Investing in good projects to open the whole house custom furniture franchise store is the most profitable!

Since you want to invest in, of course, you must choose a project with good prospects in the industry. It is a good choice to open a full-custom furniture franchise store. So what is the prospect of opening a full-custom furniture franchise store in 2017?

Urbanization process, promoting the whole house customization

At present, the penetration rate of custom-made furniture in urban households in China is very low. However, with the evolution of the purchase policy, the sales of houses in first- and second-tier cities are also showing ups and downs. The rigid demand for houses in the third- and fourth-tier cities has made the property market active and demand has risen. At that time, the whole house custom furniture market will be very popular!

Personalized customization needs into the mainstream

Personalized exclusive labels, let private customization become a personalized generation after 80s New darling. The customization of the private custom has gradually evolved from the original “new and exclusive”, transforming into the love of young people who pay attention to quality and style. “There is a certain economic strength. Customized demand is not just luxury but fashion and personalization. Such a crowd will be the consumer of custom-tailored customization in the future. The thinking of modern young people is affected by many complicated factors, and everyone is yearning for it. The bursting of personality, open and free is the commonality of modern young people. Therefore, the previous customization of finished products is increasingly unable to meet the needs of modern consumers. Personal customization came into being. Very in line with the needs of the current masses of consumers.

Green and environmental protection is deeply rooted in people’s hearts

Environmental protection is the future development trend. The concept of green environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The average consumer is increasingly aware of the importance of custom environmental protection. An important part of the customer’s usual understanding is the environmental performance of the product, and even some people regard it as the first element of whether to buy the product or not. At present, many whole-house custom brands such as Canoya have used “mulberry boards” for their products. The amount of formaldehyde released is far below the national standard, the quality is guaranteed, and the franchise brand is preferred.

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