The most expensive building is never what you expect

Architecture is expensive because we learned this week about the new $4 billion price tag for the World Trade Center transportation hub. In the process, we found the structure of the most expensive buildings, some of which might surprise you.
The construction data site – Emporis Real Estate Database recently released the world’s most updated and expensive skyscrapers. Interestingly, the cost of high-rise buildings is often high, why are there special structures that cost billions of dollars to build? ,quite complicated.

The Royal Adelaide Hospital is notoriously expensive to build, with a lot of expensive machinery and The electronic system, but this hospital in South Australia will far exceed the cost of any historical record: for $2.1 billion, becoming the most expensive hospital ever, when it is completed next year.
The 27th floor resort, Sheraton Resort & Spa in Huzhou, China will cost $55 million. The $1.5 billion building, designed by MAD, sells up to 163-story Burj Khalifa. In fact, the finished image will tell you why the hotel is so expensive: an extremely complex structure, the shape of the plan is made, not to mention the challenge of building a tower at the lake.

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London rental market sees strong demand for homes

The London leasing market saw strong demand for a 1.4% annual growth rate, especially in the past three months. However, significant gaps still exist, with a rent gap per square foot, according to reports from Savills. In London, strong demand for smaller properties has led to the highest quarterly rents in the city centre of central London, with growth in northern and eastern London, albeit from different tenant groups.
The study also showed that the strongest annual growth in the commuter belt throughout London was mainly in the external commuting area, with average rents rising by 2.5%. Cambridge, Farnham and, with all the family especially my favorites, saw the highest growth rates due to their popularity in school and London.
However, in the past three months, we have seen strong growth of 1.3%. This has driven some of the inability of young sharers to afford, but the most significant factor is the relocation of young professionals as the economic recovery continues to strengthen outside of London. In the suburban area, inventory levels will depend on who found themselves renting their homes more than they had expected, but who are increasingly seeking to sell the sales market and strengthen the mood of the owners. However, some may decide to continue to lease their properties as the capital value of the main commuting area is growing in the next five years.

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Hollow building with terrace and garden

A huge terrace seems to have divided this mixed-use building, designed as a Norwegian company in Oslo. In the 15-storey complex, three buildings are being developed to the upper level, which will be occupied by financial companies. The following pixelated headquarters building was designed by MVRDV in 2012.
Under the overall planning conditions, the architect must also create a 50% savings in the overall emissions of the building on the terrace and garden. They are part of a hollowed out high-rise building to achieve this, creating a generous sheltered terrace also helps to break the overall quality of the structure.

The compact and flexible office space of the hybrid solution is optimized for efficient machines and revolves around the garden apartment Outdoor space. In addition, the exterior walls of the building are wrapped in white marble non-linear panels, creating the illusion of a three-dimensional surface. For comparison, the sag exterior wall is covered in a wood board. White Spanish marble represents the shape of the skin that reveals the surface of the composite plank. Finally, by covering the garden, the heavy steel structure is exposed and a large amount of vertical force is returned to the ground.

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Chicago’s new Ashley furniture retail store is about to open

Chicago will open a new furniture retail store, the full name of the Ashley Furniture Retail Store, which sells tables, chairs, sofas, desks, office chairs, wicker chairs, wardrobes, cabinets, and dressings. Taiwan and so on. The entire store covers an area of ​​454,525 square feet and includes a furniture showroom, distribution center, office and more. The furniture showroom can display some valuable, unique and popular furniture for people to enjoy; the distribution center is to deliver the furniture purchased by people; the office is to handle some other business.
Kurt &middot, head of Ashley Furniture Retail Store; Haines said: “The Ashley Furniture Retail Store will create affordable furniture for everyone, and there will be big discounts on the opening day. One-third of the products can be discounted, welcome to visit our store. ”

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The number of megacities has increased to 28

A report found that the number of megacities in the world has increased nearly threefold in the past 24 years. Such megacities refer to urban areas with more than 10 million inhabitants, and such cities have grown up around the world. But this year, there is now an amazing 28 such big cities. Despite the environmental benefits of a dense urban environment, they create significant hazards.

The World Urbanization Outlook Report states that in 1990, 10 megacities housed 153 million people; In the year, 28 major cities lived with 453 million people, accounting for 12% of the world’s urban population. These cities form an environmental double-edged sword. As a whole, the city is responsible for 70% of global carbon emissions, but major urban centers are doing more than others to curb these emissions. In the report released by Metropolitan City 2.0 in response to climate change action, in early 2014, large cities were found to have doubled, and they are taking carbon emissions reductions over the previous two years.
So, these big cities? The report explains that “Tokyo is still the largest city in the world with a population of 38 million, followed by Delhi with 25 million people, Shanghai with 23 million people, Mexico City, Mumbai and São Paulo, each with approximately 21 million inhabitants. Osaka has just over 20 million people, followed by Beijing with just under 20 million. New York, Cairo, each with a population of 18.5 million.
On a case-by-case basis, emerging metropolises have raised some worrying issues. Smithson pointed out that big cities rely on dirty energy to create residents’ health risks. For example, Shanghai has the highest cancer mortality rate in China, which is a statistical figure with air pollution. In cities such as Los Angeles, passengers in the outlying areas are reduced. The United Nations expects that the number of megacities will continue to grow: by 2030, they expect to have 41 major cities, and although Tokyo may shrink a little, it will still be the biggest.

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New bathroom design in Australia

Bathrooms are a place that people often need to use and a place to pay attention to hygiene. With the development of the economy, people are designing more and more bathrooms. Australia has introduced a new bathroom design.

As soon as you enter the bathroom, you can see an oversized white bathtub placed against the wall, connected next to it Some water pipes allow people to easily take a hot bath and eliminate fatigue. On the side of the bathtub is a row of shelves, placed with a lot of small pots and decorations to increase the freshness of the air. On the other side are two white sinks and mirrors that allow two people to use at the same time.

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Beautiful single space design in Sao Paulo, Brazil

This apartment is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is a beautiful single space. At the same time, this place was refurbished. The project was led by architect Flavio Castro. The apartment has an open space and kitchen, and the dining and living spaces form a large area. Customized very beautiful, each part, there is not much wall blocking, each has its own personality.

Living space is a simple and comfortable leisure space, decorated with two types of color buffers and two others Types of seats, including a simple black countertop and two yellow armchairs, illuminate the room. As you can see, all the features and different spaces are seamlessly combined. Open shelves, cube-shaped wooden structures allow for a smooth transition.

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The Paine Furniture Building in New York, USA, sells $1.7 million

Rochester is an industrial city on the shores of Lake Ontario in western New York, USA. It has a 129-year-old building in downtown Rochester and was recently resold for $1.7 million.

Furniture Building” align=”middle” width=”400″ height=”244″ src=”/Upload/Other/QQScreenshot20141204094549.jpg” />

The former owner of the building, Cedric · Paine said: “The building was built in 1885, and the building’s Paine Furniture Co., Ltd. was also established for 104 years. This is a section. The very long history is a valuable asset. Unfortunately, I still can’t keep it. Due to poor management, Paine Furniture Co., Ltd. has been closed since 2006. I hope that after the building is handed over, it can continue to shine.” /p>

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Folding aircraft seats Airbus’ new patent

The European Patent Office said: Airborne giant Airbus submitted the information: “Folding aircraft seats”. The design has a fulcrum of the backrest and the seat cushion, and a circular motion to expand into a seat. When the backrest moves downward, the seat is folded and the saddle is tilted forward to reduce the amount of leg space occupied by the passenger.
In order to reduce the volume and reduction of the seat structure in the retracted structure to accommodate the distance required by the passenger’s legs between the two rows of seating devices, the seat is in the form of a motorcycle-type saddle shape, & rdquo; Airbus is described in the patent literature.

Airbus said that the design is from the recent demand of low-cost airlines, stuffing more seats to the present Some aircraft interiors respond often to the comfort of passengers. It builds on three previous solutions that propose to produce narrow seats, reduce legroom between them and cut their overall spacing. It is an object of the present invention to alleviate the disadvantages of the prior art that the backrest allows it to be enlarged to a location where the seat device is behind the retracted structure.
In fact, the increased number of cabin seats, the space allocated to each passenger must be reduced. However, this reduces the comfort that passengers can still tolerate for only one or a few hours in as many flight durations as possible. The design has been called the world’s most uncomfortable aircraft seat.

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The curved roof makes you feel confused

Each building has its own personality and its roof is one of its main features. This means that the roof is very important for your dream home. You may wonder why you should choose a curved roof for your home. Very simple: curved roofs maximize the available indoor living space and more aesthetics.

This impressive building was designed by Zhaha · Hadid, which seems to be a Perfect local cultural activities, this irregularly shaped building has become a tourist attraction, and the undulating wall surface is in front of tourists, and it rises majesticly, inspiring a nation’s optimism in the future. The architectural style is reflected in every area, including libraries, museums and a 1000-seat auditorium.

People think that the sky is the limit, McBride Charles · Shui On Architect has different opinions, so They built a cloud-like house, and he also gave us a valuable lesson: your head is not necessarily a bad thing in the cloud. The hotel is located in Melbourne, Australia.

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