Japan plans to repair the law in 2019, allowing employees to directly receive wages with their mobile phones.

Chinanews.com, December 7th, according to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” network, Japan has implemented a new rule for the rapid development of “no cash society” in 2019, so that wages can be paid by mobile phone transfer. Employees can be charged directly in the e-wallet.

It is reported that Japan established a salary regulation in 1947, stipulating that employers must use money as their labor compensation. Subsequently, this decree was changed in view of the formation of the bank transfer business. Nowadays, with the booming cashless transactions such as mobile phone transfers, the authorities will revise this decree again.

The policy review panel of the Japanese labor authorities wants to amend the regulations in 2019. The policy after the introduction will indicate that Japanese companies can allow employees to choose to use their mobile phones to receive wages without the need to transfer funds through banks. However, to ensure the value of the salary, it will be noted that this regulation does not include volatile currency.

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