How to stay away from the boring interior of the white wall…

With the continuous improvement of people’s aesthetic consciousness, the pursuit of high-quality lifestyle, wall-building, more and more attention, the white wall can not help but appear too monotonous and dull, just need to be properly built, the entire room can be decayed into magical. In addition to the traditional painting, painting, wallpapers, etc., young people in the city are more enthusiastic and have become more sexualized decorate the corners to make it a decorative highlight of the interior space. 5. Post-modern art, creating a classic wall

The white wall is not limited by the decorative material during the decoration process. It can be planned according to personal preference, and choose Iron art, creating a concave and textured texture to decorate the wall surface, which is in sharp contrast with other wall blanks. The classic black and white color is used to make it look classic in art.

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