Environmental protection check air outlet How to survive in sanitary enterprises

In 2017, limited production, limited production, shutdown, price hikes over the entire manufacturing industry, just Beijing There are 167,000 small scattered and polluting enterprises in Tianjin and Tianjin, and countless enterprises have fallen directly on the environmental protection.

All said that 2017 is the most environmentally friendly year, but the bathroom girl passed Comprehensive information has found that the truly deadly environmental storm of 2018 has just begun!

Jiangxi shut down 18 ceramic production lines

Before the Spring Festival, eight ceramic production enterprises located in the New Century Industrial Park in Gao’an City, Jiangxi Province, a total of 18 production lines were concentrated due to local government environmental protection planning Closed, this is the second batch of ceramic enterprises that have been closed down in Gao’an City after the closure of the city’s new Hongmei, Laohongmei and Guinness ceramics enterprises on May 28, 2017.

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei develops a three-year battle plan

2018 just opened, on January 6, the Ministry of Environmental Protection organized 28 supervisors The investigation team conducted a “review” inspection of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.

In Hubei Province, Central China, February 24, Ezhou Environmental Protection Agency Environment The monitoring detachment and various environmental law enforcement departments set up five inspection teams to conduct a “back look” on the municipal direct jurisdiction, Echeng, Huarong, Liangzi Lake and Gedian Development Zones by means of cross-checking.

In the Pearl River Delta, just after the Spring Festival, many bathroom business owners found that environmental protection I started to enter the door.

On January 25, 2018, the national policy requires that Beijing-Tianjin Focusing on areas such as the surrounding areas, we will promptly formulate and implement a three-year operational plan to win the blue sky defense war, solidly promote the comprehensive compliance of enterprises, and continue to do a good job in comprehensive rectification of “scattering and pollution” enterprises.

A company is fined more than 9 million

In 2018, various legal systems for environmental pollution were intensively introduced, and they were still lucky. The business owner who is mentally motivated may punish you and regret not closing the door early.

Starting the trial of ecological environmental damages nationwide from January 1, 2018 Institutions, in accordance with the environmental factors that cause atmospheric, surface water, groundwater, soil and other environmental factors and biological factors such as plants and animals, and the environmentally-friendly and destructive ecological responsibility of the above-mentioned elements, in accordance with civil dispute resolution methods, Investigate its responsibility for damage to the ecological environment. At the beginning of 2017, Guizhou Province issued a judicial confirmation of compensation for ecological environmental damages. A company was claimed by the Guizhou Provincial Environmental Protection Department for more than 9 million yuan because of illegal treatment of sludge residue.

January 1, 2018, the newly revised Water Pollution Prevention and Control Act Officially implemented. The new “Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law” has increased the punishment for water environmental violations. On the basis of increasing continuous punishment on a daily basis, the fines have been increased. For example, the fines for enterprises exceeding the standard and the total amount will be fined by the amount of sewage charges. “More than five times the time” is changed to “100,000 yuan or more and less than one million yuan”.

On January 18, 2018, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the “Measures for the Administration of Pollution Discharge Permits” (Trial), through the sewage permit, the environmental protection of the Ministry of Environmental Protection gradually deepens from the enterprise to the specific discharge.

So environmentally friendly “cold winter” is only two ways in front of the bathroom enterprise: one is to complete the transformation and upgrade as soon as possible, and the other is to hold the group Warm up and find a way to enter the park! 2018, for the bathroom company is full of opportunities and challenges, are you ready?


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