Dragos Motica designed the Slash light

Dragos Motica designed the Slash lamp to give it a cool industrial design that combines concrete and steel wire. The two materials combine to create a cylindrical lampshade with exposed parts that allow light to pass through, creating a unique effect.
These beautiful chandeliers were designed by Stefan Gant. They come in different shapes and sizes and look elegant and fascinating due to their golden details.
Light O lights are cute and perfect for desks or bedside tables. It has a bell-shaped concrete lampshade on a plywood base. The shades come in three different ways, each of which looks interesting.
How cool is this light? It doesn’t have a switch or shade, it doesn’t even have a power cord. It is called the Brick Light and was designed by HCWDstudio. If you want to turn on the light, just lift it up. It is available in three versions: wood, cement and aluminum.

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