How to keep the tiles as bright as new?

For the owners, the worse thing is that the tiles are stained with stains that are difficult to remove. Don’t look at the smooth surface of the tile, the hardness is high, in fact, it also needs to be loved. As a “face project” in the home, everyone can’t be sloppy. So how do you keep the tiles bright and beautiful? Next, Xiaobian will teach you a few tricks.

  1, clean texture

  Antique brick, the surface has a concave and convex texture, in order to pursue the realistic effect of the log, clean the texture along the texture can. If tea or other daily necessities are attached to the tile surface, you can use household detergent and water to clean along the texture to make the tile more shiny.

  2, decontamination and waxing

   Although the polished brick is not easy to accumulate dust, it is easier to clean. However, after a long time of use, the fine pores on the surface of the polished tile are exposed, and the dirt is also sucked, making the polished tile difficult to clean, the surface tarnished, and getting old. Therefore, we should wax it regularly, with a time interval of 2-3 months.

  3, stubborn stains

   In addition to daily sweeping and mopping, the floor tiles are stubborn stains on the gaps in the tiles and corners. We use a multi-purpose decontamination cream for regular cleaning and maintenance to keep the tiles clean and bright.

  4, cleaning seams

  The cleaning of glazed tiles is relatively simpler, but the seams of tiles are easy to hide. . First use a toothbrush and a little decontamination paste to remove dirt, then use a brush to brush a waterproofing agent in the gap, so that it can not only prevent water seepage, but also prevent mold growth.

  5, tile renovation

   old tiles to be refurbished need to pay attention to, all the tiles are shoveled, and then replaced with new ones ceramic tile. The color of the new tile must be the same as the original one, otherwise there will be chromatic aberration, so it is recommended to leave a small amount of tiles in the decoration tiling for future repair. If you don’t have reservations, it is recommended to take the pieces of the tiles under your arm and replenish them at the store.

  6, tile scratches

   For tile scratches, toothpaste helps a lot. The smooth and flawless tiles accidentally left small scratches, so anyone who looked at them was very distressed. At this time, we can apply toothpaste on the scratches and wipe them with a rag to repair them.
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