How much do you know about the siphonic toilet?

The siphonic toilet has a complete pipe with a side-shaped “S”, a vortex siphon and a jet siphon. The biggest advantage is that the noise is relatively small when flushing, the impulse is relatively strong, and the water storage is high. The deodorant effect is better than other toilets, but it is more wasteful than other types of toilets, and it is prone to blockage of the toilet. When we buy sanitary ware, we need to consider all aspects, especially the selection of toilets. Nowadays, the most common ones are straight flush toilets and siphon toilets. Do you know what a siphon toilet? What are the advantages and disadvantages of siphonic toilets? How can we buy it?
  What is a siphonic toilet

  Siphonic toilet is divided into a vortex siphon and a jet siphon. The siphonic toilet has a complete pipe with a side-shaped “S”, the slope of the pool is slow, and the noise problem is improved. It has the characteristics of strong sewage discharge and large selection of clean surfaces, so most toilets are especially Siamese are all connected.

  The advantages of siphonic toilet

  1, the biggest advantage of siphonic toilet is that the noise is relatively small when flushing. Almost can be called silent.

  2, the siphon-type toilet has a strong impulse, it is easier to wash away the excrement sticking to the surface of the toilet, and it is very clean and makes the toilet look clean as new.

  3, because the siphon-type toilet has higher water when flushing, the deodorant effect is better than other toilets, and gets rid of the smell of the bathroom.

  4. If the siphonic toilet is sprayed, a jet attachment is added to the inner bottom of the toilet to align the drain. When flushing, a part of the water is from the periphery of the toilet. The water hole of the cloth flows out, and a part of it is sprayed out from the jet port. The toilet bowl is driven by a large water flow force on the basis of the siphon, and can quickly wash away the excrement.

  The disadvantages of siphonic toilets
  1, when the siphonic toilet is flushed, the water must be placed on a very high surface before it can be drained. Rinse the material cleanly. If you have a bowel movement, you should use 8L to 9L water to achieve the purpose of flushing. It is a waste of water compared to other types of toilets.

  2, the diameter of the siphon of the siphon type toilet is about 56 cm. If the toilet paper is thrown into the toilet, it will be blocked when flushing, so use the siphon toilet. Consumers, Xiao Bian suggested that it is best to have paper baskets and tweezers in the bathroom to avoid blockages in the toilet.

  Siphonic toilet purchase tips

  1, gently touch the surface of the toilet by hand, if there is no uneven feeling And feel that the glaze and the body feel very delicate, which indicates that the quality of the toilet is better, if it is a low-grade toilet, the surface of the glaze and the body will be rough, the color is dim, under the illumination of the light Found a small hole.

  2, the high-grade toilet has reached the requirement of all-ceramicization because of the high temperature during firing, so it will feel heavy in the hand, and the middle and low-end sit. The toilet has a low firing temperature and a short time, so it does not meet the requirements for all-ceramicization.

  3, the high-temperature fired toilet has a low water absorption rate, so it is not easy to suck into the sewage and produce odor, while some middle and low-grade toilets have a high water absorption rate when sucking in the sewage. Afterwards, it is easy to emit an unpleasant smell, and it is difficult to clean. After a long time, cracks and water leakage may occur. When picking, you can gently tap the toilet with your hand. If the sound of the tapping is hoarse, it is not crisp and loud. Then, such a toilet is likely to have internal cracks or the product is not cooked.

  4, at the time of selection, also extend into the dirt of the toilet bowl by hand, touch the inside is smooth, if the hand feels rough, it means there is no glazed inside, such The toilet is easy to leak, and the gasket of the toilet should be made of rubber or foamed plastic. Such a gasket is elastic and has good sealing performance.

  5, whether the design of the pipeline is scientific and reasonable has a great impact on the flushing effect of the toilet. Under normal circumstances, you must first try flushing before purchasing the toilet. In the formal standard, In the case of less than or equal to six liters of water, three flushes, the toilet should be able to flush at least five water-filled table tennis balls.

  6. Pay attention to the distance between the center of the nozzle and the wall: the vertical distance from the center of the sewage nozzle to the wall of the toilet, and then the distance to the seat “30cm is the middle water, 20-25cm is the water, and the distance is 40cm or more.

  7, pay attention to choose different drainage methods: the toilet can be divided into flushing type, siphon flushing type and siphon centrifugal vortex type by pressing water mode, flushing type and siphoning The falling water injection volume is about 9 liters, and the sewage discharge capacity is strong. It is only loud when flushing. The vortex type has a large water consumption at 13-15 liters, but it has a good mute effect. Obviously, the drainage effect should be the most. The main functional indicators, the test drainage method is to install the water tank accessories, fill the water, put a piece of toilet paper in the toilet and drop a drop of ink, leaving no traces at one time, indicating that the sewer is smooth, the toilet quality is better.

  8, the box accessories are the heaviestIf you can guarantee normal flushing, you can see the water tank accessories. Therefore, the wash basin can be bought cheaply, and the toilet must not be cheap.

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