How can a young literary artist have a decent study?

In study space layout, the main furniture includes: desk, book shelf, bookcase, seat or sofa. There is no certain standard for the placement of bookshelves, writing desks, etc. Non-stationary bookshelves only need to meet the book, convenient for storing books, wall-mounted or wall-mounted bookshelves, for better space utilization, Combined with audio device, record holder, etc., the half-length bookshelf, when placed against the wall, vacate the upper part of the wall to match the wall paintings such as jewelry. So how should the study be decorated? Let’s take a look at it together. Method 4: Bookcase Storage cabinet synthetic complete storage space

There is no certain standard for bookcase placement. Non-stationary bookshelf can be used as long as it is convenient for taking books. In-wall or wall-mounted bookshelves, a large bookcase with good space utilization and simple appearance, actually contains a lot of clever and thoughtful design, and is used everywhere for your space. Large storing lockers, sorting storage, keeping your home in order, with a simple and stylish Shelf design, adding a few points while protecting books and objects Leisure atmosphere, bookcase and locker are combined into one, combining functionality and display into home life.

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