How to install the bathtub faucet?

The faucet in the bathtub is very important for the whole bathtub, so how to install the bathtub faucet, let’s take a look.
  1, bathtub faucet installation

   Generally speaking, the bathtub faucets mainly include two kinds, one is called shower faucet, the actual We also call it a shower, and the other is the bathtub faucet installed on the bathtub. The material and function of the two are actually very different. So before you install a bathtub faucet, you should be aware of the differences between the two faucets.

  2, bathroom shower faucet

   Such a faucet is actually mainly installed on the top of the bathroom for bathing. Under normal circumstances, you can open hot water or open cold water, and the installation method is relatively uniform. The first is to distinguish between cold water pipes and hot water pipes. Then connect the two ends of the faucet and water pipe to the corresponding water pipes.

  3, faucet installation of bathtub

   Such a faucet is the faucet that we have installed on the bathtub above, in general, Such faucets are also available with hot and cold water. The purpose of installing this faucet is also to provide people with a bath in the bathtub. Although the location of the shower faucet in the bathroom room is not the same, in general, the installation method is similar.

  4, bath faucet purchase

   When selecting the corresponding faucet product, a test must be carried out in advance, which can be rotated repeatedly The faucet, whether the tester can switch smoothly, and the gap can not be too large, can not have obvious hindrance.
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The bathroom on the tall one pays attention to these details.

The size of the bathroom is not large, but because it is closely related to water, it is easy to get wet, so be sure to pay more attention to the decoration. Bathroom decoration is a very cumbersome project. Most of the owners are amateurs. They lack professional knowledge of decoration. It is even more difficult to decorate. Many details do not know how to handle it correctly.
1, space

   bathroom is not very large, 5-8 square meters is the ideal size. It is recommended to separate the bathroom or bathroom. 3 square meters is the floor area of ​​the bathroom, and the sink, toilet and bathing equipment can just be arranged. When choosing a sanitary ware for a 3 square meter bathroom, you must consider leaving a certain amount of space for activities. The sink and the toilet should be small. The shower should be placed against the corner of the wall. The shower can use a flat shower or a simple shower. In addition, the bathroom mirror can be used to achieve the visual effect of expanding the small space.

  2, Ventilation

  The bathroom is a convenient place for us to use. The bathroom is used for bathing, which causes the air to be damp and it is easy to breed bacteria. It is best to choose Mingwei with windows. If it is a dark guard, for the sake of hygiene, it is not moldy, it is not long hair, and there is no tide worm crawling everywhere. In addition to installing a large exhaust fan with high power and good performance, you should also pay attention to avoid “package”, especially in the vicinity of the ground. . Many people like to pack the pipe tightly, or simply make a locker under the sink. As a result, the moisture is not covered in the package, which is unsanitary.

  The bathroom with reasonable layout should have a dry area and a non-dry area. The non-drying area is not conducive to storage. Even in the dry area, if the toilet paper, towels, bath towels, etc. are placed for a long time, they must be stored in a plastic box with good moisture permeability to avoid moisture, so that they are not used when they are taken out.

3, light

   Mingwei can come in with natural light, all the light comes from the light and the tile itself Reflection.

  The bathroom design bathroom should use soft and not direct lighting; if it is dark and the space is not big enough, the tiles should not be black or deep, should use white or light color To make the bathroom look spacious and bright.


  The water is an important part of the cleaning of the bathroom, pay special attention to the following points:

  (1) The floor drain seal height should be 50mm to prevent the gas in the drain pipe from entering the room.

  (2) The floor drain should be about 10mm below the ground, and the drainage flow should not be too small, otherwise it will easily cause blockage.

  (3) If the floor drain is rough, it is easy to catch hair and sludge, causing blockage, and it is particularly prone to bacteria.

  (4) The opening aperture of the floor drain tweezers should be controlled between 6 and 8 mm, so as to effectively prevent hair, sludge, sand and other contaminants from entering the floor drain.

  5, bathtub

  The hot bath is one of the best ways to relax. The size of the bathtub should be appropriate for the size of the bathroom, and the smaller bathroom can choose a small and deep bathtub. Also pay attention to whether the water heater and the bathtub match. The water injected into the bathtub generally needs 65% of hot water (for example, the volume of the bathtub is 300 liters, it takes about 200 liters of hot water). When other people want to take a bath, the bath water needs to be reheated, so the heating capacity of the water heater is very important. . If you can’t meet the requirements, you can either change a small bathtub or change the water heater.

  If there are two bathrooms in the home, and the space of the main guard is big enough, it is recommended that you have a double bath, and the feeling of bathing with the lover is particularly romantic and warm.

  6, Toilet

   The most important “element” in the bathroom should be the toilet, its function is directly related to the health condition To the health of the user. In addition to health problems, the concept of “bathroom revolution” is quietly emerging in the society. The so-called bathroom revolution is the health effect of the bathroom. Installing a golden pottery body cleaner for the toilet can not only benefit the anorectal patient, but also the elderly group. Has a strong health care role.

 7, Tile

   Tiles are an important part of bathroom waterproofing. It can be said that you can be in the bathroom. There is a lot to do with the paving of the tiles. The bathroom wall shall be covered with ceramic tiles (or glass bricks) that are highly waterproof and resistant to corrosion and mildew; the floor is preferably made of non-slip floor tiles with raised patterns; when laying the floor tiles, the waterproof layer shall be made under the surface layer, and cement mortar shall be selected. Level the floor and apply waterproof coating; when laying the floor tiles, make a waterproof layer under the surface layer, use cement mortar to level the floor and apply waterproof coating; before the paving, do the back coating on the floor tiles to reduce the phenomenon of “water stain”. The area around the waterproof layer that is in contact with the wall should be raised upwards, about 25 to 30 cm above the ground.


   Green plants and smooth tiles are visually perfect, bringing life and freshness to the dull bathroom air. Bathroom warmthWet is like a greenhouse. The green plants chosen are not like water, and they occupy a small area. It is best to occupy a corner only on the window sill, the bathtub or the sink. Dark Guard is more suitable for placing dried flowers. You can buy two jars that you like. Insert the dried flowers into the bottle and drop a few drops of perfume at intervals. The scent can last for more than a week. You can also cut the fresh lemon into pieces, put it in a dish and put it in the bathroom after drying. It can prevent mildew and remove odor. However, you must not place the lemon slices directly on the ceramic surface, leaving the impressions difficult to remove.

  9, decorative painting

   decorative painting can adjust the atmosphere, reduce the loneliness and depression of people in the bathroom. Put a few pictures or photos of yours on the wall. It is no longer a boring bathroom, but a room that contains your life experience, a place where you can relax and delve. You can ask the workers to reserve hooks during the renovation; the material of the frame should not be afraid of water, aluminum or stainless steel.

  10, the location of the bathroom, the placement of items

   If it is a duplex structure, the bathroom should not be set In the bedroom, living room, kitchen.

  The upper layer of the bathroom design room, if it cannot be changed, its sewers and traps should not be exposed indoors, and should have reliable waterproof, sound insulation and easy maintenance measures.

  It is not advisable to use any type of telephone in the bathtub or shower to avoid electric shock and fire hazard.

  It is not advisable to lay wooden floors.

  It is not advisable to dry underwear and wet bath towels in the bathroom and should be exposed to the sun.

  It is not advisable to store unused sanitary napkins in the bathroom.

   should not store a lot of cosmetics.

  The washing machine is usually not suitable for the bathroom. If there is a special laundry area far from the non-drying area, the washing machine must use a three-way plug, which must have a protective case.
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Why are molded wooden doors favored by middle-income families?

In recent years, many families have chosen to mold the door when they are renovating, but many people simply don’t understand what a molded door is. The molded wooden door is mechanically pressed from two high-density fiber molded door panels with styling and simulated wood grain. Molded wooden doors are more affordable than solid wood doors and are safe and convenient, and are favored by middle-income families. Let’s take a closer look at the small series below.
   Molded wooden doors are more affordable than solid wood doors, and are safe and convenient, and are favored by middle-income families. The molded wooden door is mechanically pressed from two high-density fiber molded door panels with styling and simulated wood grain. Since the door panel is hollow, the natural sound insulation effect is worse than that of the solid wood door, and it is not wet and bumpy.

   Molded wooden doors are more affordable than solid wood doors, and are safe and convenient, and are favored by middle-income families. The molded wooden door is mechanically pressed from two high-density fiber molded door panels with styling and simulated wood grain.

  General composite molded wooden doors are delivered with a neutral white primer. Consumers can go home and recolor them on a white neutral primer according to personal preference. Meet the individual needs of consumers.

   Compared to hand-made solid wood doors, molded doors use mechanized production, so the cost is low. At present, the molded wooden doors on the market are mostly in the 220-500 yuan.
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Unusual black hat “hacker” badge

This is not a standard black hat badge. This "hacker" badge belongs to Nmap author Gordon "Fyodor" Lyon.

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Smart Mirror, Smart Life Assistant

The smart mirror has the most basic function. When closed, it is a simple, borderless glass panel that you can put on the room to dress it up. When it is turned on, the smart mirror instantly transforms into an intelligent interactive center, becoming the most reliable smart life assistant around you.
Compared with ordinary mirrors, smart mirrors can be used as a “smart butler”. On the mirror display, you can view hot news, traffic information, schedules, etc. at any time, and she will be in real time. Show current weather conditions, dressing index, and let life follow the rules.

In addition, the smart mirror has powerful entertainment functions. It can also be used as a mirror TV while being a mirror. You can even download games to entertain.

The intelligent interactive mirror has a built-in HD display, and the waterproof mirror touch screen supports multi-touch. The smart mirror has a human body sensing function. When the person leaves, the mirror display automatically changes the screen and changes back to the ordinary mirror. Don’t worry that it will consume power. When you approach, the display automatically turns on and turns into a mirror.

As a part of smart home, smart mirror can interact with other smart home devices and control through voice or touch. At this time, smart mirror turns into a smart interactive mirror for home intelligence control. Central control, intelligent security, life services and other functions.
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What are the options for curtain selection?

Curtains are one of the indispensable contents of home soft decoration. It is not only used as a “decoration” for sun protection or privacy protection, but also can beautify the decoration of the home and enhance the taste of life. How to choose the curtains that meet your own personality needs and are in harmony with the overall interior decoration style is a problem that every owner will consider before soft decoration.
Selection of curtain fabric texture

First of all, you need to understand the texture of curtains. At present, there are mainly cotton, silk, silk, nylon, georgette, plastic, aluminum alloy and so on. When choosing the texture of the curtain, you should consider the function of the room. For example, the bathroom and the kitchen should choose fabrics that are more practical and easy to wash, and the style is simple and smooth. Luxury and beautiful fabrics can be chosen in the living room and dining room. The curtains in the bedroom are the places we should worry about. It requires thick, warm and safe to ensure privacy and sleep comfort. The study curtains should have good light transmission performance and bright colors. They use elegant colors to make people stand in the middle, and they have a stable mood, which is conducive to work and study. The choice of curtain fabric texture should also consider the seasonal factors. Summer curtains should be made of soft yarn or silk to make it breathable and cool; in winter, thick woolen cloth should be used, thick and warm; floral curtains should be suitable for all seasons, but especially spring is lively. Bright.

Selection of thickness and rigidity of curtains

This should be considered according to the surrounding environment. If the room is located in a high-rise building, the outdoor space is empty and can be moved to a thin, gorgeous, elegant, Light and elegant; on the contrary, the room is in a densely populated, noisy place or on the ground floor of the building. Like blinds, it controls both luminosity and air permeability without affecting the display of items in front of the window.

The choice of curtain color

Because the curtain occupies a large area in the living room, and it is in the brightest part, it should be selected with the indoor wall, floor and furnishings. The color tones of the objects are matched to form a unified and harmonious environment. The walls are white or lightly ivory, the furniture is yellow or grey, and the curtains should be orange. The walls are light blue, the furniture is light yellow, and the curtains should be white and blue. The walls are yellow or light yellow, the furniture is purple, black or brown, and the curtains should be yellow or golden. The walls are pale green, the furniture is yellow, green or brown, and the curtains are preferably green or grass green.

The choice of curtain color should also consider the use and season of the room. The living room should be chosen dark, and it looks like a grand party. Older room, optional dark flowers and natural color. The room of the newlyweds, the curtains should be bright and colorful to add a festive atmosphere. In terms of seasons, spring and autumn are suitable for medium color, such as beige, light dark green, yellow, pink, etc.; summer is white, beige, light gray, sky blue, lake green, etc.; winter should use brown, dark green, purple , dark coffee and other colors.

There are two main types of curtain fabrics, namely: abstract (also called geometric), such as squares, circles, stripes and other shapes, and natural material patterns (such as animals, plants, landscapes). Scenery, etc.). When choosing a curtain pattern, it should be noted that the curtain pattern should not be too trivial, and the effect of pleating should be considered. It is not advisable to choose a beveled surface for the curtain pattern, otherwise it will cause a sense of tilt. Large rooms should have a horizontal pattern.

The choice of curtain size

The length of the curtain is slightly longer than the window sill to avoid the wind curtain and the outside. The width of the curtain depends on the width of the window, so it must be coordinated with the size of the wall. Narrower windows should have wider curtains to block the seemingly extraneous walls on either side. Also, whether the curtains are pleated or double-layered, it is necessary to choose according to each person’s preference. The pleating has a rhythmic beauty that changes dynamically; the double-layered curtains have a unique effect inside and outside.
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Even the best cabinets should be carefully maintained.

Even the best cabinets, we need our careful maintenance in life, but many people are confused about this. Today, Xiaobian teaches you some maintenance techniques for solid wood cabinets.

Some maintenance tips for cabinets

1, ventilation law. Not only because of moisture, but also for indoor health, ventilation is required. On rainy and cloudy days, the doors and windows facing the south or southeast direction, that is, the upward direction should be closed, and only the doors and windows in the downwind direction should be opened to reduce the entry of water vapor into the room. When the weather turns fine, all doors and windows can be opened to accelerate the evaporation of water. However, the air humidity outside the noon is at the highest value. It is not advisable to open the window. The window should be adjusted in the afternoon or evening when the climate is relatively dry. If you can open the drawers and cabinet doors of the cabinet, the effect is better.
2, lime moisture absorption method. Lime is a good and simple adsorbent, and 1 kg of quicklime can absorb about 0.3 kg of water in the air. You can wrap the lime in cloth or sack and place it indoors to keep the indoor air dry. You can also put a little in the corner of the cabinet.
3, indoor heating method. Burn a pot of charcoal fire or put it on the stove in the damp chamber to increase the temperature inside the room so that the water vapor can not condense, thus reducing the indoor humidity. However, this method must pay attention to timely ventilation to ensure safety, Ma Daha is not recommended.
4, dehumidifier, air conditioning dehumidification method. Appropriate addition of these dehumidifying electrical equipment can not only reduce the humidity in the room, but also ensure the dryness of solid wood cabinets and other wooden furniture.
Well, some introductions on how to prevent the problem of solid wood cabinets peeling up here, read the above content, I believe that the majority of netizens have a certain degree of understanding of the prevention methods of solid wood cabinets. . How to extend the life of solid wood cabinets, it is best to reduce the chance of solid wood cabinets. Therefore, the above small coups still need to be used, as well as daily maintenance is also essential.

Solid wood cabinet maintenance tips

1, ventilation
indoors should be frequently ventilated, if it is rainy days, it should be south or southeast, it is the upper hand The doors and windows in the direction are completely closed. As long as the doors and windows in the wind direction are opened, the water vapor can be reduced into the room. If the weather turns fine, all the windows should be opened, which can accelerate the evaporation of water.
2, indoor heating method
We can burn a pot of charcoal fire in the room to return to the fire or put on the stove, this can increase the indoor temperature, so that the water vapor can not coagulate, thus reducing the indoor humidity However, it is necessary to pay attention to the ventilation of the room to ensure our safety.
3, lime moisture absorption method
lime is a very good and simple adsorbent, in general, 1 kg of quicklime can absorb about 0.3 kg of water in the air, we use cloth or sack Put some lime and put it all over the room to keep the air in the room dry.
4, coffee grounds
coffee residue, it has the dual effect of moisture absorption and deodorization, we can put coffee grounds in gauze bags, stockings or cotton socks, so that it is easy to make A small dehumidification package for use.
5, orange peel

If there is wet weather, we have to carry out indoor dehumidification. However, the solid wood cabinet itself has the function of automatically adjusting the humidity, so it is not recommended that everyone often perform dehumidification work. Generally, one dehumidification once a month is enough. We can put some orange peel in the solid wood cabinet, so that it can not only go to the tide but also disinfect.

6, washing powder, washing powder is also a good dehumidifier. Open a new boxed detergent (or pour the old one into the dehumidification box), poke a few holes in the plastic film and place it in any corner where dehumidification is required. Washing powder can also be taken to clean clothes after being soaked in water. It is not wasted.

7. The surface voids of charcoal, bamboo charcoal, charcoal and bamboo charcoal can absorb water vapor and have deodorizing effect, suitable for small area dehumidification. It can be dried and reused without harming the environment. Among them, the charcoal is a very easy-to-use moisture-proof product, which absorbs the odor through its porous characteristics and releases negative ions to improve the moisture and mildew of all kinds of closets.

8, dehumidifier, dryer, and air conditioning dehumidification method
If the economic conditions of the home allow, we can consider purchasing some dehumidification equipment, such as: dehumidifier, dry clothes Machines, etc., not only can reduce the humidity of the room, but also ensure the drying and refreshing of the drying room.
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The practice of brick beauty is the expression of this pursuit

   People have always been persistent in the pursuit of beauty. In the aspect of home decoration, the practice of tile seams is the expression of this pursuit. What are the advantages and disadvantages of making ceramic seams? Is it necessary to do it?

 1, the disadvantages of ceramic tiles – what are the advantages?

  There are many advantages to tile seams. First, it can be used to beautify the decorative effect. Now most people use the beauty grout, which is rich in color and bright in color. It looks beautiful and generous after caulking. Secondly, after using the beautiful seaming agent to make the beauty seam treatment, it can solve the problem that the gap becomes black mold, because the beautiful seaming agent contains epoxy resin component, and has good anti-penetration, waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-fouling properties. Thirdly, the beautiful seam of ceramic tile conforms to the concept of environmental protection of modern people’s home. The beautiful grout is composed of high-tech new polymer and high-grade pigment, and is matched with special additives such as epoxy resin. It is non-toxic, tasteless and contains no benzene. , toluene, xylene, belonging to environmentally friendly and safe materials. Fourth, the surface of the beautiful sewing agent is smooth, such as porcelain, which is wear-resistant, easy to clean, and can be scrubbed together with the tile.

 2, the shortcomings of ceramic tile making beauty–what is the disadvantage?

  The practicality and decoration of ceramic tile There is no doubt about sex, but it also has shortcomings that cannot be ignored. First, not all the beautiful grouts are suitable for all tile gaps. Tiles with floor heating cannot use the high-quality epoxy resin. If it is mis-selected, there will be risk of deformation and collapse in the later stage. Second, although the construction process of the beauty seam is simple, it is necessary to keep the gap clean and dry before filling. Otherwise, there may be empty drums, cracks, etc., which greatly affects the beauty seam effect. Third, if the tile is not flat, the thermal expansion and contraction will lead to cracking, peeling and falling off of the crevice of the seam and tile gap. Fourth, the beauty of the tiles will increase the cost of decoration, and the price of good seams is more expensive.

   Although the beauty of the tile has its shortcomings, it also has its incomparable advantages. Everyone needs to be dialectically treated. Whether or not to do the beauty is still depends on their own demands.


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Why do American rich people have high income but pay less taxes?

No one denies that the social wealth of the United States is highly concentrated in a small number of hands, but it is surprising that the wealth of a few rich people is so high. The problem of uneven distribution of wealth in the United States did not arise from today, but in the 1980s it has become a concern of society and the public. However, the balance of social wealth distribution in the past 30 years has not been greatly tilted towards the middle class, and the personal income tax of the rich has been greatly reduced during the Bush administration, which has led to the rapid growth of wealthy American family wealth.
From 2001 to 2007, various families in the United States have made some changes in their wealth possession, and the balance is more inclined to the rich families. The proportion of wealth owned by 1% of the wealthiest households is rising, with a ratio of 33.4% in 2001, 34.3% in 2004, and 34.6% in 2007. The wealthy 19% of households now have a wealth ratio of more than 50%, from 51.0% in 2001 to 50.3% in 2004 and 50.4% in 2007. From 2 (X) 1 to 2007, 80% of households in the United States had a one percentage point decrease in wealth over the previous 10 years. In 2001, the ratio was 15.6%, in 2004 it was 15.3%, and in 2007 it was 15.0%.
The higher the income, the more the individual income tax should be paid. This is probably the reason that even children can understand. However, the taxpayer statistics released by the US Internal Revenue Service show that in 2007, the wealthiest 400 families in the United States had an average annual income of more than 300 million US dollars, and the lowest income was 143 million US dollars, but their average tax payment only accounted for 16.6 of income. %, set a minimum tax record since 1992.
In 2007, for the wealthy Americans, it was a year before the economic crisis. The average annual income of 400 wealthy families was $3.447 billion, an increase of 31% from the average income of 2.6330 billion in 2000. It has more than doubled the average annual income of $131.09 million in 2001. The total income of these rich people totaled more than 138 billion US dollars, an increase of more than 30 billion from 2006’s 105.3 billion US dollars.
During the Clinton administration, the United States first published the income report of the richest 400 families. In the Bush era, the income reports of the 400 richest families were no longer public. After Obama took office in 2009, he reopened the income of the 400 richest families in the United States, which gave the public a chance to re-examine how much these super-rich people earned each year and how much personal income tax they paid.
The reason why American super-rich people are super-receiving but low-level taxation is mainly related to their income channels. The income of the 400 richest families is only 6.5% of their income. Their main income comes from capital appreciation, and the government imposes a tax rate of only 15% on capital. In 2007, the wealthiest households in the United States accounted for 66.3% of their income from capital gains, and capital appreciation and dividends accounted for three-quarters of their income.

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National Memorial Flight 93

To commemorate the sacrifice of the plane crash in western Pennsylvania, the US Congress passed the National Commemorative Act of Flight 93 in 2002 and launched two phases in the 2005 International Design Competition. The jury of planners, landscape architects, architects, designers, family and community representatives chose Paul and Milena Murdoch’s advice, and they embarked on a 2,200-acre former coal mine, where Flight 93 crashed.

In the first stage of the competition, Paul · Murdoch Architects presented a master plan, The functions of the key martyrs commemorate, such as “Tower Sounds”, with 40 wind chimes, large curved landscapes, the “due battlefield” memorial tree and the flight path of the integrated memorial wall frame and the visitor center, memorial plaza along the The edge of the ceremonial door, causing the plane to crash. In the second phase, Nelson · Bird Waltz LA was invited to join our team and further develop the design with the participation of the consultant team. The National Park Service Choice, became the architect Paul · Murdoch through the contract administrator during the design process.
Parks, coal mines, officially turned it into a memorial landscape design, a memorial to improve quality and function, and its expressiveness. Once a sacred surrounding ground front excavation mine is now converted into a native meadow and “ duel field & rdquo;. In addition, the existing wetlands will become an extensive rainwater mitigation system to restore healthy land, for those who visit the memorial to reflect the growth and healing possibilities.
This large-scale master plan will be implemented in several stages. The first phase of the project was completed on September 11, 2011. It includes access to the road, re-grading of the big duel field, to the crash site, including the name Great Wall – forty inscribed white marble linings lined up along the black granite each hero’s name engraved with a memorial built adjacent to the walkway.
So far, nearly 50 million US dollars have been proposed to purchase land, the first phase of construction, and begin work in the future. This includes more than 75,000 private, foundation and company donations.

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