Lamps freely switch home style

1. Color: White light is a romantic taboo, giving lover a warm red, orange, yellow chandelier, floor lamp, high and low candles, etc., to create a romantic and charming atmosphere.
2. Energy-saving: lighting should not only consider the beauty, energy saving and environmental protection is also a problem that can not be ignored. It is recommended to choose the lighting that can best be equipped with energy-saving lamps, which can save a lot of money for daily use.
3. Material: Material selection is the easiest problem for consumers to confuse, and it is also the easiest to let the business shoddy, in the purchase can not prevent. It is recommended to choose from brackets, cloth covers, etc. Generally, high-quality lighting, mostly using pure copper as a bracket, using aluminum or iron brackets, the durability is relatively not so high, it is recommended to take 1 in the purchase. If the magnet is iron, it will be inspected with a magnet. If you buy crystal lighting, you can compare the weight, cut surface and impurities of the crystal pendant. The deeper the general feel, the cut surface. The more and the bubbles and impurities are not visible inside the light, the quality is good.
Warm type:
Feather lights, fabric lights, brushed attracting lights
Pink, pink, pink, red and white feather lights, fabric lights, etc., are the favorite of gentle women . The texture of the fluffy velvet, the faint glow of the faint, dreamlike, cute and warm.
Fit home: Fabric lights are best placed in the boudoir of a small girl, or as a gift. Feather lamps and brushed ceiling lamps can create a different warm atmosphere, whether in a female boudoir or in a newly married bedroom.
Heart-shaped crystal lamp, butterfly lamp, lantern
heart-shaped crystal lamp, lantern, butterfly lamp, etc. are all romantic representations, heart-shaped crystal lamps and butterfly lamps are relatively small pockets. Each of them consists of a series of purple crystals suspended in a string of three overlapping heart-shaped patterns, or a string of pink shells composed of flying butterflies. The lantern lampshade is made of flame-retardant plastic material such as sunflower, rose, golden chrysanthemum, etc. It is small in size and simple in shape.
Adapter home: heart-shaped crystal lamp, butterfly lamp, etc. are suitable for hanging in the bedroom of the little girl; the lantern is suitable for a wide range of applications, whether it is in the bedroom, living room, dining room, balcony, etc.
Gorgeous type:
Crystal candle light
Bronze wrought-iron flower chandelier bracket with candle-shaped or pull-tailed bulbs, hanging or long or short net crystal, maple leaf crystal or pendant Crystal tassel, crystal candle light is a gorgeous representative of the European court, and is also the lighting product of choice for many modern home decoration.
Fit home: European or modern fashion home, depending on the size and diameter of the lamp, the crystal candle chandelier can be hung in the bedroom or kitchen, and the table lamp can be considered in the bedroom or study. Market prices range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.
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