Dare to take the studio’s design with a vibrant minimum interval

This is a compact apartment with a neutral, grey background and a unique style of colour that creates a pulsating and vibrant atmosphere. Dare to take the studio, this outstanding minimalist design and style is located in Taiwan, blending modern and some style rules with retro concepts using eclectic contrasting colors.
Living space, without having to open the wall’s open strategy, is indeed a multi-functional board made of partitions. In order to save space, most of the door positions have been pushed, not the traditional swing door. This will produce a clear visual connection between all clearly defined spaces.
The palette of neutral gray color gives the style, a great background, the furniture stands out. The master bedroom in the ideal blue wall cabinet is a very good example. The selection of small-sized items in the smallest size living space notices creates a larger space for perception.
Living room: Positioned on a gray carpet as a central part and a coffee table. The orange frame mirror gives a wonderful contrast to the palette of gray colors.

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