Comparison of detection efficiency

1. Comparison of detection efficiency

The rapid development of industrial automation has greatly improved production efficiency, which has put forward higher requirements for detection efficiency. The efficiency of manual detection is in a fixed interval and cannot be greatly improved. In the process of repeated and mechanized inspection of the pipeline, the tester is prone to fatigue and the detection efficiency is reduced. The machine vision inspection equipment can detect the product more quickly, especially When the production line detects high-speed moving objects, the machine can improve the detection efficiency, and the speed can even reach 10-20 times.

2. Comparison of detection accuracy

Because of the physical conditions of the human eye, even relying on a magnifying glass or microscope to detect products will be subjectively affected. Accuracy cannot be guaranteed, and there are differences in the standards of different inspectors; the machine has obvious advantages in accuracy, and its accuracy can reach one thousandth of an inch. Moreover, the machine vision inspection equipment is not subjectively controlled, and as long as there is no difference in parameter settings, multiple machines of the same configuration can maintain the same accuracy.

Based on the above two differences, I understand why machine vision inspection equipment is widely used.

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