The inspection team of the Meizhou Municipal Government of Guangdong Province inspected the dust pollution in key areas to ensure the improvement of air quality.

On the 14th, the government of Meizhou City, Guangdong Province organized the relevant departments to form an inspection team, and came to the key construction areas such as the construction site of Meijiang District and the main roads of the city to carry out dust pollution inspection.

The inspection team found that Binfang Avenue South Pipe Gallery construction site, Kedu Bridge The exposed line of the connecting line resettlement area (206 National Road side) is not completely covered by the exposed sand, and the sprinkling water is not timely and infrequent; the construction site of the Shangping West Road Chamber of Commerce Building (not started) and the Kedu Bridge connecting line project site are barely exposed on the ground. Covering or greening, the surrounding roads are not cleaned in time, and the road dust is prominent; Meizhou Junfa Concrete Co., Ltd. (Triangle Town Wanxia Village) is contaminated in and around the road, and the vehicles are not flushed; Meizhou Zhengtong Concrete Co., Ltd. (Dongsheng Industry) On the side of the garden, the aggregates such as sand and gravel in the mixing station are stacked in the open air. The batching bins have no dust-proof measures. The vehicles entering and leaving the vehicle are not flushed. The sewage is discharged directly from the field without being collected and treated, which has an impact on the S333 line.

The inspection team requires all construction units and enterprises to strictly follow 100% of the construction site is covered, 100% of the construction site sand is covered, 100% of the construction site is hardened, 100% of the demolition works are sprinkled and dusted, 100% of the vehicles are washed out of the construction site, and 100% of the site is temporarily undeveloped. Management standards to reduce dust pollution in building construction and improve air quality in Meizhou City. From now until the end of the month, the Municipal Air Pollution Prevention Office will organize daily inspections of dust pollution in Meizhou City to ensure that the air quality will improve significantly this winter and next spring.


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What is the price of the smart toilet cover?

  The toilet is a durable product, so after using the toilet for a long time, the first thing to be damaged is the toilet tank fitting, which is the toilet lid. At present, the proportion of toilets without water tanks is actually quite high, because the toilet tanks will have problems. The second problem is the toilet lid. Today, let’s take a look at the price of the toilet lid, which is convenient for damage and new products. .

  The price of the toilet lid is generally not accurately described. First of all, we need to narrow down the wide vocabulary of the toilet lid. For example, we can divide it into: ordinary toilet lid and smart toilet lid, which can be explained in two aspects according to the price of the ordinary toilet lid and the price of the smart toilet lid.

 Ordinary Toilet Coverage

   The price of a cheap ordinary toilet cover is about 15 yuan – 100 yuan. The price of this type of ordinary toilet cover is quite low, and the performance of the product is relatively simple. Generally, it has a function of slow down, quick release, and intimate pad.

   medium ordinary toilet cover price is about 100 yuan – 200 yuan, generally PP material descending The cover plate and the PP material cover are safer and more environmentally friendly.

  The price of a good ordinary toilet cover is about 200 yuan – 350 yuan. The toilet seat at this price is already very good, because it is not a smart toilet cover, so there is no complicated function. Therefore, in terms of material and design, it has been a relatively high quality product. There are also some big brands of toilet seats that will be more expensive, such as Kohler, and can even reach about 550 yuan.

  Smart Toilet Price

   Cheap smart toilet cover price is about 800 yuan – 1,500 yuan. Because it is a smart cover, it has three basic functions: seat heating, hot water washing, and warm air drying. Other functions such as mobile APP, voice broadcast, etc., are less prominent at this price point.

   medium smart toilet cover price 1,500 yuan – 3000 yuan. The smart toilet seat at this price will add some more user-friendly design in addition to the basic functions, such as the hot and warm air drying function of the seat, there are three temperature options, namely hot water washing and warm air drying. The function can adjust the intensity of the washing and the wind strength of the warm air, and the speed of the water is also faster, and the stability of the water temperature is higher.

  The price of high-quality smart toilet cover is about 3,500 yuan – 6000 yuan. This type of smart toilet cover is basically a product of big brands at home and abroad, such as Kohler, TOTO, Panasonic and so on. And there should be high-speed things such as front spray, intelligent deodorization, intelligent control handle, mobile APP, ABS material, etc., in terms of quality, it is also a lever, ergonomic design, sedentary and not tired.

  The local version of the smart toilet cover price is basically maintained at 8,000 yuan – about 20,000 yuan, this local product, In general, in addition to being too expensive, it is difficult to find the slot of the product (you can’t afford to buy the slot, of course). In the hot wash function, a bubble massage is added, and there is soft lighting at night, which can be Automatic sensing, seat and antibacterial effect.

   Summary: The above is the specific situation of the toilet cover price, Xiaobian suggested to buy a smart toilet to try it out and experience it. Especially in the winter.


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The three major standards for hot tile selection

Nowadays, homes will inevitably need to be renovated to help improve our living environment and make life look new, so that the home has a warm feeling. Nowadays, the life of ordinary people has gradually increased the use of floor heating by more than ten times. The hot tile is the most popular electric floor heating product in recent years. It is more than traditional floor heating in terms of heating speed and energy consumption. Advantages, but the heating tiles have certain requirements on the quality of the heating materials. However, many people are actually ignorant of hot ceramic tiles. It is often that companies that choose big brands or have strong advertising efforts can be assured. But this is not the case. Today, hot ceramic tiles can also be faked, so that consumers can not be assured. Today, I will introduce you to the three standards of hot tile selection to help you better identify the hot tiles.
   First of all, we must see that the surface of the heating tile is ordinary tile. The core technology lies in the heating material and the heat insulation layer as well as the external structure. Firstly, the heating element on the market has carbon fiber, heating cable and alloy wire. These materials consume relatively high energy. First look at whether the heating layer and the thermal insulation layer are of stable quality, and whether there is a problem of the attenuation rate.

   At present, the price of the hot ceramic tile market is usually not high or low, the higher the price is up to three or four hundred yuan, and some inferior heating ceramic tile sales price is only tens of dollars. Low-grade heating ceramic tiles are commonly used in wire and electric heating film materials with a cost of 10 yuan. There are problems of thermal attenuation, power instability, no heat generation, and high energy consumption. Since it is difficult for consumers to see the quality of the heating tile from the outside, many manufacturers use the method of adjusting the power to increase the power of the heating element, and the heating rate is faster, so that consumers mistakenly think that the heating speed is good, according to the industry. Experts introduced that the use of this inferior heating tile in the decoration, in addition to the high energy consumption, but also because of power instability, delamination, heat attenuation, weak quality and other problems caused by the heat effect is greatly reduced, seriously affecting consumers The use effect and safe use. In order to save costs, some heating tiles use very poor heating materials, which reduces the quality and affects the decoration effect and use.

  Because the heating tile contains a heat layer, it is necessary to see whether the heat layer is flat or linear, whether the power is stable, the age, etc. These are the times when we usually buy hot tiles. Need to pay attention, I hope everyone can grasp it.
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What are the specifications for vitrified tiles?

When people decorate their houses, they choose vitrified tiles. It is one of the many types of ceramic tiles, and it is also a common one. It is usually used in bathrooms and kitchens. When buying vitrified tiles, many people need to pay attention to them, especially the size and thickness of vitrified tiles. So, do you know the thickness of vitrified tiles? Today, Xiaobian will take a look at it with everyone. What is the thickness of vitrified tiles and the choice of vitrified tiles!
What is the thickness of vitrified tiles?

1, common vitrified tile specifications are 400 × 400mm, 500 × 500mm, 600 × 600mm, 800 × 800mm, 900 × 900mm and 1000 × 1000mm. At present, the sales volume in the ceramic tile market is 600×600mm and 800×800mm.

2, there are six common specifications for vitrified bricks. For the three types of 600×600mm, 800×800mm and 1000×1000mm, their thickness is not the same. Typically, the thickness of 600 x 600 mm is 10 mm, the thickness of 800 x 800 mm is 12 mm, and the thickness of 1000 x 1000 mm is 15 mm.

How to buy vitrified tiles

1. Look: It is mainly to see whether the surface of vitrified tiles is shiny, with or without scratches, spots, leaks, and leaks. Grinding, missing edges, missing feet, etc., check the bottom mark mark, the product of the regular manufacturer has a clear product mark on the bottom of the product. If it is not or is particularly vague, it is recommended to choose carefully;

2, 掂: is the test feel, the same specification products, good quality, high density brick feel is relatively heavy, on the contrary, quality products feel lighter;

3, Listen: Tap the tile, if the sound is thick and the echo is long, such as the sound of the bronze bell, the tile level is high, the wear resistance is strong, the bending strength is high, the water absorption rate is low, and it is not easy to be polluted. The degree of melting is low (even cracks appear), the wear resistance is poor, the bending resistance is low, the water absorption rate is high, and it is highly susceptible to contamination;

4. The length deviation of the polished brick is less than 1MM. It is advisable that the diagonal deviation is 500*500 and the product is less than 1.5mm, the 600*600 product is less than 2mm, and the 800*800 product is less than 2.2mm. If it exceeds this standard, it will produce more effect on your decoration. The big effect, the best way to measure the diagonal is to straighten with a very thin line;

5, test: First, the test shop, random sampling within the same model range A number of products in different packaging boxes on the ground floor, stand carefully 3 meters away to check whether the color difference of the product is obvious, whether the gap between the brick and the brick is straight, whether the chamfer is uniform, the second test foot feel, look slippery Slip, pay attention to whether the test brick is non-slip and does not add water, because the more water will get wet.

Glass tile maintenance method

1, vitrified tiles must be cleaned regularly, because the surface of the vitrified tile is too smooth, it is easy In the face of dust, in order to maintain its beautiful decorative effect, it is necessary to carry out regular dust removal work to avoid accelerating the aging of vitrified tiles. The cleaning process can be wiped directly with a wrung wet rag. If it is dirty, it can be cleaned with soapy water.

2, must be avoided in the process of use, the surface of the vitrified brick is prone to long spots in the closed humid environment, therefore, the vitrified brick decoration should be away from the closed wet area.

3. Vitrified bricks must be protected from the sun. The surface of the vitrified bricks is prone to sun exposure for a long time. Therefore, it is usually necessary to avoid the sun being exposed to the vitrified tiles for a long time.

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Overall operation of construction machinery

This year, both in June and January to June, construction machinery sales reached new highs. In the past few years, the sales of various types of excavating machinery products in the past market, the real estate industry and large-scale infrastructure projects are the two main consumer markets. But in 2018, the year-on-year figures for these two downstream sectors were not as beautiful as they were supposed to be. The trend of mechanical substitution artificial in the rural market shows that the proportion of consumer demand driven by it can be estimated to be 40%-50%. The arrival of the inventory market renewal cycle has also pushed the construction machinery industry to record new highs.
The overall operation of construction machinery

There were 25 mainframe manufacturing enterprises that were included in the statistics from January to June 2018, and sold a total of 120,123 various types of excavation machinery products, a year-on-year increase of 60.0%.

In the first five months of 2018, China’s loader sales totaled 49,278 units, 13,461 truck cranes and 3,774 bulldozers, all of which have reached record highs. After experiencing the bottoming out of 2016, China’s construction machinery industry has reached record highs in terms of total sales, sales, and corporate profit margin.

The construction machinery products are out of stock, and the notched products mainly include lifting machinery, pump trucks and large excavator products.

Rural market boosts development

In the rebound cycle from 2016 to 2017, excavator products increased significantly, while concrete and crane products increased relatively little. The market with the main position in the countryside is one of the driving forces for China’s construction machinery industry to continue to improve. This is also an important factor in the industry’s prosperity this year, which is different from the previous round of the rising cycle.

The upgrading of the construction machinery industry is another major consumer of the construction machinery industry. The life cycle of general construction machinery products is 8-10 years, and the sales peak of the previous round was concentrated around 2008. In addition, with the tightening of national environmental protection supervision, it has also promoted the upgrading of products. Taking excavators as an example, the current market holdings are about 1.3 million units, and the cumulative sales volume in 2017 is about 130,000 units. The gap is expected to be gradually replaced in subsequent markets.

Corporate shuffling to increase industry concentration

In 2011, more than 100 construction machinery companies and even some consumer goods companies across the country entered the construction machinery market. After the last round of shuffling, only more than 20 companies survived, which increased the concentration of the industry. Therefore, it is reflected in the situation that the enterprises are expanding their demand.

From the customer base of Sany Heavy Industry, the sales of small excavators account for a higher proportion. Large excavators focus on the expansion needs of some companies. In terms of pump trucks, sales of small and low-priced pump trucks are generally larger, while in cranes, large-tonnage cranes are mainly used for wind power hoisting, while small-tonnage cranes are more suitable for the general market.

For the future market forecast, the industry is also relatively cautious. The future market is difficult to decline, but it will enter a relatively stable cycle. From the market segment, excavators and cranes may have entered historical peaks relatively, while concrete machinery has been adjusted most in the last cycle, and its peak is not yet expected. When you reach it, the boom cycle will last longer.

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“China General Machinery Industry Yearbook” China General Machinery Industry Association annual industry development yearbook comprehensive summary has been published

China General Machinery Industry Yearbook, edited by Machinery Industry Press, 2018, published in Jiangsu ProvinceValveThe Industry Association Sheng Genlin wrote (2017 Jiangsu Valve) Industry development overview) draft.

This is a comprehensive summary of the annual general development yearbook of China General Machinery Industry Association, which deeply reflects the development of the general machine industry. Comprehensive analysis of the development and operation of 2017. The Jiangsu Valve Association has written a special article for the China General Machine Yearbook for five years, comprehensively analyzing the development achievements of the Jiangsu valve industry and expanding the influence of the Jiangsu Valve Association in the industry.

This “China General Machinery Industry Yearbook” 2018 book, published in early November 2018, and The book was launched at the China General Fluids Exhibition. (Jiangsu Valve Association Secretariat)


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What are the characteristics of applying waterborne floor paint?

After applying the water-based floor paint, the texture of the floor can be kept clear, and the gloss of the floor can be made longer. It can be said that the water-based floor paint has both decorative and outstanding environmental performance, and is very suitable for home decoration materials. Many families are in the decoration. Choosing wood flooring, but not everyone knows the daily care of wood flooring. To extend the service life, it is essential to choose a suitable water-based floor paint. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of water-based floor paint.
First, the characteristics of water-based floor paint

1, construction difficulty, leveling, the paint film is smooth and bright, with excellent anti-fouling effect.

2, water-based floor paint products can effectively resist the growth of common bacteria on the wooden surface.

3, the paint drying speed is faster, suitable for DIY or factory line painting operations.

4, qualified water-based floor paint products are very healthy and environmentally friendly, in line with environmental standards such as formaldehyde-free and eight heavy metals.

Second, the scope of application of water-based floor paint

Water-based floor paint is mainly suitable for indoor wood floors, wooden handrails, wooden countertops, decoration, siding and cabin floor, etc. It is widely used in homes, offices and entertainment venues.

What are the precautions for waterborne floor paint construction?

1, sanding the first surface of the wooden surface #180~#320 (depending on the adjustment of the wood condition).

2, remove the original floor surface impurities and oil stains before painting, keep dry, and then carry out construction.

3, water-based floor paint should be stirred before use, stir evenly before use, precipitation after a long time is a normal phenomenon.

4, water-based floor paint should not be applied too thick, it is recommended to use a multi-layer application method for construction, conventional 2 to 3 can be, the specific application should be based on the actual need to assess the number of layers.

5. It is recommended that the wood moisture content be below 18%.

Third, suitable construction environment for water-based floor paint

Suitable temperature: 10 °C ~ 35 °C

Air humidity: 75% or less

The temperature and humidity will affect the drying time of the water-based floor paint. The drying time is 30 minutes at room temperature and 4 hours for firming.

Painting time interval: no less than 4 hours

Coating area: 10m2~12m2/liter (different materials will vary)
<br涂 Coating method: mainly adopts two methods of brushing and spraying. The water-based floor paint product does not need to be diluted and can be used directly.

Fourth, the shelf life of water-based floor paint

Unopened for 2 years (normally), please close the can lid after opening to avoid skinning to extend the storage period, please Run out as soon as possible.

V. Which brands are mainly included in water-based floor paints

There are currently common brands on the market: Green Bo, Carpoly, Wo Lei, Scitech, Fuk Lok Court and Fang, Meilin, etc. Foreign imported brands include Bona paint in Sweden, LOBA in Germany, JUNCKY in Denmark, etc.

Summary: Regular water-based floor paint products usually have instructions for use. Construction should be carried out with reference to the instructions, and the construction methods should be finely adjusted according to product characteristics. The above is the characteristics of the water-based floor paint and the construction precautions that the home sister summed up for you.
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You should know these about the application of home improvement tiles.

You have had a decoration experience, you must remember the memories of buying tiles. There are many kinds of ceramics with different materials, crafts and colors on the market. The sales staff will also introduce some new terms of the eyeballs to consumers: polished tiles, polished glazed tiles, all-ceramic half-tiles, antique bricks, cement bricks, Wood bricks, small tiles… Don’t look at the real thing, just listening to these names is enough to dazzle.

  What are the differences in raw materials and crafts? Can these various names reflect the quality of the tiles? How should consumers buy according to actual needs?

A  Don’t be stunned by the name of the

The name of the tile can be derived from different materials, processes, appearances, etc. The name, such as the tiles sold in the market, is called “glazed tiles” from the material, and is “glazed tiles” in terms of craftsmanship. Therefore, when the manufacturer develops the name of the tile, it will pick up the high-end name. Therefore, consumers should not be confused by the various names when purchasing tiles. Not only that, the tile products are upgraded very fast, the materials with better performance, more advanced craftsmanship, more beautiful textures are constantly on the market, and the name of the tiles is constantly updated. Some names that sound high-end tiles don’t tell you the quality is good.

   Because of the diversity of tile names and the rapid replacement of products, consumers do not have to judge the quality of tiles through different materials and processes. For most consumers, to the standard building materials market, choose a well-known tile manufacturer to buy directly. Large-scale ceramic tile manufacturers, their own standards are more detailed than the national standard, and the bigger the brand, the stricter the standard, the after-sales service is also guaranteed.

   The reporter learned that most of the owners judged that the tiles are still “face value”. If you can take into account the hardness and water absorption of the tiles, it is enough to purchase good quality tiles. In addition, special attention should be paid to avoiding radioactive element tiles when purchasing tiles. Radioactive elements can make the rocks green or reddish, but it does not mean that all reddish or greenish rocks contain radioactive elements; if the white rocks contain radioactive elements such as potassium, rare earths, and uranium, the radioactivity is definitely higher than other ordinary rocks. .

B  kitchen and bathroom main anti-slip wear-resistant brick

The tiled room mainly has bathroom, kitchen, living room, among them, kitchen The floor tiles must be non-slip and stain resistant, and the wall tiles have a high water absorption rate. Although there is friction coefficient and wear resistance to define the slip resistance of a brick, not every tile has been tested, there are test reports, so pay special attention to the selection. It should be noted that the matte tile is definitely more slippery than the glossy tile. It can be felt with a touch of the hand. The rough tile is wear-resistant, and the uneven texture of the tile is better. The reporter visited the market and learned that the non-slip tiles sold in the market are mainly whole-body bricks, and the whole-body bricks have plain colors and oozing flowers. For example, ceramic mosaic has a good anti-slip effect, many seams, rough, and large friction, which is used by many families in the bathroom.

  Because the kitchen and bathroom should be cooked, bathed, etc., the quality of the tile is good enough to fall off. Within the specified range, the lower the water absorption rate, the lighter the tile and the cement mortar are combined more closely and less easily.

   Among them, the most critical indicator is the water absorption rate. Depending on the water absorption rate, ceramic tiles have different names. For example, porcelain tiles with a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%, ceramic tiles with a water content of more than 10%, and enamels between ceramic tiles and ceramic tiles. Quality, fine porcelain and so on. “The old method of detecting the water absorption rate of tiles in the past can not be universally applied. For example, as long as the water droplets are on the back of the tile, the water absorption rate can be judged by the water absorption rate. Now many tiles are glazed tiles, and the tile surface is a It is of little significance to measure the water absorption of the back material only when the layer does not absorb water.” Industry insiders said.

   Therefore, in terms of production process, tiles with low water absorption are often because the machine is pressed tighter and the density is high. Therefore, when visiting the building materials market, it is possible to judge which type of tile has a higher water absorption rate than the two wall tiles of the same specification.

C Select the “microcrystalline stone” in the living room

In addition to the use of ceramic tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, the living room floor tiles are also widely used in many homes, floor tiles It is easier to care than wooden floors, carpets, etc. Commonly used tiles on the market for living room paving are: high hardness of polished tiles, microcrystalline stone tiles, etc.

  The living room is the area where family members and visitors walk the most frequently and easily accumulate dirt. Therefore, the selection of tiles is more resistant to stains, and it is not easy to infiltrate colored liquids, and it is not easy to get dirty. Tiles are resistant to dirt, and owners who need to use them for a long time know that there is nothing to see in a few minutes of testing. For example, use an oil-based pen to draw a picture on the tile and then wipe it off, or drop the ink and wipe it off. It is not possible to judge whether the tile is dirty. When choosing, the owners who like glossy tiles can choose from tiles such as polished tiles, polished glazed tiles, fully polished glazes, porcelain polished tiles, etc. These tiles have excellent properties of high hardness, high density and low water absorption.

   “It is important to note that the industry that prefers glossy tiles is mainly careful to choose microcrystalline stone tiles. This brick is very bright, and the glazed surface of the tile is decorated with glass-ceramic. The layer can make the room look brighter, but the surface of the brick is vitrified and the hardness is only 5-6. If the sand is stained on the sole, the tile will be worn out quickly.” Marco Polo Tiles Salesperson Ms. Zhang said.
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What factors have prompted the rise of the smart home sector?

Some time ago, the super mainline science and technology concept stocks turned out, not only stimulated the enthusiasm of market participants, but also led many related varieties with high stock price elasticity and high growth expectations to gradually enter the main rising wave, including A smart home sector with broad industrial prospects. In the recent gradual increase in market capitalization, the short-term trend in the smart home sector is expected to enter the outbreak cycle.
   Consumption upgrades cause industrial application to speed up

   Although the concept of smart home has already appeared, it has been a matter of recent years. On the one hand, the popularity of 4G networks and Wi-Fi home wireless networks, on the other hand, the price reduction of smart hardware products, especially thanks to the advancement of manufacturers with Internet genes like Xiaomi, which makes related intelligence The price of household products is more close to the people. For example, Xiaomi smart lamps have only dropped below 100 yuan, and millet rice cookers have fallen below 1,000 yuan. These people’s prices have promoted the application of smart home products.

  In recent years, with the advent of the era of full renovation, real estate developers need to sell their homes faster and at a higher price in order to accelerate turnover and gain higher profitability. The need for commercial housing has a stronger competitive highlight, and smart homes can undoubtedly quickly enhance the competitive advantage of fully renovated homes.

   Therefore, real estate developers have great motivation to use the smart home system as a full decoration standard, so it will vigorously promote the rapid development of the smart home market, smart locks, smart cameras, smart homes The control system will basically become the standard for future fully furnished homes.

   In addition to the real estate developers have the power to promote, the advancement of technology is also triggering the acceleration of smart homes, the popularity of the 5G industry in the future, it is likely to bring the era of Internet of Everything. If 4G changes life, then 5G is expected to change society. The efficient interconnection of the Internet of Things will greatly enhance the application needs of smart homes. For example, the recent popular homestays and rental apartments can achieve online booking and online check-out through the current first-level Internet of Things. If you enter the 5G era, the application of the Internet of Things will go further, and the demand for smart homes will be even stronger.

  Two factors spurring the rise of the smart home sector

   In the stock market, whether a sector can become the focus of new funding is needed Two factors are combined: First, the industry level, including industrial growth prospects and industrial policies, which is the logic of mainstream capital allocation or the excuse to raise stock prices. The second is the market environment. Only when the market is active, funds will swarm, and the highly flexible and high-growth sectors will have a relatively stronger trend. The reason why the science and technology concept stocks since last week have become active in the recent super main line is to fit the above two elements.

   As far as the characteristics of the smart home sector are concerned, it is expected to become the focus of A-share new funds: on the one hand, the smart home industry development trend is optimistic, and it is 5G The main line of investment, such as the Internet of Things, is a marriage, with many subject matter, and it is easy to be concerned by incremental funds. On the other hand, the demonstration effect of making money by the science and technology concept stocks allows the incremental funds to feel the atmosphere of the A-share strong market, thus stimulating them to find new varieties with broad industrial space, high performance and high stock price. The smart home sector has exactly this feature. Therefore, from the perspective of capital game, the smart home sector is expected to become the main line of follow-up A-share investment.

  focus on both ends of the industry

   It is hopeful that it will become the main line of investment, market participants can actively focus on the opportunities at both ends: one end It is the upstream component end of the electronic intelligent control system. The electronic intelligent controller is one of the interfaces between the mobile control terminal and the smart home terminal. It is built into the instrument, equipment or system as the core and key components, and acts as the “brain” of the smart home.

   It is often the most critical component in various end products, with complex technology, many components, advanced manufacturing processes, and high impact on overall machine performance. Its advanced nature and reliability often become the hallmark of the technical level of the terminal products and the quality level, which has a great influence on the brand image of the terminal products. Therefore, the products of Topang, Hetai, Zhongying Electronics, etc., which are engaged in electronic intelligent control systems, are worthy of attention. High-emergence varieties such as IoT equipment business can also be tracked.

   The other end is a smart home brand. At present, the most well-known comprehensive smart home manufacturer is Xiaomi, which is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The stocks related to the A-share listing are mainly the leading varieties in various sub-sectors, such as Cobos in the field of sweeping robots.

   Relevant information shows that at present, the household cleaning robot represented by the Sweeping Robot is extremely low in China, and is in the stage of product introduction, and the convenience and cleanness brought by such products The quality of life has improved greatly. Under the trend of consumption upgrading and technological progress, Cobos, the leading company in the household cleaning robot industry, has formed certain barriers in technology, channels and brands, and will fully enjoy the dividends brought by the industry outbreak. In addition, stocks such as good wife and Gujia home can also be tracked.
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Bathroom renovation, things you must know

A few things that must be understood when the bathroom is changed and refurbished

The renovation of the old house, or the renewal or renovation, is due to the multiple factors such as the appearance, function or service life of the existing house decoration. need. In the renovation of old houses, the main functional areas, kitchen and bathroom renovation are the top priority. Bathroom reloading involves the replacement of sanitary ware such as wall tiles and toilets. Today, the netizens will briefly explain the steps of bathroom renovation:


First prepare the tools for the bathroom to remove bricks. Wall-mounted bricks generally use impact drills, which are much faster than manual hammering with a hammer. The impact drill must be turned on for one minute before use to determine whether it can be rotated normally and put into use.

Electric drills should be pulled from the outside and cannot be used in the bathroom. This is to avoid accidents. In addition, prepare the ladder so that the upper half of the brick on the upper wall is knocked out, and the ladder is used as a temporary socket to avoid the damaged tiles being buried or buried.

Removing the bathroom utensils

After preparing for brick removal, you can start the bathroom. Transformation.

First of all, it is necessary to remove all kinds of sanitary wares and utensils installed in the bathroom – basins, mirrors, shelves, water heaters, showers, etc., and finally remove the ceiling. If there is a wire exposed during the removal process, it needs to be wrapped with insulating tape to avoid accidents.

The toilet should be left to the wall and the floor tiles removed and then removed. Removing the toilet too early will expose the drain pipe, which may cause the drain pipe to be blocked by falling debris during the brick knocking process.

If you do not change the toilet, you should take protective measures against the toilet when removing the wall tiles to prevent the fallen tiles from damaging the toilet.

Removing the wall tiles

When the sanitary ware is removed, you can start to knock the bricks. The order of knocking bricks is generally from bottom to top. During the process of knocking bricks, the tile fragments should be cleaned while knocking, so as not to accumulate too much delay in construction progress.

When you hit the brick, you first tap from the edge of the tile and gradually turn to the center of the tile; the strength of the bricks in different positions of the bathroom is different – knock on the tiles near the socket and the faucet, and find out the wires and water pipes. Go to prevent damage to wires and water pipes. If the wire or water pipe has been damaged, repair it in time to avoid leaving any further work.

At this time, you need to determine whether you want to keep the original waterproof layer. If you don’t keep it, knock off the waterproof layer when you hit the brick. If the waterproof layer is retained, it is only necessary to apply a thin layer of waterproof on the original foundation when waterproofing.

Clean up the site

After the demolition work is completed, the construction site should be cleaned up immediately to ensure the smooth operation of the later installation. Garbage should be removed in time and cannot be stacked on the construction site. As for the resurfacing of tiles, the installation of sanitary ware and ceilings, step by step, no longer repeat them.

Bathroom products purchase

Bathroom renovation, those that have been used for a long time, have appeared in different degrees of aging sanitary wares will be replaced. When purchasing such products, you must consider the coordination of the size and installation location, the service life and replacement cost, the frequency of product replacement, and the production cycle of custom products.

For example, toilets, installation and maintenance require labor costs, replacement costs are relatively high, so buy some, long-term durability, reduce the frequency of replacement; replacement cost is relatively low depending on the situation, some The attributes of the small items themselves are durable, they are easy to be damaged, and they can be replaced. If they are aging, they can be replaced and they can be installed by themselves.

Furthermore, custom-made products, such as bathroom cabinets, need to measure the data and arrange the position when designing the bathroom layout. Considering the production cycle, you should set the preferred style and size as early as possible to ensure The installation time is not delayed for too long. The finished product only needs to be installed on demand.

Environmental and after-sales

The products related to the bathroom are mainly bathroom cabinets, and environmental protection should also be considered. Good plates are not only environmentally friendly, but also durable. Hardware should also pay attention to authenticity and reduce the frequency of replacement.

The sale of branded goods is generally relatively complete, try to choose the brand, good service, is an important part of brand building. Of course, depending on the budget, I decide what kind of product to choose.


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