Cervantes Theater Sun Stone House

Dovela is a kind of bubble stone, commonly known as “Sun Stone”, which is called Pumice. When a volcano erupts, a large amount of volcanic gas separated from the magma forms a foam, and then the foam cools, and the gas is “frozen”. In the pumice, the bubbles in the pumice account for more than 70% of the total volume of the rock, and there is only a pole between the bubbles. Thin volcanic glass and minerals can thus float above the surface of the water, so they are called pumice. This Aztec basalt boulder stone was excavated in the Constitution Square in Mexico City. Architectural design refers to intangible things. But it uses a variety of elements to reflect materiality. The pyramids, which consume a lot of material, show the great achievements of Mexican culture, the state of society and the development of the city, and the symbolic and wonderful scenery. In the Mayan culture next door, the natural well is the main landform structure here, in which people excavate the sacred space, which can receive the baptism of light and the moisture of the rain dew.

We understand contemporary culture as a way of continuous expression of connectivity over time, and enrich The history of the Mexican culture overlaps and blends, bringing great inspiration to today’s architectural designs. Therefore, Dovela, which emerged as a bubble stone, received support from a series of excavated terraces; as the sun’s position changed throughout the day, the light swept through the slats in the space; Rainwater protects us from the land. Dovela tries to collect all the echoes that form on Earth and give them a sequence. These excavated spaces are for the public and are protected in an open-air manner by symbolic metal structures. The nature of the component of the project depends on the material chosen: the thick density of the negative space, its vertical characteristics, and the horizontal tension of the air contained in Dovela, which is the last critical part of the abstract balance of weightlessness. It floats in the air, varies, and is as light as a cloud, which defines this space on the ground by filtering the sun’s rays.
However, space stipulates its rules, and architectural design is responsible for implementing this rule. The design of the structure is based on the contradiction of the isotropic order that harmonizes its soffit lines, orthogonal and bidirectional properties, essentially the geometric dimensions of its components are variable. Transposing the strict order of mathematical objects into space, but not imposing space, but allowing several natural elements (water, light, and air) to influence its final configuration. The result of a game between obvious order and ever-changing space is the creation of a perceptual reality, which also exposes the diversified sun rays, and the light oscillates back and forth between the slats of the structure, creating four brightness levels. Large areas, which are reflections of four excavation spaces that connect the spiral form of the theater lobby.

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