Cable Wood Reel Achievement DIY Furniture

Have you ever thought about using some of the old cable reels for decoration? If not, then here are some great cable reel furniture ideas:
1. The dining table is your kitchen.

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Amazing effects of hand-painted wall cases

When I think about the handling of walls, wallpaper usually comes to mind. Or paint. But sometimes I forgot, you can paint on the wall to actually look like wallpaper. Here are some incredible examples of hand-painted wall cases. You will get inspired, I promise!

1. This creative homeowner’s bedroom wall resembles a cross stitch. The wall is her development area so others can recreate it.
2, I love the printing of this graphic… you can learn how to do this one here.

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Modern architecture in the Swedish suburbs

The building is modern in style and has a good interpretation of livability, and the building is still very low-key. The interior is comfortable, the colours are bright and comfortable, while the ceiling is slightly arched. The main public room of the home contains a kitchen and living area that occupies approximately two-thirds of the space. The last third of the home consists of two bedrooms and a bathroom. Despite its small size, the house is complete and the basic amenities of modern life are complete.
The location of the house is slightly out of the way, but it is very flat, with its mirrored wood and metal exterior finish mirrored into the local dry vegetation and soil.
Because of the light of the house, some of the windows in the room are completely open, and ample natural light flows through the windows to the room, making the room bright and without a trace of darkness. A tall chimney sticks out of the roof, and the compact home almost has a traditional cottage feel that doesn’t look like most villas, but its overall architecture and interior design are modern. At the rear of the home there is a large integrated living space, as well as the children’s bedroom. Most of the tiny living sides are made of wood, and the rear window wall provides enough light, but the windows on both sides are still necessary. Its glass panels are made using accented silver technology. Inside, there is a variety of polished and colorful light, chic furniture and bright white walls that keep every room ventilated and lit. In the living room there is a three-sliding door, each leading to a different private room in the house. The room is reduced as much as possible in the room, and instead it is directly from the main leisure space to the individual rooms.
The kitchen area is isolated by a small wall, a combination of retro and modern architecture. It has monochrome appliances as well as a traditional tiled baffle and a fairly common cabinet.

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2014 Dulux Color Award Winner: Charles McBride wins Ryan

Colors and textures, as well as winners using the original color swatches to define the 2014 Dulux Color Awards, all announced, Thursday, March 27 in Melbourne in red, green and orange.
These elements are made by Charles McBride Ryan, all of which not only won the multi-residential interior and exterior categories, but also won the highest honors, the Grand Prix is ​​particularly evident. Praised for ICT, cleverly using bold, color block translucent color blends, the exterior of the apartment building stands out, among which the high-rise building is built and can be seen as an oversized public art space.

“Working with each other in a harmonious appearance and interior, a highly praised and considered design features & rdquo The judges pointed out. “Like the look, the interior of the building continues to embrace the colors, from the warm colors to the soft tones of the pool and spa in the shared space. More than 15 Lex colors are used. “
The Commercial Interior Award was presented to the Carl Design Group. The jury praised the cautious balance of color control and color playful experiments for each space in the office using color to express information and communication technology functions. Create a serene tones meeting area, while vibrant colors are used in public areas to create a vibrant environment.

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American restaurant has a live storage room

American chefs believe that every family should have a “living storage room” and establish a botanical garden for himself and his restaurant in New York City. The Botanical Garden, at 281 Church Street, is mainly used for indoor farms with fresh herbs and vegetables, but the space offers many other uses.

In the largest biodynamic greenhouse, banquets and events are held in New England, in addition to being used as a learning center, Recitation, music and artistic performances.

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Apartment design from the Netherlands, colorful country

Nina, a designer from the Netherlands, has dressed up her home as a colorful country. Because Nina has a strong interest in photography and painting, and as a designer, she is in every corner of the apartment. They clearly express their own characteristics and styles, and show a different artistic position.

For the decoration of the living room, Nina is obviously more attentive, and the black and red sofas have different flavors. Coordinating, very natural. In addition, in the leather seats with black, white and red colors, the lively and bright colors enrich the whole space, and the colored lattice carpets play a good role in setting off. Such a well-defined mix of decorations has created this fascinating and colorful living space.

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Carbon fiber chandeliers open up new horizons

Lu Murano created this carbon chandelier, which was prototyped by a land-blown glass chandelier, and recreated this new and impressive alternative glass chandelier with prototype molds. The most exciting thing is that although the final product is made of carbon fiber, its brightness still meets our needs. The original glass version is 10 times the weight of this carbon fiber version. Of course, carbon fiber fixtures are not as fragile as you might think. Founder Fabio has undergone extensive research and experimentation, and Lu Xin Murano products are of all qualities required for modern lighting.

Although carbon fiber does not have glass transparencies, it does have unlimited choice of colors, textures and patterns. This chandelier makes it easy to adapt to any custom design. The high electrical resistance of carbon fiber also makes it more adaptable to special environments, such as yachts or floating homes. This particular example of a chandelier is done through Rumurano. The high-pitched diamond design tone also provides a subtle texture and bold reflective surface. The secret of illuminating is replaced by the original glass design of the surface of the carbon fiber through spark processing.

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High-paying labor in the mining industry, making companies face new choices

Australian mining investors have increased costs and jeopardized the future of major energy projects, pushing companies to choose low-wage economies, such as Canada and some African countries, gas exploration and producers warned on Monday.
In an energy white paper submitted to the government, the company warned that although Australian miners are fortunate to be the best in the world, this obvious advantage is counterproductive. The paper reports that Australia, submitted in response to the government’s proposal to amend the fair work law, aims to limit union powers to delay the value of greenfield resources projects by billions of dollars.
The company advocates the introduction of more foreign workers to alleviate the continued decline in the country’s mining industry’s productivity. However, Australia’s unemployment rate hit a record high of 6% in the last month. Statistics on the latest data, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said that the country’s mining labor productivity index has been steadily declining over the past 11 years.

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Type of vaulted ceiling, how much do you know?

The vault is attractive and complex. The vaulted ceiling is in the form of an arch that creates space than a traditional ceiling. The vaulted ceilings are usually very tall and ventilated, often with large rooms, formal dining rooms and similar areas. Several types are used on the ceiling, depending on the type and architectural style of the building.
Arched ceiling design concept and type of vaulted ceiling:
This very simple vault form forms a half sphere in the room. The dome can be a completely round or slightly pointed top. The dome is probably the earliest type and is the simplest of them. They all built masonry, made in ancient times, or using wooden or concrete ribs that were constructed around a fixed point.
Barrel 穹窿
Barrel 穹窿 is also based on a half circle, but the finished roof is half a cylinder, not a half sphere. Barrels are also quite old, with examples that appeared in the Middle Ages, through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Barrels are still used in corridors and similar long areas, but less common rooms.
Inguinal vault
This type of vaulted ceiling is more open and airy than a barrel. Structurally, the simplest groin vault is made up of two barrel-shaped vaults that are built into each other at right angles. The inguinal vault has a cross-shaped intersection in the middle that requires a thinner wall thickness and supports less than the barrel vault. The earliest groin vaults appeared in the Roman to Roman era, but today they are still used in the structure of the city hall like Switzerland.
Rib vaults
The rib vaults are intersected by several barrel vaults at different angles to create a ribbed pattern. The old structure of the rib vault often decorates this pattern to make it stand out. The ribbed vault is a fairly common early Gothic church and lends a medieval feel to the building.

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The rising cost of building materials has led to high housing prices in the UK

The cost of building new homes has risen sharply in Canterbury (UK) is the reason why construction companies want to make more profits. The calculation of the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is the ups and downs of goods and services, shows that the cost of new homes in Canterbury has risen by 9.5%, one year’s data. This is much higher than 4.7% by preventing the rise of Canterbury. Excluding Canterbury, the cost of building new homes has risen by 3.9% across the country. The cost of renting is also increasing at a faster rate in Canterbury than anywhere else.
The increase in construction and rising rents mean that Canterbury’s inflation rate is 50% higher than the national average. A spokesperson for the Bureau of Statistics said that the price hike caused inflation in the housing sector in Canterbury, reaching 2.4%.
Members of the construction industry warned of further pressure on home construction and rental costs. Registered Builders Association CEO Warwick Kui, building a house in Canterbury down the cost of high factors. They came from the Canterbury earthquake following building regulations, adding to the labor costs and additional requirements for construction companies to hike their profits.
The Bureau of Statistics takes into account the additional costs of the new building and compares the cost of the year to the previous year. Information feedback, he put the price of new homes mainly: increase labor costs, inflation in material costs and companies put their prices.

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