Recycling plastic houses for the benefit of the poor

Singapore has developed a highly efficient prefabricated house that fully utilizes recycled plastic waste. Low-cost homes require minimal maintenance, so they must be fire and earthquake resistant, and they can provide a place to live for families in areas that are challenged by natural disasters or social and economic difficulties.

The company, in Singapore and Indonesia, often works with NGO partners to provide housing solutions for those who do not have their own safe haven. The main target groups include people living in slums and those who work in remote areas or lose their homes. A groundbreaking solution is the use of composite recycled plastic compounds (CRPC) for prefabricated home construction. In addition to providing an inexpensive building material, recycled compounds help to transfer waste from landfills. Waste is collected from city streets and taken to the company’s factory where it is made into composite plastic compounds and collection boards. This is another good way to deal with the garbage generated by our people’s daily lives.

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Classical column for the decorative effect of concrete

New York City is the place to be creative, modern loft interior design, this beautiful apartment in the fortunate New York City. The axis of the universe happens to be Bond Street in Manhattan. This eclectic living space is very charming with modern features and luxury. The earthy texture wall tiles and contemporary art are seen between the classical Roman columns, summarizing the various interior styles. The window wall invites light and the vibrant city skyline inside, day and night.

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Foundation of Terminal 4 of Singapore Changi Airport

The groundbreaking ceremony for Terminal 4 of Singapore Changi Airport was held yesterday. The project was jointly implemented by SAA Architects (Chief Consultant and Administrative Architect) and Benoy Limited.
The new terminal is designed to provide a seamless travel experience with a large amount of glass and more green buildings to match the entire building. Vibrant colors will also be widely used in all aspects. Benoy David explained: “We are very happy to see the completion of Terminal 4 of Changi Airport. We believe that we have been able to embrace the concepts of energy and movement to create a vibrant and timeless design in a welcoming environment. The terminal has been designed as a new concept that not only provides visitors with the full enjoyment of their vacation while traveling. & rdquo; Transparency is both a physical and visual feeling. The building is provided by a two-story glass façade and skylights with ample interior space to create an open feel. Tall trees will be incorporated into the interior, providing a green wall system and natural daylighting. Benoy further strengthened: “The planning agenda focuses on the introduction of efficient and comfortable travel experiences. State-of-the-art facilities, including self-check-in kiosks and self-bag droping, will provide travelers with a quick and easy airport tour. In order to create a boutique atmosphere of T4, Benoy created a pedestrian retail area, a Peranakan-style storefront and a mezzanine dining center with views of the central indoor garden. The 3.5 hectares of land will be transformed into a retail and leisure facility, air-wrapped in a fiberglass façade tourism-related facility, multi-level shopping facility with glass domes and a beautiful garden.

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Leipzig’s glass metro station

In Leipzig, the impressive new subway station consists of a glass wall of a 141-meter-long, 20-meter-wide central hall. The Wilhelmplatz station was designed by a Swiss architect who won a design competition for the €17.5 million project in 1997.

William Square Station is one of the railway lines of the Leipzig City Tunnel, a total of 3.5 miles. After ten years of construction, it will be open to the public in December. The joint development of the project, Deutsche Bahn AG and Saxony Free State, considers the new metro station to be the world’s largest railway station building.

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The plastic house was built 50 years ago.

In its heyday, plastics were seen as a revolutionary advancement, safer, lighter than glass, low in manufacturing cost, and useful in countless commercial applications. In fact, as early as 1960, the architects in the Soviet Union even tried to build things out of the entire house – clinker houses.

Built in 1961 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), this experimental housing unit served as a test Taiwan’s plastic-based building materials. This is a combined kitchen, bathroom and small balcony with a single flight walked through the studio. This all-plastic part sits on top of the 7-foot pedestal with ventilation and heating equipment. Reinforced frame and glass block.

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Argentine sea view room perfectly integrated into the environment

This house was designed and built on a quiet beach in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Only a few meters away from the dunes, you can easily step on the beach, soak up the sun, and build a strategic position that can provide a relaxing life experience and stay away from the hustle and bustle. On one side is the blue sea and on the other side is the lush forest. What can you enjoy the wonders of nature to make you more comfortable? There are no obstacles to the building, only a small amount of vegetation, acacia and sand.

The natural framework of the above plot gives us a perfect view of the sea. The main body of the house is made entirely of concrete, and the choice of materials has practical reasoning. The house has two different living units, one for the family and one for the guests.

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Art bed design brought into modern bedroom

Interior designers enjoy the decoration concept of the new bed to establish a modern bedroom decoration test. Each year they develop a more comfortable bed design and offer fresh colors, functional decorative ideas and interesting themes. Contemporary designer bedding notes the details of embroidery and knit fabrics. Attractive fabric colours and unexpected bedroom decor ideas help to arrange stylish and comfortable bedrooms.
Modern textile designer Angela · Missoni introduced her latest bed design, inspired by the princess and peas, a little story for the children. Her bed decoration concept combines the classic red and blue checkerboard fabric with thin Italian knit fabric and wonderful lace.

The traditional model feels fresh and unusual bed decoration ideas, like small embroidery and sequins, lace and knit fabric blocks, ie Bedding is decorated. Seasonal clothes can be organized and neatly stored in the bed, making the design of the modern princess bed more functional. Several mattresses, lots of soft pillows, warm bed quilts and bright modern bedroom decor are the perfect girl bedroom ideas to create a princess bed at home. Your young princess will love the elegance and gentle look, as well as the unusual, very personal bed design.

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Wooden apartment created in Italy surprised

Located in Cortina d’Ampezzo, the Italian alpine resort, this warm apartment design is defined by wood to inspire the whole winter. As envisioned, Casa offers a pristine living environment and a perfect holiday destination.

Every interior is unique, as various decorative details and perfect mountain views can be found through small windows .

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Sydney’s beach residences are full of tropical flair

Sydney, Australia has a famous beach, Tamara Mar, which is an excellent residential site. A family recently settled here to build a tropical family home to enjoy the beauty. Beach landscape.

There is a tropical garden behind the original house. The designer made some expansion reforms in the living room and put This garden is connected to the living room with a door. The structure is designed around the longitudinal load-bearing partition of the wooden. At the end there is a large concrete cantilever that extends from the garden to block the sun. The rest of the house is wrapped in long wood, and the glass blinds maximize natural ventilation. There is a large glass wall in the middle of the house, and the atrium can give the center of the house light. Most of the homes designed according to sustainable principles are made of natural materials such as fine wood. The home has 3 bedrooms and a family room upstairs, downstairs is an open plan living room, dining room and kitchen, separate bedroom, laundry room and guest bathroom.

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Five major changes in Queen Victoria’s market reconstruction

Melbourne Mayor Robert · Doyle has launched a key concept for the $250 million reconstruction of the Queen Victoria Market (QVM), which is the largest investment ever made by the City of Melbourne. From the city of Melbourne, following the announcement of the redevelopment of the constituency last October, a series of community notices suggesting traders, shoppers, residents and visitors have been placed on the table to allow the public to comment and add.

Five key changes have been made, keeping in mind the preservation of QVM’s heritage and authentic atmosphere while allowing market constituencies to Evolved to meet the modern needs of traders and consumers.
1, below the ground facilities. The city recommends existing parking lots and underground storage to free up the heart of the market, although it is reported that favoring a multi-storey car park, I believe this will be “safe, cheap and less disruptive”.
2, market experience. Expanded retail, hotel and event offerings will help maintain and enhance the true character and experience of QVM. Improving logistics facilities, such as the cool room and waste treatment areas, is another consideration. Closing the traffic on Queen Street to improve security and create additional space for trading and market society is another part of this proposal.
3, new public space. The existing parking lot will be replaced by a major public space, which will provide a community of meeting places.
4, the connection of Franklin Street. Connecting Franklin Street and removing the two roundabouts will ensure better traffic connections around the market. This is expected to reduce congestion and make it easier for pedestrians to travel.
5, new development land. The Franklin connection to Deli Street’s proposal will create a land suitable for mixed use development areas. Work on the market will be carried out in stages to minimize the impact and inconvenience for the customer, while obtaining parking spaces and public transportation will maintain a consistent overall upgrade. The second round of community consultations is now open and invites the public to share feedback or forums on specific suggestions for their ideas. This second phase of engagement will run until May 16, 2014 and June 2015 to complete the master plan for redevelopment.

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