk directly

In recent years, with the aging trend in China more and more obvious, domestic consumers began to pay attention to health. Water is the source of human life, consumers in the early stage of health, water is more exquisite. Many home users are starting to install water purifiers in their homes to improve water quality.

Is the water from the purifier drinkable?

So, can you drink the filtered water directly? As a household water purifier, of course, not all water purifiers can purify the water quality can be directly drunk, the current market is common ultrafiltration water purifier and reverse osmosis water purifier, but only the reverse osmosis filter water quality can be directly drunk.

  1. Ultrafiltration membrane water purifier

The ultrafiltration membrane water purifier is directly connected to the tap water pipe, through the inner four or five levels of filter elements, the first level 5 mPP cotton filter element, the second level 5 mPP cotton filter element, the second level 5 mPP granule activated carbon filter element, the third level 3 F filter element, the fourth layer is ultrafiltration membrane, the fifth layer is the rear activated carbon filter element. Whether it is stage 4 filtration or stage 5 filtration, it depends on the accuracy of ultrafiltration membrane and the quality of each filter element.

  1. Reverse osmosis water purifier

Reverse osmosis water purifier is also known as RO reverse osmosis water purifier, generally is a five-level filter element, the first level for 5 million aperture filter element, the second level for the front carbon particle filter element, the third level 1 mPP cotton or compressed activated carbon filter element, the fourth level RO membrane, the fifth level for the rear activated carbon.

The two types of water purifiers are not very different from each other in terms of purification principle, but there are some differences. Taking ultrafiltration membrane water purifier as an example, it does not consume electricity, no waste water, energy saving and environmental protection, and the water output is large, the price is relatively cheap. But the water that USES its filter, cannot drink directly, need to boil to drink again, its purify effect is not as good as reverse osmosis.

The advantages of reverse osmosis water purifier is better purification effect, high precision, water quality can be drunk, health. However, the price of reverse osmosis water purifier is relatively expensive, small water output, will produce a lot of waste water.

In general, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water purifiers have their own advantages and disadvantages, of course, different places need different water purifiers. If the water quality is better, you can choose ultrafiltration purifier, but not directly drinking is not convenient. And the commercial field had better choose reverse osmosis water purifier is better. If the water quality problem is more serious, it is best to choose a good reverse osmosis purifier purification effect, so as to ensure the health of clean water.

Chinese manufacturers of high-quality development

. “Our understanding of advanced manufacturing, can be defined as the high-tech industry, of course, with the application of a new generation of information technology, some seemingly low-tech industry, will become the technology or high tech industry.” Hu said the right. On this basis, meaning the development of high-quality manufacturers became clear that full use of new technologies, improve their industrial added value can be obtained. Usually we think Chinese enterprises to participate in global manufacturing specialization in at the low end, to do most of the work OEM or ODM, and some European and American enterprises are mainly to do high value-added design and brand management work. Why no Chinese manufacturers to quickly achieve high-quality development? And consumer Internet and other virtual economy different, as long as the real economy combined with any industry, will face the cost of the physical world. L hope for transformationAny manufacturing enterprise is concerned, it must first answer the technological transformation of funds from where the problem is. Hu pointed out that right, some experts believe that since the upgrade to have access to higher incomes, then this problem will not be put into question, however, many entrepreneurs practice has proved that this idea simplifies the difficulties of actual production, Not to mention really do after the upgrade can recover the cost, even considering the fierce competition in the global market, manufacturing high investment is also a great risk.

“In other words, any upgrade or develop high quality, are the need to consider the economic cost, otherwise it becomes a feasible business model.” Therefore, manufacturers of high-quality development is needed is a comprehensive solution for both need lower-cost equipment solutions, but also we need to have a differentiated competitive strategy, of course, indispensable and ultimately, lean management and other expertise. Low-cost open-source programs in the Internet industry process of China’s reform and opening up over the past 40 years, the third industrial revolution through the application of automation and digitization solutions, has made China’s equipment solutions to achieve a higher level, but because our country has always been business strategy is low cost advantages, to turn to the development of high-quality, low-cost equipment also need solutions. “Traditional equipment solutions mostly non-standard (non-standardized), the required parts and labor services are not cut back, and almost every customer need similar investment , which making the system difficult to achieve integration service providers want to reduce costs by expanding the scale, which can not achieve economies of scale in the industrial sector.

“Hu right in their analysis , a situation that prevails, leading to Chinese manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading has not been widely implemented. 4.0 According to industry research Institute, for a large number of automated enterprises, they generally need is customized industrial control systems, although there are specialized industrial control systems provider, but the plane itself need (ie, non-standard equipment), any industrial control systems require secondary development, traditional industrial system providers, while providing some interface, but still can not meet the various needs. Have a certain scale enterprises often commissioned research firm to customize a industrial control system for them, but unfortunately not every company has such financial strength. If the source code is a set of industrial control systems, technology maturity ComparativeHigh, then a large number of small and medium manufacturing enterprises can take advantage of this open source system to develop the Internet industry, this development than the traditional secondary effect is much better, it can guarantee autonomy and low-cost needs of enterprises. While some Internet companies mentioned industrial open source applications, but limited economic interests above requirements, most of them did not reach the extent of open source Internet industry right Hu proposed.

Traditional perspective, open source Internet industry program somewhat similar to common technology or infrastructure. It is reported that, in fact, as early as 2017, when Hu had clearly stated that the right to “open source Internet industry” concept and system, the core of the Internet is built entirely of industrial system based on open source software and hardware, which are designed to reduce costs and ensure autonomy sex. At the same time, he also wrote “open source project is the artificial intelligence infrastructure,” a text, describes the value of open source projects in the new generation of artificial intelligence development, it was a continuation of the view Control Engineering Copyright , the open source industry Internet is likely to become China’s manufacturing enterprises to upgrade the digital infrastructure.

In the low-cost open-source program to promote the Internet industry can bring new ideas for the development of a large number of Chinese small and medium manufacturing enterprises, it can also release their creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship to bring on the wave of a new era of significance. Internet industry to create open-source innovation ecosystem for manufacturing enterprises, the use of open source code provided by the Internet industry, can significantly reduce costs, but objectively speaking, open source project permanence decades, the field of industrial enterprises (particularly industrial software) open source software has been used for many years, but why now open to mention the Internet industry do? “In 1998, when the United States the rise of open source software revolution, has experienced the Internet bubble period, but the development of open source software did not stop, CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the pace of development with the help of various forces but is accelerated.

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