Do you know how to buy geothermal floor?

With the increasing popularity of geothermal, consumers who purchase geothermal flooring are gradually increasing, but how to choose geothermal flooring? Is the thicker the better? To this end, the reporter visited the market to understand.

The floor is not thicker and more insulated

It is understood that wood is a poor conductor. If the floor is too thick, it is not conducive to heat conduction through the floor to the board, but it is consumed in the conduction process. bingo. If the floor is too thick, the temperature difference between the upper and lower will be large, and the floor will be easily deformed, and the stability of the floor will not be guaranteed.

The floor specification is not as wide as possible

Because the floor is in the environment of use, it is easy to swell and shrink, and there is a gap. In the case of geothermal heat, the water is dissipated quickly. It is more likely that the floor will be separated from the seam. Therefore, experts suggest that consumers should not buy too large specifications when purchasing geothermal flooring.

Aluminum film is not special for geothermal floor

Many consumers buy aluminum floor film under the floor when buying a geothermal floor. Do you have to bring an aluminum film on such a hot floor? Geothermal floor sales staff told reporters that if the heat-dissipating floor is covered with aluminum film, it will form anti-radiation. Under the condition that the surface temperature is kept the same, the aluminum film will hinder the heat, and the floor without the aluminum film will be better.

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