How to use wooden floors in the kitchen?

First of all, the chances of clear water in the kitchen are very low. Occasionally, there is splashing water in the washing dishes. Or you can also put a non-slip mat (textile) on the sink near the sink to absorb water. The floor of the domestic third-line brand has been soaked for a few days and nights, and the edge is slightly “arc”. The problem of stretch rate, the value of the laminate floor can be ignored, multiply by the percentage you look at the value. Don’t list the small probability of a water pipe bursting. Instead of arguing about it, it is better to spend a few dollars to buy a good angle valve and hose.

If it is an open kitchen, or the kitchen and living room connected to the kitchen, it is also made of wooden floor, and it will be laid down along the floor. Do not leave the height difference. . First floor and then cabinets, the province’s closing, cleaning is also convenient.

Aside from the different national conditions that you think, most of the foreign (North America, Northern Europe, Europe) triggers are wooden floors, and a lot of solid wood.

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The floor mat is basically standard, water-absorbent and non-slip, and there is water in the kitchen of the foreigner, but there is no way. Some habits and mistakes during purchase should not be overturned by a stick.

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Not only the ground, but also the wall It was also laid out.

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Don’t have to worry about ‘Chinese food is different’, ‘Domestic The dust is big, and there are many practical tricks. The problem of fume and the problem of dishwashing are not problems.

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