Building with extraordinary architectural structure

In 2016, Zaha Hadid Architects completed the new Port house in Antwerp, Belgium. This is a 12,800 square meter structure that is an extension of an old fire station and has been converted into a port headquarters. The building can accommodate up to 500 people. In an in-depth analysis of the terrain and existing buildings, the architect proposed a design that blends old and new buildings, making the structure a new landmark for the port.
Although not fully completed, the Elbphilharmonic Concert Hall has become a landmark in Hamburg, Germany. The building was designed by Herzog & de Meuron and will be open to the public in January 2017. The structure has a glass enclosure and is located on the banks of the Elbe River. The project began in 2003 but was delayed due to financial and legal issues. The building will consist of three concert halls, a large educational district, a hotel and an observation platform with panoramic views of the city.
The unique design of the musical theatre and exhibition halls in Tbilisi, Georgia is definitely something to be reckoned with. The complex structure was designed by Fuksas, with two huge tubular structures leading to the street and garden. The two structures are connected by walls and contain a music theater and exhibition hall with a total of 566 seats. The idea behind this unusual design is to create a city’s periscope in a unique way.

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Multi-functional room partition

Invented for the first time in 1981, the Carlton room divider was designed by EttoreSottsass Jr and the Italian design team Memphis, which presents the style and essence of Italian design in a new way.
This postmodern work has always been popular because of the nature of its art design. Carlton has a very organized but adventurous design with bold and vivid colors, and the seemingly crumbling pieces of wood form an unusual shape.

This is a functional piece of art that runs counter to the traditional room divider design and can be used as a bookshelf or even a dressing table. Therefore, this product has a wider range of uses.

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New work from Republic of Fritz HansenTM

In conjunction with Danish and Japanese aesthetics, the Republic of Fritz HansenTM has released their new collection.

The JH candlestick is a solid brass candlestick created by new terracotta colours.

STACK 4 trays are available in three sizes, and the single tray is three-layered.

Origami is a multi-purpose basket that mimics the Japanese paper folding art.

AJ cushions now have a dark midnight blue and a new graphic pattern

Pouf Sakura is a Japanese-style futon with linen on the ground and cherry pink on top. .

This cushion now has a new denim brown leather for a more natural and comfortable feel.

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Charming 3D Print Waterscape Aquarium

Japan Aquarium ManagerTakashi Amanoin90The era created a natural aquatic architectural style that continues to this day.
These small waterscape aquariums redefine these styles and introduce 3DPrinted sculptures with elements including fish, turtles, shrimps and aquatic plants. Inspired by nature, but shows modern and artificial3DPrinter output.
With 3DTechnology, DesignerKennichi Hashimotoand Kosho YamasakiUsing the effect between water and air to create a microenvironment, plants can It grows in air bubbles and is surrounded by water and animals.

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Singapore’s eclectic apartment has been artistically transformed

This stylish Singapore apartment was recently KNQ Associates studio renovation.
The owner of this apartment is very artistic, so it must reflect this passion. Designers try to make it possible, so that beautiful designs can be seen at the entrance.
The entrance hall sets the tone of the apartment, and the mirrored walls are matched with geometric panels to add a vibrant color to the space. The rust surface gives the design a subtle industrial feel.
The public area contains an open floor plan including living room, dining room and kitchen space. There is no separate area here. The style stands out, and designers and homeowners deliberately don’t let individual styles limit the overall design.
The interior design is soothing, with adequate lighting, beautiful fixtures and simple and functional furniture. Texture plays an important role in the entire decoration. The main idea here is to try different design styles, materials and textures to find the perfect balance.

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Box-like low-key home

on the hills of the Sonoma Valley,Box on the Rockis a low-key home, occupies 2000square feet , it is a simple box due to terrain and budget system.
layout leads to a simple box-like home, two structures connecting the entrance courtyard and the living room. The glazing is at the other end of the entrance channel, See the landscape around the house.
A cantilevered deck structure allows sunlight and shadows to be adjusted as needed.
The design of the glass wall angle benefits from the winter morning sun and protects the interior during harsh summer ray.
A central courtyard provides a cool place Even on a hot afternoon, it is still a cool place.

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2017 Maison&Objet Ex.t launches 3 new products

The Italian brand Ex.t does not take the usual path when designing bathroom products, bringing three new products. Working with Samuel Wilkinson and Norm Architects, Ex.t is expanding their bathroom design, including two new mirrors and a sink table that can completely change any bathroom space.
London designer Samuel Wilkinson designed two new mirrors inspired by outer space and gravity. Float is a mirror with a milky glass ball that “floats” on a mirror and a semi-circular marble shelf.

Gravity is made of double-sided mirrors with frames, which are attracted to each other by magnetic forces.

Frame has explored a new sink cabinet. The choice of wood gives the work a warm feeling.

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Gradient desk organizer

Design Studio in Berlin, Germanyyuue Designed a series of desk organizers, hoping to make your desk more tidy.
Three styles/Color gradient, each desk organizer is designed for specific stationery products:
purple/pink) : Designed for daily secretarial work. You can place pens, rulers, cards, notes and scissors of different sizes.
gray/blue):Designed for creativity. You can insert large markers, drawing tools and a calculator.
yellow/green) : Designed for people who cannot leave electronic devices. Special grooves accommodate mobile phones, tablets, memory media and batteries.

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Patricia Urquiola designed a compelling table

With a special iridescent surface. Their color changes depending on the light and angle. They are available in frosted glass and clear glass.
Boxinbox is a set of modular designs that are suitable for stacking together. Transparent glass gives the module a lightweight look. Each element consists of two parts: a transparent, colorless casing and a colored box. Available colors include purple, orange, green, gray, and yellow.
This dining table with wooden tabletop has some unique and very pleasant places. It makes people feel warm and makes people sit together in a wonderful way. The table is supported by tempered glass panels and looks incredibly lightweight.
The Ghost chair looks fragile and delicate. But don’t be confused by its appearance. It is made of glass, but it is very durable and can hold a weight of 150 kg. The chair has an interesting contour with a curved and integral fluid continuous form.

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Montreal residential low-impact renovation

eager to respect the original personality of the home and the big poplar in the backyard,Microclimat ArchitectureLow-influenced retrofits for this Montreal, Canada homeHomeowners want the home to be updated to create a connection between the home and the surrounding environment.
The new mezzanine contains the master bedroom, suspended on either side of the home. It seems to float on the other two floors, just Make a small amount of modifications to the original structure.
Two-story windows on the back of the house provide natural light to the interior.
The interior is kept simple, with white walls and surfaces and light wood.
The layout of the home was completely remodeled, including a new staircase that connects all floors.

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