Fentress Architects prepares to take off

Fentress Architects designed the new Tom · Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will be open to the public in August, bathing travelers in the splendid Los Angeles sunshine as they begin Their journey. A group of Fentress Architects has a major stakeholder workshop to identify a cluster that can clearly be noticed throughout the design theme.

These include beaches, cities, mountains, sunshine, sports and openness. A wave of inspirational roofscape leaps across the Pacific Ocean near the 1.2 million square foot terminal, evoking the imagery. The Sunshine Cascade to the Sponge Hall of the Great Hall – was named to commemorate Los Angeles Mayor Antonio · Villaragoza Pavilion – through the large glass windows to illuminate the skylights, while passengers sit down and enjoy the Santa Monica Mountains from various dining areas view.

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