Let the world redefine the kitchen

Looking at the era of “00”, the endless stream of new things is mixed with new insights that have never been seen before. Eyeball. The derivation of the word “food” makes “eat” no longer a necessary way of life, but rises into an art. Any corner of the world is full of all kinds of food, and is keen to “eat” this. The relentless pursuit of the art of the door.

A variety of specialty restaurants are also springing up everywhere, everywhere in the world, with unique food to challenge your taste buds, but also spread more unfamiliar taste to every corner.

It’s an art to eat,

Gourmet food is born through the dexterous hand, in the space dedicated to it, and then placed on the table, from shape to taste is an attraction. Production steps, swaying techniques, and food coloring are all an art.

People’s taste of food is also an art. The demand for color and fragrance is gradually improving, and it also incorporates the pursuit of healthy diet. In the enjoyment of food, it will also add some “ceremonial feeling”, increase the “exposure” of food in the major social software, and eat “elegant”.

When it comes to eating, it’s hard to break away from the manufacture of food. Base – kitchen, and food sharing base – restaurant. The spatial structure of these two places can also be said to be the birth and transfer area of ​​food, which is the art in art.

The world redefines the tiles, perfect for the kitchen and restaurant, the art of the art to the extreme, to create your own gourmet base.

Cut with oversized tiles The designed cabinets bring the best integrity experience, enhance the overall beauty of the food base, make it more atmospheric, and at the same time, it is quite effective in reducing the difficulty of cleaning the kitchen and reducing the amount of oil contamination. At the same time, the professional black technology is embedded in it, and the fried, fried, boiled and cooked food is realized on the ceramic tile.

wood grain tile decoration from nature, Taken from the color of the logs, the kitchen is covered with a layer of modern simplicity and classics. The cabinets made of wood-grained bricks are integrated with the paving of the wall to make the whole space more three-dimensional.

For the creation of the restaurant, HM-EURO’s oversized tiles also have a unique charm. Simple and fresh The complete paving of the wind’s grey wall tiles, combined with the delicate textures scattered on the bricks, creates a natural and cozy food tasting space, creating a relaxed atmosphere when you sit down at the table and taste the food.


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