How many misunderstandings when choosing tiles

Please carefully select the tiles, remember to pick the appropriate tiles for the 7 points.

The purchase of tiles, there are In the big mistakes, the owners need to be cautious in making decisions.

One: The bigger the tile, the better.

Many domestic consumers think that the bigger the tile, the more fashionable it is. High-end, powerful and style. In fact, in addition to being expensive, the oversized tiles add a lot of inconvenience to handling, design and cutting. In Europe, where the modern ceramics industry is very developed, almost all of them are small-sized products, and the demand for bricks over 600 mm is small.

Two: The whiter the tile, the better.

The white body has high requirements on raw materials. In many production areas in China, raw materials for white brick production are scarce. In order to increase the whiteness of glaze, some manufacturers even add radioactive zirconium raw materials. It is understood that in fact, the reserves of China’s red billet raw materials are very rich, but under the guidance of the trend of white bricks and high-end consumer trends, manufacturers have to abandon red and white.

Three: The thicker the tile, the better

Most consumers think that the thicker and stronger the tile, the more it looks like stone. In fact, the strength of a tile lies in its crack resistance, not its thickness. At present, the development direction of international architectural ceramic products is light, thin, strong, durable and personalized.

Four: polished tiles are not slippery

The polished tiles have a high finish and the tiles are flat. It can fully contact the sole, thereby increasing the friction between the brick surface and the sole, and achieving the anti-slip effect. Some brands of polished tiles are still slip resistant when water is present on the surface.

Five: matt bricks are not easy to clean

Generally speaking, matt glazed tiles are relative Bright bricks are easy to get dirty, but they don’t penetrate into the glaze and can be removed with common cleaning agents. In fact, most of the glaze layers on the matt brick surface are specially treated, wear-resistant, non-slip, not dirty, and easy to clean.

Six: laying tiles without seams

In order to pursue aesthetics, some consumers prefer to use slits or even seams when laying tiles. After the paving is applied, the tiles may be arched or even cracked due to factors such as thermal expansion and contraction, moisture, and drying, which may damage the decoration effect. Jiuzheng Home Network believes that it is necessary to keep the seams during interior decoration. Generally, the brick joints of the wall need 2mm, and the brick seams of the ground need 3-5mm.

Seven: white cement caulking

In the past, when people were doing interior decoration, either The gap between the floor and the wall is covered with white cement. However, cracking, discoloration, shedding, and alkali returning may occur after filling with white cement, so a professional caulking agent should be used for jointing.


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Nasuni adds cloud image storage service

Nasuni is a cloud-based storage service designed to help businesses reduce their cost of storage, make storage more reliable and more flexible, and now, let cloud to cloud storage disaster recovery mirroring.

Nasuni, a large, distributed organization that provides enterprise-class storage, today announced cloud imagery. This new feature is designed to provide customers with a higher level of availability and redundancy. In the cloud, it provides unparalleled data protection over any other cloud storage provider or integrated cloud storage solution that delivers powerful cloud mirroring.

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Hotel Indigo Puerto Natales

The Indigo Hotel is located at the entrance to Torres del Paine National Park in Natales, Puerto Rico. It has 29 bedrooms and has six levels of spa.
The project revolves around three main ideas. First: Discover that a building experiences as a traveler not once but through successive steps. Second: is the sensitive architectural character and lack of “noise”. Third: fundamentally distinguish between the private space of the bedroom and the huge space of the public domain.

About the first thought, not once, but in a scattered gaze, to show the inner emptiness, public places We propose an inner loop that moves from a street level changing system from a soft slope to the upper level and the corridor, in a horizontal and vertical way of movement, within the building becomes a well-planned bridge. More specifically, we present a volume that reproduces the differentiation, and the quiet is often seen in the street facing the facade between Puerto Natalus and the side elevations of the sides facing the site. Therefore: on the street facade, we used treated pine with corrugated steel side walls.
Regarding the third idea, in order to highlight the privacy of the sleeping room, we created a horizontal level of pine trees that integrated all available surfaces indoors, such as beds, toilets, tables and windowsills. Instead, public spaces, mainly vertical spaces, are a huge eucalyptus bar shutter or curtain that always exists.
Finally, it is important to mention the architecture, the graphic Dexing together. Using the concept of some imagery already in the area, we created a signal and interior space through the general outer wall of the ship in the cosmic container to remind Navimag, the only ship that arrived at the port of Natales on Thursday. And the new news of the deep south.
The restaurant is located on the first floor and the lounge is upstairs.

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Japanese simple modern family home

There is a narrow road, in which the area is concentrated in ancient buildings, and there are also modern and simple Japanese houses. The customer requested that the space on the first floor be a place for family and friends to meet, and the space on the first floor could be a family gathering. In addition, the customer wants to have a second living room where their children can play.

On the first floor, the dining room, kitchen and living room are designed with Japanese-style rooms. By providing a variety of removable desks, on the wall niches, down to the first floor, the second floor living room becomes a children’s library, gallery and a playground.

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Two members of the Gandidi family are kind enough to save the turtles

The two members of the Kennedy family rescued a turtle caught in a buoy rope out of kindness, but the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said on the 17th that their good deeds violated the Endangered Species Protection Act and also trapped themselves. Dangerous.
The two brothers, Max Gandhi and the little Robert Gandy, who saved the turtle, have expressed regret for doing so. When they took a boat to Nanta Kate Bay on National Day weekend, they found the turtle, which weighed about 500 pounds, and its head was entangled in a buoy rope.
Brad, of the NOAA Fisheries Department, said that when the officers were busy rescued the turtle and took photos and collected evidence, the two brothers were very cooperative and helpful, but he said that the work of saving the turtles was dangerous. It is best to be handled by professionals. Anyone who finds trapped turtles should contact the bureau immediately and wait for rescuers to come.
Brad said that untrained people, when untied the ropes of the sea turtles, are likely to be dragged to the bottom by sea turtles weighing up to 700 pounds, while sea turtles suffocate longer than humans.
The Gandi brothers said: “When we found a turtle in trouble, the first instinct was to try to solve it, but we later learned that this kind of action is very dangerous because the turtle is a powerful animal. ”

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Children play ground artificial grass and lawn

What are the precautions for buying smart toilets?

Is the smart toilet cover really practical? Many consumers will have such confusion when they are decorating their new home. With the popularity of smart toilets, more and more people will try such products, and it will indeed bring convenience to life. So what brand of smart toilet cover is good? Today, Xiaobian will introduce you in detail, then talk about the smart toilet cover purchase precautions, to provide reference for friends in need.
First, the smart toilet cover is really practical?

1, smart toilet cover advantages

Intelligent toilet cover has the biggest advantage is to provide people with automatic sterilization function . There are many bacteria in the toilet, and it is easy to cause infectious diseases by holding up the contact. The smart toilet lid can effectively kill bacteria and has great benefits in preventing bacterial infection, hemorrhoids, constipation and the like. In addition, the intelligent toilet lid can also bring cleaning function. After washing, it can also be heated and dried. The new massage function can meet the different flushing needs of men and women.

2, smart toilet cover shortcomings

Today’s smart toilet cover does not match all the toilets. Some home toilets are not installed because of the limited distance from the water tank. The intelligent toilet cover adopts an intelligent control panel surface, so the elderly and children are prone to misuse, affecting normal use, failing to achieve deodorizing, self-cleaning effects, and even causing malfunctions. The price of smart toilets is still very expensive today, and many families are discouraged.

Second, smart toilet cover purchase precautions

1, when buying a smart toilet cover, pay attention to whether it matches the toilet in the home. Since different toilets are different in length from the water tank, all smart toilet seats are not suitable. Please measure the size before purchase and confirm with the customer service.

2, the functionality of the smart toilet cover is very important, most of the smart toilet seats are equipped with a hip wash function, but the specific experience is very different. Conditional families can purchase toilet seats with baptism and child wash functions, which can meet special needs and be safer and safer to use.

3, the safety of the smart toilet cover is very important, some inferior products will have shortcomings such as leakage, high water temperature, drying and overheating, which directly affects the user experience. Therefore, when purchasing, you can pay attention to whether the product has corresponding protective measures, especially the design of the anti-electric wall is very important.

4, the purchase of a large brand of smart toilet cover is very important, this relationship after the quality of the product and after-sales service.
(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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Intel may accelerate 14nm Atom production

Although Intel is undoubtedly the king, when it comes to PC processors, the company has a tough time making the transition from PC to post-PC devices such as smartphones and tablets. But if the rumors are true, the company is fighting hard, the new 14nm Atom processor is much earlier than expected.

Intel’s problem at the moment is to introduce a new core component and the time difference between the Atom part using the same architecture. For example, the 22nm core processor has been available for more than a year with personal computers and servers, but only the company has begun producing 22nm atomic parts, and the powered devices for these components are not expected to be in the store’s pre-holiday. This is a huge lag and hurts Intel’s current affinity for mobile devices.

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Miami Design District Blue Hybrid Retail Plan

The Miami Design District has announced a new mixed-use retail building that is located near the Palm Court commission. The newly developed exterior of the building was designed by the award-winning Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2014, one of the cornerstones of the pedestrian-centric region.

Inspired by the flowing waterfall and Miami’s tumultuous rain, the two-story structure of the building will feature a slim series of glass ribs. Extend the city from the roof down to the open courtyard to create dynamic visual wonders and insinuate the nature of the universal aquatic products.

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eight thousand Pure Water Produce Line With Double Stage RO System Project in Zambia

US campus construction requires low cost and high standards

Beauty brand Amore Pacific celebrates a new manufacturing and logistics park in Seoul, designed by the Junglim architecture. The center has been designed to be a global one with the slogan “America Beauty Creator of the Amore Pacific Campus.

Design is rooted in a desire to convey the brand, customers and employees, focusing on the culture of & lsquo;beauty & rsquo;. The environmentally friendly space is a symbol of the integration of functional architecture.

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Cisco in Black Hat USA 2013

The crow decorates the Cisco booth, beyond, attracting participants like magnets and sometimes stunned Creative wonders.

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