Smart home wars are everywhere, and China and the United States open two different tracks.

Under the turbulent wave of AI+IoT, smart home has become an industry enthusiasm not to be missed. ABI Research’s forecast is more optimistic, the global smart home market will reach 70 billion US dollars in 2018, and will exceed 100 billion US dollars in 2021.

This trillion-dollar market has attracted the deep participation of global technology giants. Currently, the US Google, Amazon’s voice assistant mode and China’s Haier’s smart package solution model are drawn for the global smart home industry. Two tracks.

“The Connection” was founded by Kevin · Kelly predicted that the future world is a world of all things connected, and the most widely used application of the Internet of Things is smart home. Today, this trillion-dollar market has attracted the deep participation of global technology giants, including Google, Amazon, Haier, Huawei, and BAT, all of which are actively occupying the commanding heights of technology and market.

From the current point of view, the US Google, Amazon’s voice assistant mode and China’s Haier’s smart package solution model have two tracks for the global smart home industry, although the entry point and the point of exertion are endless. Consistent, but the ultimate goal of the Internet of Everything is the same, the difference is that the Haier model is heavier, the barriers are higher, and the ability to seamlessly cross the scene is stronger. The Chinese brand has taken a favorable position in the global competition for smart homes in which the technology giant is deeply involved.

Google, Amazon mode: use the voice assistant to control the entrance

AI will become the infrastructure of the business community like water and electricity, and a new IoT world will be presented to humans. …… Kevin · Kelly’s many predictions are gradually becoming a reality.

Under the turbulent wave of AI+IoT, smart home has become an industry enthusiasm not to be missed. According to estimates by American Stistisa, the global smart home market will reach $79.3 billion in 2021; ABI Research’s forecast is more optimistic, the global smart home market will reach $70 billion in 2018, and it will exceed $100 billion in 2021.

The keen American tech giant has already taken action. In 2014, Google began to make smart homes, and invested $3.2 billion to win the smart home startup Nest, and then acquired the IP camera company Dropcam through Nest for $555 million. In May 2016, Google released Google Home, a voice activation device with built-in speakers. In October of the same year, Google Home, which was voice-activated by Voice Assistant, was launched.

Another US technology giant, Amazon, launched a new concept of smart speaker Echo at the end of 2014. The biggest highlight of this product is the implantation of intelligent voice interaction technology into traditional speakers. Gives the attributes of the speaker artificial intelligence.

Nail technology analysis believes that whether it is Google or Amazon, the core competence in the smart home field is not hardware, but voice assistant & mdash; — Hey Google and Alexa, their goal is through intelligent voice assistant Infiltrate into the smart terminals of its own and more external manufacturers to master the entrance of smart home.

In fact, this kind of thinking is very consistent with the consistent style of American technology companies. Microsoft, Google, and Apple, are also best at operating system and software-level technologies. Windows controls the entrance to the PC, Android and iOS have mastered the entrance to the smartphone, and they also want to control the entrance of the smart home through Hey Google and Alexa.

Google and Amazon’s practices have also spurred the participation of other technology companies. For example, Samsung also launched its own intelligent voice assistant Bixby, and tried it on smartphones and smart home appliances.

Mastering the entrance through software and operating system, this “smart home” is very clear.

Haier Mode: Breaking the Intelligent Island with a Complete System

Smart Home is in the ascendant, and there is no single model in the huge market of billions of dollars. Chinese companies also have a smart home. Ability to open up a new track.

But for a long time, there have been three global challenges in the development of the smart home industry:

One is difficult to interoperate. This is not only reflected between different categories, but also between different brands. Unable to connect and interoperate, at most, it can only realize the intelligentization of single items, unable to break through the development ceiling of the primary stage of smart home, and can not bring users a seamless, full-scenario smart home experience.

The second is not active. The essence of intelligence is to reduce the threshold for users to use, that is, without the user doing anything, the product can analyze and judge the user’s intention, collect and analyze relevant data, and realize the evolution of intelligent level. At present, many smart home products and solutions can only passively receive data, no one interacts with things, and can’t achieve the active service of people.

The third is not complete. Many companies can produce superior smart items, or create intelligent solutions around a specific scene, but basically can’t achieve coverage of smart homes including living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc., lack of software and hardware. And a complete set of solutions for service.

Based on years of leadership in the global home appliance industry and accumulation on the U+ smart lifestyle platform, Haier successfully solved the three global challenges of smart homes and opened up global solutions with one-stop smart solutions. Smart Home’s China Track.

Haier’s one-stop smart package solution, based on the open ecosystem, connected by the Internet of Things, with smart kitchen, smart kitchen, smart bathroom, and other five kitchens, mirrors, mirrors, etc. “The network device is an interactive control center. It connects the seven ecosystems of air, water and food in parallel, which can realize a cross-scenario and seamless smart life experience.

If it is said that the realization of equipment Internet access, home appliance remote control is the 1.0 stage of smart home, realize network interconnection and multi-entry interaction is the 2.0 stage of smart home, then Haier has taken the lead in entering the network device to actively serve users. The Smart Life of Service 3.0 stage.

The size of smart home appliances and smart hardware in the home is no longer just an isolated island-like smart item, but a network device that can be interconnected, evolved, and can connect to external resources for active service. It is the core advantage of Haier’s complete smart home solution.

To break the smart island with a complete solution, you have to mention the U+ smart life platform that Haier began to deploy in 2104. It is the first open platform in the smart home field. Haier has built a unified interface to enable home appliances of different categories and services to be connected to the smart life platform, so that developers and ecological service providers can use the IoT hardware chip formed by Haier. Module, direct transformation of the Internet of Things.

Breaking the smart island with interconnected, proactive, and complete solutions, the smart home’s “China track” is also very clear.

“The same is true for the Chinese and American models

From the perspective of creating a world of all things connected, whether it is Google, Amazon’s voice assistant mode, or Haier’s complete solution model, The ultimate goal is the same.

But Nail Technology also found that there are many differences between the Chinese and American models in smart homes, mainly in three aspects:

First, the mode is different. The voice assistant mode belongs to “light mode”, which uses system and software to enable hardware, the cost is relatively lower, and the penetration speed is relatively faster. The complete system mode belongs to the “heavy mode”. It not only needs the software and hardware service platform such as U+ platform, but also needs hardware inlets such as chips and terminals to create an open and closed intelligent ecosystem.

Second, the barriers to competition are different. Although the voice assistant mode requires cutting-edge technology support such as AI, big data, cloud computing, etc., relatively speaking, this model has not established absolute competition barriers. Google can release Hey Google, Samsung Bixby, within two years after the launch of Amazon Alexa. Apple Siri is also poised to take off, and even China’s BAT has the ability to narrow the gap with their voice assistants. Relatively speaking, the competition barrier of the complete smart home solution is higher, it needs to be highly competitive in terms of hardware and software, and has sufficient openness and scalability.

Third, the concept of entry is different. Both Google and Amazon hope to take on the responsibility of smart home portals, such as Google Home and Echo speakers, by implanting a burst of voice assistants. Haier’s complete solution model does not emphasize the entrance value of a single product. Instead, it regards the smart hardware of the home scene as the portal and the network device, and links with the U+ smart life platform to achieve cross-scenario and seamless. Smart life experience.

With the launch of Haier’s complete smart home solution, the global competition for smart homes has been fully launched. It is foreseeable that the top players on both the Chinese and American tracks will launch a strong sprint.

Kevin · Kelly mentioned in the book “Required”: The flourishing development of science and technology, from the possibility of “promoting”, at present, everything is endless, everything is not limited, everything is unfinished. Under the efforts of Google, Amazon, and Haier, smart homes have changed from “may be” to the current, but the popularity is not over, the evolution is not limited, and the magnificent technology and life changes that Chinese and American technology giants have set up still have many wonderful things. To be staged, we may wish to wait and see.

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Xiaomi Tao Blockchain Social New Retail Platform_Recruitment Partner-Xiaomi Tao God of War System

First machine, Xiaomi Tao ♻ New mode blockchain new gameplay: (just started the inner row), officially launched on May 20

Blockchain + Social + New Retail: Challenge You have never had a shopping experience.

Three billion-level companies are working hard to build a 3.0 e-commerce company after Taobao Jingdong.

2 China Scene Technology Valley: a leading company in the virtual reality industry.

3 Bendao Group: a leading company in the product operation industry.

A virtual shopping system with virtual and real integration: online and offline cross-test shopping experience.

Application Advantages of Blockchain Technology:

1 Traceability: The source of each item can be traced back.

2 Open and transparent: Every partner keeps abreast of the operation of the platform.

3 irreversible: to ensure the authenticity of each data, fair and equitable.

4 Free circulation: circulation produces value, value guarantees price,

Guarantees peach (now 1 peach = 0.1 yuan) unlimited value-added space. Http://

♻ Promotion System ♻

Consumers are partners (bonus system):

1 Take 100% of the peaches for their own consumption.

2Share 50% of the peaches that others have consumed.

3You can become a business partner by spending 398 yuan package products (share members at each level, in addition to taking the team’s joining bonuses and long-term consumption of peaches, pipe revenues)

4 Entrepreneurship partners recommend entrepreneurial partners to receive 1,000 peaches.

5 Directly promote 5 entrepreneurial partners, and the team will be upgraded to a dream partner with 30 people.

6 Dream Partner Recommendations Venture partners receive 2,000 peaches.

7 Dream partners enjoy the umbrella. The winners recommended by the entrepreneurial partners are 1000 peaches.

8 Dream partners enjoy the umbrella. The winners recommended by the dream partner are 200 peaches.

9 direct pushes have 5 dream partners, and the team has over 1,000 people to upgrade to star partners.

10 Star Partner Recommendations Venture partners receive 2,500 peaches.

⑪ Star Partners Enjoy Under the Umbrella The winners of the Venture Partners recommended 1,500 peaches.

⑫ The star partner enjoys the umbrella of the dream partner recommended 500 peaches.

⑬ Star Partners Enjoy Under the Umbrella Star Friends recommended the spot award 100 peaches.

The role of peach:

1 Dividend attribute: Participate in the profit distribution of the platform according to the proportion of peaches held.

2 Equity attributes: Peach holders will become shareholders written on the blockchain.

3 value-added attributes: Peach can enjoy the appreciation space brought by the development of the platform.

4 Property rights: The company cannot tamper with, cannot be revoked, and cannot be recovered.

5 Circulation attributes: Users can choose to transfer to the company at 1:0.1 yuan,

or freely circulate with each other.

The company’s strategic planning: online development period & rarr; offline development period & rarr; integration listing period

2018 target: 2 million shop owners, turnover of 5 billion

2019 target: 5 million shop owners with a turnover of 30 billion

2020 target: 10 million shop owners with a turnover of 100 billion

Consumers have changed the trend of the times and have a slogan.

Are you ready?

Officially opened on May 20!!!!!

Beyond Red Man’s Wear ❗ Chu Chu Push ❗ Dry Stocks ❗ Global Catcher, Fuel Saving No.1! All Funds …air currency!

“Small honey scouring first entity ➕ new retail ➕ blockchain ➕ social new mode is about to start beta, by three hundred The billion-level enterprise Longliqi Group, China Scene Technology Valley, and the local group have invested heavily to build, brand endorsement, strength guarantee, select global quality products, and provide consumers with true “easy to use, high quality and cost-effective products!” p>

Consumption is a partner, peach “ Amoy, the income is inexhaustible, share the blockchain era trillion e-commerce dividend, 2018 steady earn, step by step win ‼&# 65039;

Xiaomi Tao️️️ 8252;️

Xiaomi Tao International Conference Hall, surrounded by LED screens

Atmosphere, shock!

There are heavy coffee to big mystery unveiled

6D touch is more Xiaomi Amoy, take you to experience the future of the world

Global Partner

1. Consumption is a partner

Revenue 1) Consumption Investment: Acquired by Consumer Goods 100% of the peach rewards of the product

Revenue 2) Sharing the investment: 50% of the peach rewards of the consumer goods of the sharer

Second, the entrepreneurial partner

Promotion conditions: If you spend 398 yuan, you can become a business partner.

Top 5 Benefits of Venture Partners:

Earnings 1) Get a $398 Entrepreneurship Package.

Earnings 2) Get 398 peach rewards.

Revenue 3) Consumption Investment: 100% Peach Reward for Merchandise Commodity Products

Revenue 4) Sharing Investment: 50% Peach Reward for Shares of Consumer Consumer Goods

Benefits 5) Self-recommended venture partners each receive 1,000 peach rewards

Third, dream partners

Promotion conditions: total team entrepreneurs In Xiaotaotao’s sales of 12,000, the recommended sales partner’s sales performance of 2,000 yuan, you can become a dream partner.

Top 5 Benefits of Dream Partners:

Earnings 1) Consumption Investment: 100% Peach Reward for Merchandise Commodity Products

Revenue 2) Sharing Investing: 50% of the peach rewards of the consumer goods being shared by the sharer

Earnings 3) Each of the recommended entrepreneurial partners can receive 2000 peach rewards

Earnings 4) The team of entrepreneurial partners recommended by you will recommend entrepreneurial partners, each of which will receive 1,000 peach rewards.

Revenue 5) The recommended dream partners will recommend entrepreneurial partners, each of which will be awarded. 200 peach rewards

Fourth, star partners

Promotion conditions: The total team sales of Xiaomi Tao reached 398,000, and the sales performance of their own recommended venture partners reached 60,000. , you can become a star partner.

Top 6 Benefits of Star Partners:

Earnings 1) Consumption Investment: 100% Peach Reward for Merchandise Commodity Products

Revenue 2) Sharing Investing: 50% of the peach rewards of the consumer goods being shared

Earnings 3) Each of the recommended entrepreneurial partners can receive 2,500 peach rewards

Earnings 4) The team of entrepreneurial partners recommended by you will recommend entrepreneurial partners, each of which will receive 1,500 peach rewards.

Benefits 5) The team of dream partners recommended by themselves will recommend entrepreneurial partners, each of which can Get 500 Peach Awards

Earnings 6) Recommend your own star partners and recommend entrepreneurial partners, each of which will receive 100 peach rewards

The role of peaches? One is that peach has a dividend attribute, Xiaomi Tao is based on the proportion of peaches held by each person to participate in the platform’s profit dividend, the second is to have equity attributes, each peach holder will become written in the area The shareholders above the blockchain, the third is the value-added property, and the peach can enjoy the appreciation space brought by the development of the platform. The fourth is the property right attribute. The peaches we get from contributing value to the platform cannot be falsified, irrevocable, or recovered. Xiaomi Tao is through the blockchain and the Token to guarantee the rights of all of us who participate in the contribution! (Note: Peach is a circulated encrypted digital rights certificate, peach is enjoyed in Xiaomi Tao For the equity certificate, the user can choose to transfer his or her interest in Xiaomi Tao to the company at 1:0.1 yuan, or choose to hold the peach to retain his interest in Xiaomi Tao.

Making money in Xiaomi Tao is very simple and reliable. You become a member and get 398 peaches and one product. Recommend one person to reward a thousand peaches. Coin, shopping also has the same peach delivery, this peach is currently 0.1 yuan, developed by Alibaba’s technical team, in June to trade the market, this year will rise to 50 times, calculate it yourself! p>

Xiaomi Tao consumption 398, equivalent products, 398 peach coins

The price of peaches is now 0.1 yuan each.

For example:

Value added 1 yuan is 398 yuan

Value added 5 yuan is 1990 yuan

Value added 10 yuan is 3980 yuan

Value added 100 yuan is 39,800 yuan

rising … …………………

How to make money with Xiaomi Tao

The mode of making money with Xiaotao is very simple: Xiaotaotao Mall is the place where we spend shopping, just like Taobao and Jingdong, everyone should understand it. !

In Taobao and Jingdong, we finished the consumption, there is nothing else, the transaction is over.

But in Xiaotaotao Mall, the same consumption, the company will give you a certain proportion of ☞Token, also called MITAO, which means electronic equity, you just hold With this peach coin (the company’s electronic equity), as the company’s market value grows, your peach money will rise in price, now a 0.1 yuan (1 cent), will rise to three hairs, five hairs, One, five, ten … … then see where you want to beThe price is sold out (selling in the trading market), the small coins that are sold are your profits.

This peach coin can’t be bought, and there are two ways to source it: Giving Electronic Equity Peach Coin ️ Doing a Marketing Promotion Peach Coin

1. The team directly docked Xiaomitao’s chairman, owning the company’s first-hand information, and 520 kick-off tickets for the conference.

2. The team will send a special resident company to receive you and your team members at any time to visit.

3. Welcome all the big coffee to join the Xiaomi Tao God of War system. Your marketing is done by the team! You only need to do communication, deal, group interaction, and forward your friends!

4. Perfect course broadcast, WeChat friends circle material.

5. Group robots, complete data supply, automated marketing.

Xiaomi Tao headquarters Bo Ge micro signal: QQ9968134

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The whole house intelligence will subvert the industry pattern, and home appliance companies will face stronger competition!

Image from “

Smart After years of development, there are still many pain points in the home. The most obvious and most urgent solution is the lack of interconnection between products. The future of smart home lies in the whole house intelligence. For manufacturers and retailers, how to provide one-stop smart home solutions, that is, whole house intelligence, how to show and experience consumers on the retail side, how to make different smart home scenes on the retail side Landing, these are very important topics.

“Smart home is not a new concept. International and domestic giants have long had a layout, and they have established core advantages through differentiated competition in the market. It is foreseeable that the smart home market will show rapid growth in the next few years.

Previously, smart homes were concentrated in a single hardware product, App control, scene panel, etc., and the intelligent manifestation was weak. Today, the popularity of innovative technologies and applications such as AI technology, big data, and voice recognition provides operational support for smart homes entering a new phase. The cost of industrialization is declining, gradually approaching the level acceptable to consumers, and smart products are rapidly infiltrating into the consumer market. It is also in this context that industry giants began to consider how to layout smart homes from the perspective of the whole house intelligence.

The Chinese market plays a leading role

In recent years, the wave of smart homes has been hot, and home appliances have become an important part of the terminal link directly facing consumers in the past few years. Rapid development.

From a global perspective, according to GfK global appliance monitoring data, in 2017, global (excluding North American market) smart white goods, including refrigerators, washing machines, clothes dryers, hoods, stoves, Sales of dishwashers, ovens, microwave ovens, etc. have grown by more than 90% year-on-year. China has become the dominant market for smart products, accounting for nearly 60% of retail sales in the global market.

According to the national retail monitoring data of GfK China, the sales volume of smart home appliances in China has increased by more than 100% in 2017, taking the household appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines as examples. Retail sales contributed nearly 30%. Among them, the intelligent development of air-conditioning products is the fastest. In the first quarter of 2018, 48% of the air-conditioners sold on the market were smart air conditioners.

The main reason for this is that Chinese consumers are more likely to accept new things, and their perceptions of new things changing their lives are ahead of consumers in other countries around the world. A consumer survey of global smart products conducted by GfK shows that 50% of consumers around the world believe that smart homes will change their lives in the future, and this proportion is as high as 75% in China, the highest among all countries. China has the best consumer and consumer environment, so it is also more conducive to the rapid penetration of smart products.

AI brings new opportunities for smart development

Although the pace of intelligence is moving fast, most of the smart home appliances on the market are still in the stage of simple intelligence, that is, The mobile phone is connected via WiFi, and the user can use the App to remotely control the smart home appliance from the mobile phone, and meet the simple requirements of switching machine, program selection, status check and fault detection, and one-click repair.

In GfK’s view, true intelligence can make home appliances become “smart, it can be more familiar with consumer habits, understand consumer needs, and truly “know your home appliances.”

With the gradual popularization of AI applications on smart speakers and smart phones, human-computer interaction can be realized, consumers do not have to operate, and only need to be able to achieve their own needs through instructions, which is also for home appliances and The interaction of people brings possibilities and brings new opportunities for the development of smart homes.

The first application of AI technology in home appliances is color TV. AI TV developed rapidly in 2017. From the beginning of the year to the end of the year, AI TV sales accounted for 20% in November 2017. At the same time, we have also seen the application of AI in white goods, such as AI air conditioners and AI washing machines. We believe that in 2018 there will be more home appliances equipped with AI technology to achieve interaction with consumers.

In addition, the emergence of smart speakers brings new options to the entrance of smart homes. Many companies, including BAT, JD, and Xiaomi, have launched their own smart speakers, which has ushered in an outbreak of the market. It is expected that sales of smart speakers at the retail end will exceed 5.8 million units in 2018.

It is precisely because of the importance of smart speakers in smart homes. At this year’s AWE (China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo), we saw leading home appliance companies like Haier and Midea. They have launched their own smart speaker products, intending to make themselves the core control port in the smart home, and constantly improve the smart layout in the smart home field.

Whole House Intelligence will change the competitive landscape of the industry

Really “Smart and “Understand your home appliances, it is definitely not isolated. In the consumer’s life scene, various household appliances need to be related to each other and connected to each other, so that the whole family’s use scene can be connected, because consumers do not live in a certain room in the family life, but constantly Switching between scenes (rooms), so smart home appliances need to be in contact with each other, interact with people, and think for others. This is the ideal intelligent environment for consumers. Therefore, GfK believes that the design and implementation of the whole house intelligent solution is currently considered and laid out by the enterprise from a strategic height.

For manufacturers and retailers, think about how to provide a one-stop smart home solution that is full house intelligence, how toIt is a very important issue for consumers to show and experience on the retail side, how to make different smart home scenes fall on the retail side.

For enterprises, from the current point of view, companies with a wider product line have relatively advantages, but in the long run, the future of the whole house intelligence may not be dominated or fully dominated by home appliance companies. Because the range of products involved is far wider than the interconnection between home appliances, such as door locks, lamps, window curtains, etc., it also involves the construction of intelligent ecosystems, from platform to hardware and software development, there will be More yuan enterprises are involved, and even non-traditional home appliance companies will bring competitive single products into the smart home field. The competition pattern of the whole industry will become completely different. This is evident from the current development of Yunmi. Therefore, it is crucial to first take the lead in the layout.

In addition, the whole house intelligence for retail enterprises, the solution pre-marketing reverse retail format also needs to change accordingly. Traditional retail stores are divided into categories by category. Consumers in the whole house intelligent era are more urgent about experiential consumption. They need to enter the retail store to understand the solution. The use of the scene will be more intuitive. The retail sales segment will be abandoned, and retail companies need to think ahead to deal with it.

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How does ssc share life circle work? Is the investment reasonable?

What is the SC shared life circle?

SSC shared life circle is a group platform consisting of home companies

New retail? Offline entities? Online malls?

Strategic Planning of SC Sharing Platform

1. Focus on market demand and innovative customer value

2. Online platform and offline activities For the wiring

3. The investment partner, the channel party, the consumer customer side serve as the service party

4. The sharing economy integration, exquisite acquisition and merger, project resource docking Development, healthy ecological communication, network franchise chain for the business sector

Team support:

Other teams have support policies, we will certainly be more than others, and better and stronger, online and offline coverage, combined with online and offline marketing, hand-held church Internet marketing, teach popular, give a set of marketing collection, SSC sharing life Circle platform, you win me to win everyone to win together. Sharing glasses SSC sharing life circle officially designated national first-hand docking

ssc sharing life circle sharing mode can create a more trusting atmosphere than exchange mode. It enables consumers to fully exert their self-control ability in the process of consumption. The sharing model not only affects people’s way of travel, but also changes people’s social and life, even thought and life. Ssc shared life circle With the rise of the sharing model, individual and subtle changes in consumer behavior will eventually bring about tremendous business changes and social changes through agglomeration and integration.

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solar module-IN5P72

TCL Wang Cheng: Self-cultivation of time plan providers

The lights are dark, and the giant display of the curved surface of the Shanghai 1933 old venue is lit up. TCL Group senior vice president, multimedia executive, Thunderbird Technology Chairman Wang Cheng stood on the stage center of TCL 2018 spring new product launch conference, bringing 2017 TCL multimedia transcript: 2017 TCL multimedia accumulative LCD TV sales reached 23,231,141 units, an increase of 16.4%; TCL brand TV shipments ranked the top three in the world.

It is said that TCL Chairman Li Dongsheng scored 85 points for this achievement.

Under the stage, full of corporate executives, industry experts, investors, channel partners, authoritative media, and “Feathers.” As the TCL global brand spokesperson, Ma Tianyu will come to the scene, claiming that the fans of the feathers are mostly young girls, holding the LED board that spelled the idol name, and they are full of emotions.

The first task is to spend 300,000 yuan

Wang Cheng clearly remembers his participation in TCL.

That was in 1997, graduated from college. Wang Cheng saw TCL’s advertisement, which was played by Liu Xiaoqing. He felt that this company should be very powerful. He also believes that China’s electronics manufacturing industry is promising. At that time, consumers believed that foreign brands were good, but domestic brands have risen. He did some homework, TCL company in Huizhou, his father also asked him: “Where is Huizhou?”

It happened that TCL company went to Xi’an Jiaotong University to recruit. Wang Cheng chatted with the person in charge of recruitment. When the person in charge saw him so positive, he asked him to write a textual introduction to introduce his four years of study at the university. Wang Cheng wrote a full sheet of paper, the person in charge made the board: “Yes, good! Come on! Wang Cheng became one of the first batch of college students recruited by TCL.

After joining the job, Wang Cheng received the first task, which was to spend 300,000 yuan.

At that time, TCL had 3,000 marketing points across the country, and salespeople relied on experience to sell TV. The company’s deputy general manager of human resources asked Wang Cheng, there is no law in selling TV, “No one has studied the company.” Are you not a college student? Give you a budget of 300,000 yuan, you come to study, how to train sales staff.

Wang Chengyi, 300,000 yuan, a lot of money! Leaders trust so much. OK!

Taking the market to do research and researching foreign materials, Wang Cheng also found a set of FABE sales rules. That is, what are the characteristics of the product, what advantages the product has, what benefits it can bring to the consumer, and finally the evidence to show the explanation. According to this logic, the transaction rate can be increased. To this day, TCL sales still adhere to this rule.

Next, Wang Cheng wants to take a training film. So I went to the advertising company, looking for a director, looking for a venue, doing my own supervision and drama, and took a video and sent it to all the regions in the country. With two sets of textbooks written by myself, I went to various regions to do sales training and became a teacher.

Wang Cheng said that this mission is very important to his career. Solving problems is a key capability.

Time comes to the present, and the iterative update of Internet intelligence technology brings new opportunities to TV manufacturers and brings new problems. In addition to friends, mobile phones, WeChat, and today’s headlines are also vying for user time, diluting the use value of TV. How to get the user back to the TV?

Standing at the press conference, Wang Cheng also brought the solution.

“Take out of TV outlets

Wang Cheng has deep thoughts on industry logic. TV products are no longer just a piece of hardware, they also include systems, rich content, and a variety of application services in the home scene. “Therefore, the essence of TV manufacturers is the provider of user time plans.

The times are calling for excellent products and ideas. In this era, the logic of doing products has changed.

The standard for the division of traditional products is price and cost. TCL is divided according to the crowd.

This time, TCL released three new products under the Xclusive, Cityline, and Popular product lines: X5 primary color Quantum dot TV, C6 new theater TV, P5 ultra-thin new surface. X5 corresponds to the new elite. The designer draws inspiration from the Chinese classical architecture “Walong Feifei” to form a speaker design with “Wa Dang” and a “spiritual and aesthetically pleasing design on both sides of the base; the C6 uses a unique sound tube sound. The design of the exterior design and the middle frame is matched with the neutral mesh of the neutral gentleman’s gray. This product also won the German iF Design Award in 2018; the P5 was created for the new generation of trend-oriented style. Features such as the use of MEMC sports anti-shake technology, so that the passionate event has no tailing phenomenon.

People with different traits, responding to different temperament products, also decided to promote the style of different styles. At this point, Wang Cheng’s team has already found some experience in last year’s blue-tune TV publicity. TCL abandoned the simple and rude traffic spokesperson model, and targeted the specific user population, looking for a spokesperson who can resonate with it to tell the brand story.

The user orientation of the spirit of the blues is: people who have been satisfied with the material and pursue spiritual life. Telling the story of my blues life is the supermodel He Sui; it is a female photographer Luo Yang who records the joy and sadness of the girls with the lens; she is a fashion buyer who is committed to discovering her own style. Fitness coach who can live a real warrior lookEllip;…

In addition to the product, the overall upgrade of TCL content is supported by the “1+N+1 strategy”. “1 is a large-scale content cooperation platform, namely Tencent Video; “N refers to a number of large content partners, such as 4K Garden, 1905 Movie Network, Ricky Anime, etc. Currently, 10 content platforms have reached TCL. Differentiated content cooperation; the last “1” refers to the formal cooperation with the licensee Southern New Media.

The service is launched with a large “Partner Program —— not only allows users to watch updates in advance, skip boot and patch ads. In addition, more importantly, TCL is a member of the TCL TV pre-installed app that can directly log in to all TCL TV pre-installed apps. It can enjoy the membership service of video and music across apps, without having to log in frequently between app accounts.

These details are all about helping users reduce their time costs. Wang Cheng is still asking, what can TCL provide for the user’s time solution?

Wang Cheng is joking. If the development cloth does not mention artificial intelligence, it seems that he does not know what to say.

The application of artificial intelligence in the field of color TV brings two changes: the revolution of interaction mode and the improvement of data utilization efficiency. The AI ​​2.0Plus artificial intelligence system equipped with this new TCL product will help users find their needs faster and better by understanding, search and service.

More important changes come from the ability to connect to the services of the Internet and enhance the ability to live. The sci-fi idea of ​​the past can finally enter the daily life of users. For example, you can turn on the bedroom lights on the TV; you can let the TV help you book the hotel, buy tickets, check the ticket … …

or, order a takeaway.

The future of big country brands

Consumption upgrades are a trend. It is also a trend for Chinese companies to go out to sea. The big country brands represented by TCL have also brought new ideas to global business upgrades.

2017 is a challenging and challenging year for color TV manufacturers around the world. The demand in the Chinese market and even in the global market actually has a certain decline. Even so, TCL brand TVs rank among the top three in the world in terms of global shipments, and overseas shipments have been the number one for domestic brands for nine consecutive years.

Wang Cheng’s solution is differentiation + low cost.

Going out to sea is not easy. Wang Cheng still remembers that he had been on a business trip in Vietnam in the past few years. He felt that the Vietnamese market was behind the Chinese market. When he went, he found that consumers’ pursuit of quality was not low. Once in a province in Vietnam (equivalent to the county seat of China), a Vietnamese supermarket asked the sales staff, which country is the TCL (television). The salesman said that it was made in China, and the big man turned and left. Wang Cheng felt quite stimulated.

To break into a new market, you must research the market, gain insight into consumer needs, and interact with them. The sales rules behind it are the same, and the specific methods are different. TCL’s entry into the US market is more representative.

Wang Cheng found that domestic consumers like thin TVs and feel that this TV is very thin and very technological and very advanced. The American consumer saw that the TV was very thick, but he felt that the TV was of high quality and good quality. The TCL team developed the R Series for the US market in 2018.

TCL entered the US market. First, Wang Cheng believed that the US market had reached the point of smart TV explosion. Second, Wang Cheng believed that he had chosen the right promotion method. In the United States, where the culture is strong, the consumer brand awareness is very strong, and the recognition and trust of the brand becomes the key point to enhance the brand’s influence. Therefore, TCL does not hesitate to invest heavily in cross-border marketing, especially in the entertainment and sports that are widely concerned by young consumers. In 2013, TCL became the first Chinese company in the history of the Hollywood Grand Theatre; in 2015, TCL teamed up to sponsor the famous programs such as Ellen Show, NBA Minnesota Timberwolves, Rose Bowl and other teams and stadiums. Through a series of efficient marketing activities such as brand reshaping and consumer relationship restructuring, TCL has quickly gained widespread recognition in the North American market and gained user trust with quality products and services.

Wang Cheng has been in charge of the US market since 2011. TCL TV has lost its sales to the top three in the US market in 2017, achieving 90% of the retail coverage in the US.

And low cost is the supply chain advantage that TCL has always had. TCL’s Huaxing Optoelectronics has entered the first camp of global LCD panel manufacturing. It already has three LCD panel production lines, and its products cover large-size TV panels and small and medium-sized mobile terminal panels. Among them, there are the world’s largest 8.5-generation LCD panel line, and the G11, the world’s highest-generation LCD panel production line currently under construction.

Huaxing Optoelectronics has enabled TCL to become a color TV enterprise that has completed the vertical integration of the industrial chain in China. It has realized the integrated manufacturing capability of the TV-chain-terminal TV industry chain. The supply of core components is no longer subject to people, so The supply of terminal color TV products is also more convenient. At present, there are four color TV companies with vertical integration of such industry chains in the world, and the Chinese brands are only TCL.

The press conference entered the final stage, and Ma Tianyu took the stage to share his endorsements and product use experience, and set off a wave of sound waves.

This time, Wang Cheng is sitting in the audience. He remembered that this year is not only the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, but also the birth of the first TV.0 anniversary. The TCL in progress is not absent from the new business era.

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Why can Xiaomi Tao start a new era of consumption and seize the commanding heights of social new retail?

Why can Xiaomi Tao start a new era of consumption and seize the new height of social retail?

Xiaomi Tao is a mobile social retail-oriented, seamlessly integrated online store, offline store and no one Containers form a new scene smart new retail platform. Xiaomi Tao chose to embrace the blockchain, creating a trustworthy and secure endorsement for social retailing, which is enough to break the current prejudice and perception of social new retail. When all merchants are based on the blockchain-based shared trust system, based on credit and trust as a bridge, the platform can be seamlessly cross-bordered to jointly create quality products. When the value of the shopper’s sharing and communication is digitized, each consumer can bring benefits to itself, and naturally generate loyalty to a platform.

The boundaries between the retail industry and offline will become increasingly blurred, and the contradiction of development will no longer be online and offline competition. The essence of the retail industry is to return to “to provide consumers with efficient, convenient, high quality and good price services. And to evaluate the quality of a retail model, the standard is also determined by both cost efficiency and shopping experience. The new blockchain social retail model created by Xiaomi Tao will greatly increase the consumer user experience and meet customer demand while saving a lot of cost. By creating a safe, convenient, open and fair, consumer-investment social consumer network, a new definition of social retail is created, opening a new era of consumption.

In the near future, the blockchain will spread to the entire retail industry. Xiaomi Taohui’s vision is to seize the opportunity of the development of the times and take the lead in launching a combination of blockchain and new social retailing, and launching a new retail model of blockchain socialization. When the value Internet era really comes, then Xiaomi Tao or has seized the commanding heights of social new retail, becoming a new blockchain e-commerce giant.

Xiaomi Tao is a smart new retail platform based on blockchain technology and using the concept of sharing economy. It is committed to providing quality, easy-to-use and cost-effective products to consumers around the world. Empower and share platform benefits. Xiaomi Tao’s blockchain social new retail model!!

The current traditional e-commerce traffic dividend is gradually weakening, user growth is stagnant, how to open new traffic portals, create new drainage methods Becoming a major problem that needs to be broken at this stage. In the era of Internet, where change is the norm, the retail model is changing. It is social retail that can make traditional e-commerce break free from bottlenecks. However, at this stage, the social e-commerce platform in the market is chaotic, such as the rapid rise but the negative business, but even more suspicion, ups and downs, development is quite rough. However, the essence of social retailing is “social”, and the core of socializing lies in people“. To develop a social platform, we must first solve the trust problem.

The emergence of blockchains solves this problem. 2016 is the first year of the blockchain, and by 2018, the blockchain is still the gulf. Like “big data,” “cloud computing,” the word “blockchain” frequently appears in national regulatory or commercial areas, and is listed in the “13th Five-Year National Informatization Plan” by Internet technology, marking The industry’s popularity of blockchain technology has reached a new height, and the value of blockchain application services for social progress and business development is highlighted. The data indicates that the blockchain is the next major technology trend and the future of the industry. (Articles and images are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact delete!)

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How does EXP ASSET register for VIP membership? EXP ASSET God of War teacher registration VIP member process detailed

EXPASSET Continental Teacher God of War

Please add WeChat: 15920088191

1. First open your browser, copy and paste the recommended link.

2. Go to the registration page.


Company name – Company name (not required)

Register number/Tax/ Vat number – Tax ID number (not required)

Full name – Name Pinyin

Email – Email

Password – Password

Repeat password – Enter password again

Country – Nationality

3. When the registration form is sent, the email will receive several emails from the company.

4. Open the email and click Activate Account to complete the registration process

EXPASSET has two systems


EXP Dual Track System

Members invest in each amount, and the company invests in currency trading arbitrage.


Low investment from $100, high unlimited

Free monthly fee, but re-return

1% lower daily Profit Dividends

Continues 120 working days


Dual-track system, unlimited generation calculation, regardless of blood relationship

Team performance against Award 10%

Up to $3,000 per day capping

Directly winning 4% (the main investment reaches 250$)

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100 US dollars to inflate 650,000 RMB per month

Purely static investors can earn their own dynamic bonuses through technical operation.

Investing more than 1000, you can create an annual report rate of 200~1200%


EXP matrix system

For each investment, the company invests in the mining of the block chain mine to create profit.

Low investment, lifetime investment of 25 US dollars

Third-line ten generations, 88572 points Bit

The computer automatically ranks, and the profit is 5% when it slips.

The total income is 110,000 US dollars

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A total of six levels can participate


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250+500+1000. After all members of the umbrella have joined for 18 months, they will again receive 5% of the prizes. 50% direct award. Take it again every 18 months.

Incentive annual income of 14 million


One network, two systems, one belt and one road

Two-track → driving → matrix

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Double track low 100 dollars + matrix low 25 dollars

= a total of 912 yuan

Give yourself a chance to start from 912 yuan and start a business by yourself

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Xiaomi Tao National Recruitment Center [hot shopkeeper] scan code opened the owner

First machine on April 20th officially opened for registration! Hot docking team docking person

“小蜜淘实体➕新零售➕ blockchain & #10133; Social new mode 4.20 days of internal testing, China Scene Technology Valley, Bendao Group invested heavily to build, brand endorsement, strength protection, select global quality products, to provide global consumers with true “easy to use, high quality, Cost-effective products!

Consumption is a partner, peaches & ldquo; Amoy, the income is inexhaustible, share the blockchain era trillion e-commerce dividends, 2018 steady earned, step by step Win ‼️

April 11th World WeChat Conference Xiaomi Tao revealed Xiaomi Amoy Blockchain Project

Opened a global conference on May 20th!

Small honey Tao digital assets on the international trading market at the end of June

July China’s second legal digital currency trading center is listed in Hangzhou, Xiaomi Tao becomes a business company

The global partner leadership conference opened at the end of July

October Xiaotaotao 2.0 officially Released, the new retail plan officially set sail,

December Xiaomi Tao Commendation Conference, Tourism Conference

Xiaomi Tao’s new model 7 highlights: making money and earning soft hands.

1 Blockchain + Social + New Retail: Challenge the shopping experience you have never had before.

2 Three billion-level enterprises have made great efforts to build 3.0 e-commerce after Taobao Jingdong.

2 China Scene Technology Valley: a leading company in the virtual reality industry.

3 Bendao Group: a leading company in the product operation industry.

3 Realize the virtual and real scene shopping system: online and offline cross-test shopping experience.

4 Application advantages of blockchain technology:

1 Traceability: The source of each item can be traced back.

2 Open and transparent: Every partner keeps abreast of the operation of the platform.

3 irreversible: to ensure the authenticity of each data, fair and equitable.

4 Free circulation: circulation produces value, value guarantees price,

Guarantees peach (now 1 peach = 0.1 yuan) unlimited value-added space.

5 Consumers are partners (bonus system):

1 Take 100% of the peaches for your own consumption.

2Share 50% of the peaches that others have consumed.

3You can become a business partner by spending 398 yuan package.

4 Venture Partners recommend entrepreneurial partners to receive 1,000 peaches.

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6 The role of peach:

1 Dividend attribute: Participate in the profit distribution of the platform according to the proportion of peaches held.

2 Equity attributes: Peach holders will become shareholders written on the blockchain.

3 value-added attributes: Peach can enjoy the appreciation space brought by the development of the platform.

4 Property rights: The company cannot tamper with, cannot be revoked, and cannot be recovered.

5 Circulation attributes: Users can choose to transfer to the company at 1:0.1 yuan,

or freely circulate with each other.

7 Strategic Planning of the Company: Online Development Period & Rarr; Offline Development Period & Rarr; Integrated Listing Period

2018 Target: 300,000 Owners with a turnover of 500 million


2019 target: 800,000 shopkeepers with a turnover of 1 billion

2020 target: 2 million shop owners with a turnover of 5 billion

2021 target: 3.5 million shop owners, The turnover is 8 billion

The goal of 2022 is: 5 million shop owners with a turnover of 10 billion.

Consumers have changed their shareholder’s grasp of the trend of the times.

Are you ready?

Simple understanding of the promotion system

Xiaomi Tao is calculated at the current price of 0.1 yuan/piece (there is a lot of room for growth!)


398 yuan

Gift Package

Award 39.8 yuan

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Level 20 Team Unlimited Generations Under 20 Yuan

Star Partners

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Holding a peach can participate in the platform profit dividend, become a Xiaomitao shareholder written on the blockchain, the peach is replaced by 0.1 yuan/piece in the early stage, and the later hundred times Multi-value space! Want to know the reply 666☜

Team strength

Every day inside our team The training is complete and detailed, so that every agent can quickly become a big coffee from Xiaobai!

First. We have a strong gold medal instructor group;

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1. The team directly docked Xiaomi Tao chairman, owns the company First-hand information, 520 start the conference tickets are not available.

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Qingdao CITIC Air Navigation Li Xiaowei: A Flying Dream of a Private Entrepreneur

In the ages of ancient and distant, the niece fills the sky, rushes to the moon, or the Prometheus flying fire … … these unclear myths and legends are all expected by the earth. The good wishes and illusions of flying into the air.

If you ask a person who has super powers and wants to do something, it will say that he wants to fly like a Marvel hero. This is no exception to Li Xiaowei, but it is different from others. He does not have I thought that he spent most of his life with the flight.

Li Xiaowei’s life is very fortunate. There are no major hardships, ups and downs, full of legends, and some are just plain and simple, with the same focus, like an ordinary person, but not ordinary.

He said that his wish is to help those who are qualified to realize their dream of flying.

is a bloody soldier, and is also a “micro-dust top ten youth”

In the summer of 1992, Li Xiaowei took up his bag and left the hometown of Qingdao, where he was drinking beer, and went to the northwest of the motherland. I ate Lanzhou Ramen, and he was 18 years old. He was admitted to the Chinese Department of Lanzhou University, where he spent the same campus time as most college students.

Seeing his senior year, he often thinks about the direction after graduation. Before he came up with the results, an enrollment from Beijing completely changed his destiny.

At that time, the national defense enrollment was not as open as it is now. A military school in Beijing selected students from the Lanzhou University campus to pass various tests. After screening, several people were selected, and this included Li Xiaowei.

In 1996, Li Xiaowei went to the Beijing Military Academy to study. Here he learned a new world and spent two important years in his life. The blood of the soldiers gradually flowed on him, and the comrades here laid the network of his successful connections in the future. It is also here that he first encountered mechanical expertise in his life.

I don’t understand whether it’s a man’s nature or a gift. He’s actually falling into the mechanical pit and can’t extricate himself. After two years of indulging in learning, he has more than others. “Drilling, indulging in researching various kinds of machinery, swimming in the water flying in the sky, he never let go.”

After graduating in the summer of 1998, he was assigned to Qingdao, Shandong Province to work on air security. At that time, the aircraft was a very high-end means of transportation. In order to ensure flight safety, usually in the last few rows of seats of the aircraft, special anti-airmen were placed and dressed as ordinary passengers. But once there is a life, they will rush to quickly subdue the criminals.

Since then, his life has been inextricably linked to the aircraft.

Li Xiaowei, Executive Director of Qingdao CITIC Airways

Out of the love of the aircraft, Li Xiaowei often Concerned about domestic and foreign news magazines about airplanes, he gradually learned that the United States had nearly 200,000 individual helicopters in the late 1990s. He also learned the concept of general aviation through reading.

In China at that time, basically no one had this awareness. Clever Li Xiaowei felt that this was a big opportunity. He decided to leave the aviation security work for two years to create his own blue sky career.

After resigning, Li Xiaowei returned to his hometown of Laixi, Qingdao, and studied the related helicopter business while doing some basic work with the government.

Once, Li Xiaowei accompanied the leaders to an orphanage. He saw the lovely children wearing thin clothes in the winter, the shoes were dirty, and even the socks were not. taste. He did not think that there were so many poor and poor children in the place so close to him. At that time, he loaded six hundred dollars, and he was all taken out and donated to the children. He did not leave a point in his pocket.

This experience touched him a lot. After returning, the spirit of patriotism and love for the people in the bones made him decide that he must do something to help them. He didn’t have anything else. He could only think of taking out his savings and buying something for the children.

At that time, the national wages were generally not high, but Li Xiaowei still earned a little more than the average person. He saved more than 20,000 yuan in total, and he even took out 15,000 without hesitation. Donated to the left and right, bought a lot of quilts and clothes, and shipped a whole truck to the orphanage and nursing home. In addition, on weekdays, he often sent some eggs and duck eggs, and bought some buns for the children to eat.

After taking this first step, he realized that helping others will also bring happiness. Every year in the future, he has not forgotten to donate money and materials to orphanages and nursing homes. He has always insisted that even if he did not earn much money that year, he has not interrupted until now. The charity of the little man was finally discovered by society after many years.

In 2008, his deeds were reported by the Shandong Peninsula Metropolis Daily. Under his induction, many people including his friends joined the story. Li Xiaowei summed up the words that are common to everyone: As long as everyone gives a love, the world will become better.

In 2009, Li Wei was selected as the “Top 10 Youth of Dust” in Qingdao. As a young and outstanding young man in his own name, he and Haier Electric Zhang Ruimin and other big men entered the list together. At the same time, after several years of exploration, his helicopter business is on the right track and opening new heights.

For the helicopter, there is no hesitation, from a little understanding of the fur to becoming an expert.

In fact, Li Xiaowei’s days in the field of navigation operations are not good.

Li Xiaowei resigned from his work, and his friends and parents did not understand it. He did not discourage him. But he is embarrassed, the things that are identified never give up easily, and they still have to withstand the pressure.

He is rightThe advantage of the hand: I know some mechanical technology, plus the network that I have accumulated in the work of the airline, and a group of comrades with resources and strength, the market is blue ocean, and I will find ways to raise funds, he believes that there is left A good world has been opened for him.

Li Xiaowei first thought of going to the United States to see how others did it and learn from the excellent things.

At that time, if a helicopter was imported from the United States, the cost was quite high. However, the core areas of engine manufacturing and machine manufacturing were almost monopolized by foreign companies. What should I do? Li Xiaowei decided to import parts from the United States and then assemble them into machines at home, so the cost was reduced.

When you do it, he plunges in and begins to systematically learn helicopter-related mechanical techniques, from the fan of furry to the experts. During that time, he found his former comrades-in-arms and classmates, used various relationships, and took the initiative to get to know the famous chefs in this field. As he visited his friends, Li Xiaowei has already penetrated into this field.

Gradually, under his pull, more and more people know the cause he is going to do, and more and more people join in. Slowly, he set up his own team and laid the foundation for the establishment of Shandong Qingdao CITIC Navigation Co., Ltd. Sure enough, with the joint efforts of everyone, I really installed the helicopter step by step.

When the helicopter was born, he felt that the whole sky was his.

I remember that once he gave a real estate company in Qingdao to see the real estate for publicity activities, the helicopter just took off and rose. At about ten meters, Li Xiaowei, who has rich experience, heard the abnormal continuous sound of the aircraft’s rotor. According to the program check, it was found that there is a screw connected to the main bracket and a screw is loose.

After the renovation, the helicopter was lifted again and the flight was in good condition. Through this time, every subsequent flight, he is cautious and cautious, every detail is not let go, always take safety as the top priority, can not be a little negligence.

In this way, he crossed the river by feeling the stones in the navigation field, but after the excitement, the reality gave him a sap.

In the course of his business development, he found that because the overall development level of China’s general aviation is still very low, the low-altitude flight control is strict, and the only openness also has low-altitude airspace divisions and airspace management systems. Therefore, the operation efficiency is low, so the buyer’s market downstream of the navigation industry has not yet formed, resulting in intermittent business orders, but the talents have to be raised, which makes Li Xiaowei into a difficult state of operation.

Plus private small planes can only buy imports, as if there are only imported cars on this highway, and these imported cars are difficult to maintain in the country, oil, accessories are imported, and also It is difficult to match qualified personnel, and its development is not only restricted by airspace, but also by various factors such as high safety management requirements, long market incubation period, and shortage of flight crew.

In the words of Li Xiaowei, everything is cost, and there are barriers everywhere.

Li Xiaowei in the desperate situation was looking for a life-saving straw. Finally, he found that the bell must be tied to the bell. From a fundamental point of view, it is still “invisible hand”. The reason for the development of domestic navigation is that a large part of the reason is that because of government restrictions, he should start with the government.

To get rich first, repair the road, fly to the airport first.

Li Xiaowei first found a local business in Laixi, his hometown, to expand his strength, and then jointly join the name of the investor. Prepare to set up a small airport in Laixi, which can be used for tourism, public welfare, emergency, etc. The Lacey City Council is certainly welcome for such investments. With the support of the Lacey City Government and partners, Li Xiaowei built the first small tourist airport.

After the sweet taste, Li Xiaowei quickly turned his attention to the whole country. He sought local business cooperation in Chongqing’s Hanjiang District and Xinjiang Korla, and built a small airport with the support of the local government.

Li Xiaowei used this trick to get back the tactics and drove his helicopter business and sales, which finally stabilized the company. While maintaining good communication with the Civil Aviation Administration, he also used the database to find pilots from all over the country after the Air Force was retired. More than 10 flight teams were set up to carry out flight activities for users all over the country.

In 2010, Li Xiaowei, as a navigation operation company in Qingdao, performed an air security mission at the Shanghai World Expo. Then his business is getting better and better: “The aerial shooting of the bird flight section is also completed by their company; the aerial photography mission of Haiyang Asian Beach Games; the Qingdao team in the air with the tourism team; assisting the security department in multiple defense tasks; He has carried out many air wedding activities, and has provided helicopter services for the shooting of some movies and TV series.

But Li Xiaowei still has a piece of heart in his heart. The low-altitude reform has not been deepened, and the low-altitude is still the low-altitude, just a little more smog. There is still a lot of restrictions on the development of his navigation career. There is still a long way to go before he wants every qualified enterprise and individual to have his own helicopter.

In the interview, he said: “I still feel that opening up the sky, there are huge business opportunities, China has more and more wealthy people, yacht private jets will become “the standard of the locals.” Even small private jets of two or four seats will be very popular. With the reform of the air traffic control system and the improvement of air traffic control technology, civilian small aircraft will have relatively free space and relatively convenient flight options. May that day come early that day.

Opening the low-altitude trillions of dollars “The market cake is opened

Li Xiaowei’s judgment is not unreasonable. Since the reform and opening up, with the continuous improvement of China’s per capita GDP and personal spending power, the status quo of private flights in the United States is likely to become the future of private flights in China.

According to reports, in the next 10 years, the size of China’s private jet market will grow at a rate of 20% to 25% per year. According to the 2010 Hurun Wealth Report, as of the end of 2009, there were 855,000 millionaires and 55,000 billionaires in mainland China, assuming that one-fifth of the country’s billionaires in the next 10 years chose to buy private jets. The demand can be easily increased to more than 10,000.

Finally, around 2013, the general aviation industry, which is still in its infancy, is welcoming a favorable policy. China began to test the opening of low-altitude airspace and gradually promote the reform of low-altitude airspace throughout the country.

It’s ushered in 2016 and it’s fully open. The State Council promulgated the “Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Promoting the Development of the General Aviation Industry”, proposing that by 2020, more than 500 general-purpose airports will be built, with more than 5,000 general-purpose aircraft.

Subsequently, the Civil Aviation Administration issued the “General Aviation Development” “13th Five-Year Plan” and introduced some related supporting policies to encourage the development of the general aviation industry.

In order to expand the opening of low-altitude airspace, China will promote the seamless integration of surveillance airspace and reporting airspace below 3,000 meters in true height, simplifying the procedures for general aviation missions, flight plan approval or filing. 50 general aviation industry agglomeration demonstration zones will also be built.

At this point, Li Xiaowei and his Shandong CITIC Navigation Co., Ltd., who have been engaged in the aviation industry for more than a decade, have finally waited for a brighter dawn.

& ldquo; As a highly professional industry, the development of the aviation industry still needs a process, explosive The possibility of growth is small. I have been in this industry for more than ten years. Others don’t say that light experience is much richer than other people. Li Xiaowei is not afraid of using policy openness and blindly rushing in. “The barbarians.

Li Xiaowei analyzed that as a result, more and more people will be able to fly the general aviation aircraft to realize the dream of flying in the air, and all he has to do is to hold up their dream of flying in the sky.

He decided to set up a hundred aviation clubs across the country to take this as the next step and drive the sale of helicopters.

Previously, the helicopter seemed to be far away from the lives of ordinary people. The high cost, the high cost of matching, and the complicated declaration and approval process made many people who wanted to own a helicopter stop. Li Xiaowei was selected by investigation. He believes that the wasp 300L double-row twin-drive helicopter from the United States has 4 to 5 seats, which is very suitable for companies and individuals in China to purchase.

Helicopter and The flight team does not need to invest more than tens of millions of dollars in the past, and buy it in his hands. The Wasp 300L requires only about 2.8 million aircraft, and the price of a luxury car can be won. In addition, they will also be equipped with a professional flight team to carry out the flight activities, even the airspace approval is also supported by Li Xiaowei’s staff throughout the company, making flight extremely simple.

Li Xiaowei even thinks that the traffic jam in the city is so serious now that every qualified person in the future has his own helicopter, and it is not impossible.


After the interview, Li Xiaowei had dinner with many former comrades. They are all veterans, and a table is full of people, all of them have a housekeeping skill.

They all want to do something for the society, and the feelings of the soldiers patriotism and love for the people are kept on them.

Li Xiaowei said that he saw that people often charge for charging everywhere. “Cobweb-like wires are too bad, and security risks.”

Next, he wants to use the helicopter’s generator technology on an electric car.

A table of people said, Limin’s business, let’s do it!

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Zou Yong, CEO of Guge Dynasty, pioneering brand culture

In 2002, a food packaging design dynasty & mdash; & mdash; Guge dynasty was completed in Chengdu, the capital of heaven. For the domestic food packaging industry, the team led by the art master Xia Ke is a big gospel, and for the domestic food brands, the Guge Dynasty is also their most sincere partner. The joy and smoothness of these cooperations also come from the thoughtfulness of the negotiation and the deep cultivation of the previous brand culture. Zou Yong, as the co-founder of the Guge Dynasty and the CEO of the Guge Dynasty, deserved the dedication of brand culture. Can be called a leader in the industry!

Before the design of everything, the idea of ​​the explorer designer It should be at the top. And Zou Yong did more at the front end than pulling the customer back to a way of thinking and doing things in the Guge dynasty, allowing customers to reach a certain consensus in their own sense. As Zou Yong said: “What I have to do is to help those who are confused to find the potential value of their products, and we must first believe in this.

On the road of brand culture mining, Zou Yong often mentioned the vocabulary of a talent plus effort —— intuition. The Guge dynasty has not left the food for years, nor has it left the tradition. In the excavation of Zou Yong’s early brand culture, there are more or less things that rely on his intuition. In the industry for 14 years, he has given Zou Yong an innate sense of talent. In the constant learning and mastery, there will be new discoveries.

“Like we do the museum, we found a black fruit in different specimens. This is the judgment of intuition. Coupled with the understanding of food, the black plant in nature will generally have a higher anthocyanin content, so we can intuitively feel that this product should be very valuable. At the end of the study, we also confirmed that the anthocyanin of this product is different from other anthocyanins, and its value is even greater, so we dig it out to make more advanced gifts.

While receiving another brand of squid brand rapeseed oil from another Fortune 500 company, Zou Yong also It means that the depth of cultivation of rapeseed oil is no less than that of the postgraduate study. It has a deep understanding of its historical line, physical line, distribution and various characteristics. “To discover first, you must make yourself a field.” Experts, constantly absorbing and precipitating fresh ways of thinking are helping us to gain experience. This is what Mr. Xia Ke has been doing with us. & rsquo;hunting & rsquo;, all kinds of things we feel very new, we are grafting The things that are done will produce different sparks and create higher value.

& ldquo;In-depth industry core, restore the essence of the brand is Zou Yong’s unchanging pursuit in the past 14 years And he also tailored the brand packaging image design for hundreds of domestic companies, and created an overall output value of over 10 billion. From the front-end mining of brand culture to the practical R&D application of new materials and new processes in the later period, Zou Yong has taken over hundreds of enterprises to integrate resources in the industrial chain, making Nirvana a pioneer in the same kind of products!

In today’s era of commoditized information flow, we are often thinking about the question: “Why is the price of a strong brand product often higher than other similar products? Why consumers are willing to pay extra for the brand? It must be said that this is the reason of brand culture, but also the basis of product packaging design and even advertising. However, today’s food industry can dig deep into a leading figure in corporate brand culture, and Zou Yong, CEO of the Guge Dynasty, deserves it.

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