Extend the trial life of smart toilets, and do daily cleaning and maintenance

How to do the daily cleaning and maintenance of the smart toilet cover?

1. When cleaning and maintaining the smart toilet cover, be sure to unplug the power switch and make sure that the power indicator light in the operation part of the smart toilet cover is completely off.

2. Do not rinse the smart toilet cover directly with water. Wipe the product with a soft cloth. In addition, use a neutral detergent to clean the smart toilet lid, a strong or corrosive detergent that can damage the surface of the product.

3. Please use a soft cloth to wipe with water. If it is not removed in time, it will become difficult to clean. Please wipe it regularly with water. Wipe with water to prevent static electricity, and static electricity will absorb dust. , causing the product to become dark and dirty. The smart toilet lid can also be removed from the toilet, which facilitates the cleaning of the portion between the smart toilet lid and the toilet.

4. Cleaning and maintenance methods of the nozzle: The nozzle has dirt. Please use a small brush such as a toothbrush to clean it. Be careful not to forcibly stretch and bend the nozzle. At present, the better body cleaner does not need to be pulled out by hand, so that it is unsanitary, and only needs to be pressed on the button board to make the nozzle stick out. It is recommended to clean it once every two months.

5. Please periodically remove the dust attached to the power plug, unplug the power cord during cleaning, and wipe with a dry cloth.

6. Please turn off the power of the smart toilet cover when there is no one in the home. If there is a water storage tank, remove the plug (the front end of the bottom of the water tank) and discharge the water in the water tank.

7. Intelligent toilet cover winter maintenance method: In winter, keep the temperature in the bathroom at 3 degrees or more to avoid water freezing in the water tank.
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