New layout of Tel Aviv apartments

A set of apartments with only one bedroom and one bathroom wasManyan ZusmanRedesigned. Located in Tel Aviv, Israel, the apartment now has an extra room as a home office, a guest bathroom and a more open layout.

Space is separated by custom cabinets and glass partitions. This makes the entire apartment feel more spacious, airy and has more room for other functions.
Common areas, bedrooms and offices form two separate areas at both ends. The kitchen is connected to the living room to form a small space. A rotating TV shelf is placed in the middle. This way you can make the TV face the direction the user wants.
The kitchen is simple and modern. All appliances are hidden to create a simple and smooth layout. The black tailgate contrasts with the white cabinet,LEDarticles provide lighting for the counter. The kitchen countertop is used as a visual barrier between the two spaces. It can be used as a breakfast table or as a bar stool. The overall simple and functional kitchen layout matches the rest of the apartment.

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Incredible dog house

Two years ago, a cute abandoned dog was named Steve Minty man found. He is a big fan of the Pixar movie “Flying House Global”, he even named his dog friend Dug. Now, Dughas a wonderful new house for its name. MintyBest friend,Esteban, sign up for himYouTubeSportsSuper-Fan Builds, where they are super fans Build unique items. They decided to Dugbuilt a miniature flying dog house belonging to it, plus a group Balloons——just like in a movie.

Proper ProducerTim BakerAnd his team began to process the wooden frame initially, and magic began to happen. They are dedicated to making every detail, covering the roof of the dog house with wooden shingles, wind vanes, hoses for garden watering. The whole process is really impressive, especially when they are arranging balloons. They created a huge mold that used more than 750a small plastic egg to mimic the real shape. There is even a miniaturized CarlLooking out the window.

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CELINE STEPHAN EID designed lighting fixture (VACANCY)

Vacancy is a small table and lighting fixture that has been brushed with copper and chrome, it is specialized House of TodayDesigned, this organization presents works for emerging Lebanese designers.

by Architect and designer Celine Stephan EidDesign, Vacancy is a sharp and angular work, as if to describe the nature of the city from time to time. It is a bit like a machine insectReady to resurrect in the spring!

by architects and designersCeline Stephan Eid Design,Vacancy is a sharp and angular work, as if to describe the nature of the city from time to time. It’s a bit like a machine insectBe prepared to resurrect in the spring!

The clock ticks constantly, but do not show time. The clock ticks constantly, but their Inertia still exists. Our city is still stagnant, empty as an eternal clock.

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Latest desktop accessories from PECA

Guadalajara, MexicoPECABring some new designs that can decorate you Desktop. First is Hauri, hand-made marble balls with inlaid copper that can be assembled in a variety of ways to place candles and flowers.

The ball is made up of two parts that are easy to separate and are installed together in different ways. They come in two colors, black marble and white marble.

Next isLava A set of three display panels, carved from volcanic stones, one of which has a copper cylinder that can hold candles. Each part of the board is hand polished by artisans while the other half remains natural and rough.

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3D printing light

Product DesignerDavid GraasRethinking the difference between a standard light bulb and his dazzling art deco inspired work. This is called Stalaclights 3DThe intricate details of the print bulbs are reminiscent of the first skyscrapers built in cities like New York and Chicago. GraasThe design head and tail reversed and mimicked the icicles of the stalactites in the cave.

StalaclightsThe advantage lies inLED Small amount of heat from lighting equipment . It can be attached to the bulb without getting too hot, which gives the designer space a unique style of lighting solution. Graascreated an illusion as if the tower grew directly from the light bulb.
Architectural and sculpture lighting enthusiasts can purchase their ownStalaclights,price approx.236US Dollar .

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Recommended Sphere Chandelier

Firefly chandeliers are a bit modern but beautiful. It consists of a series of three spherical glass, all suspended in a black iron bar. You can let them hang at the same height, and if you want to make something different, hang them at different heights. Price 199US Dollar.

Simple and interesting, this will definitely be the focus of any place. It is designed to resemble a tree branch shape. It is made of hand-blown glass balls and metal armatures, making it ideal for large open spaces.

Jean Pelle Designed bubble chandeliers The functionality makes it look amazing, whether it’s a charming living room, bedroom, stylish home office or even a kitchen.

small string of glass beads allows Possini Euro Floating Bubble Chandelier has a very Stylish and refined appearance. The design is both naughty and fascinating, from the stairs or the dining table, the entrance passage or the bedroom, it looks amazing. Price 699USD.

Ceiling” width=”600″ height=”373″ />

The foam glass chandelier is almost the same design as the previous one. The main difference is the length of the spherical bead string. The model looks more casual and versatile, adapting to a wider variety of layouts and room types. For example, try hanging in the bathroom. Spherical glass is like soap bubbles, this is a great detail. Price 329US Dollar.

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The designer launched a series of Barber Osgerby stools

DesignerEdward Barberand Jay Osgerbylaunched A series of Barber OsgerbyStools, which reinterpret the typical tripod base. The height-adjustable stool is suitable for the office, and its sturdy conical base is held together by two concentric circles to maintain balance.

made of die-cast material, the stool is very durable and resistant to scratches and dents. They come in a variety of pedestal and seating surfaces that can be customized.
This is also a highly fixed stool and small table.

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New design from NOMTN

NOMTN is a Los Angeles design studio that launched the first collection, including Banner Lamp, a mini light that can play with space and light. A chrome-plated bulb contrasts with a colored base. Despite its subtle appearance, it can still be the focus of any room.

exceptBanner Lamp,NOMTN also introduced modern furniture, lighting and home accessories. The collection has calm and soft colors, organic shapes and warm wood.

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Redesigned Russian apartment

This old apartment has been redesigned and remodeled, one of the goals is to bring more natural light. This apartment is located in Perm, Russia, and the redesign process is in 2014年年AllartsdesignComplete.

The owner asked for a series of major changes. For example, the original apartment had only two windows. He hopes to bring more light to illuminate the bedroom, kitchen and living room, giving them a feeling of ventilation.
In order to solve this problem, the architect created a series of separations, using glass to isolate different areas. Glass allows each area to be a unique space, while at the same time it lets light pass through into all areas, even those without windows.
Lightly ventilated curtains hide the glass-wrapped bedroom, visually separating it from the rest of the apartment, but still maintaining a ventilated look.

The living room area occupies a corner with a window and is equipped with a comfortable La sofa and a wall-mounted bookcase with an open cabinet space to display items and decorations. The patterned carpet introduces a series of cool colors.

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Exquisite bobbin lace mural

Warsaw artistNeSpoon recently brought her exquisite work toBobowaThe streets are covered with beautiful bobbin laces. Her outdoor decorations are very popular, with large-scale paintings or small print sculptures. Here, she used a large detailed template to paint the walls as if there was a huge textile covering the roof from the roof. This is an exquisite addition to everyday architecture, turning the boring surface into an intricate piece of art.

NeSpoonThe bobbin lace pattern cites the long history of Poland, they are from 16The century of Italy passed.

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