Lin Zuoxin: Import and export of American furniture this year

In the first half of this year, US furniture imports increased by 10%, while exports increased by 4%.

Source: US Customs, US Bureau of Statistics

In the past two years, many people have shouted manufacturing back to the United States, and he did not hesitate Playing with statistical means, saying that the manufacturing costs in the United States are only 4-5% higher than in China.

When anti-dumping against solid wood bedrooms was made more than a decade ago, the rhetoric at the time was also an excuse to rescue the manufacturing industry in the United States.

However, the furniture manufacturing industry has not returned to the United States. Instead, imports have increased year after year, but only the top ten countries have entered the top ten.

China is still the largest importer, surpassing 50% of total imports, but the rate of increase in imports is flat, while Vietnam and India have become the focus of attention.

Vietnam began to benefit from anti-dumping against Chinese solid wood bedroom furniture. After anti-dumping, almost all orders were transferred from China to Vietnam. After ten years of operation, Vietnam has grown steadily, except for solid wood. In the bedroom, other solid wood furniture has gradually developed, and the manufacturing supply chain has been completed. The upstream hardware, glass, paint, etc. can be produced locally, and the local rubber wood is one-third of China. The price, therefore, has developed rapidly and exported to the United States, which reached $2.3 billion last year. In the first half of this year, it has increased by 21%.

The biggest worry in Vietnam is that it is located in a very humid tropical environment. The moisture content of the wood is very high. When it is exported to the United States, cracking and deformation of the wood is inevitable.

Vietnam’s wages are also growing year after year, with frequent strikes and unstable electricity supply, but this country with less than 100 million people is much stronger than Indonesia, which has a population of 400 million. Exporting to the United States is more than four times that of Indonesia. Indonesia has not only a large population, but also a lot of resources. Land, timber, etc. are not comparable to Vietnam, but they cannot be developed and exported to the United States. For more than a decade, The annual growth rate is 2-3 billion US dollars, only 6%.

India is also very surprised. It has furniture exports and quickly became the top ten importers of the United States. At present, although the base is small, only 150 million, but the development speed is very fast, compared with the first half of last year, an increase of 20%.

The increase in solid wood bedroom furniture is higher than the average, reaching 12%, showing that anti-dumping is useless It is particularly noteworthy that metal soft bags, most of which are aircraft seats and car seats, are the growth points of China’s exports to the United States in recent years. The wooden kitchen furniture has grown quietly and quietly. And it grew very fast, up to 21%, which was unexpected.

In terms of exports, it is equivalent to one-tenth of imports, concentrated in several countries, and the largest increase is in the Bahamas, but not as much as 30 million.

Source: US Customs, US Bureau of Statistics

Among the top five, exports from the three countries are decreasing, and only Mexico and the United Kingdom are still large. increase. Mexico I estimate that the United States shipped materials, semi-finished products, and processed them in Mexico before returning to the United States.

Canada is a traditional American market. Many furniture retail stores are opened by Americans. Therefore, exports to Canada are much more. However, in recent years, there has been little growth, but it has decreased.

The products exported are mainly solid wood furniture, sofas and metal furniture, including mattresses and beds.

The recent appreciation of the US dollar is not good for the export of furniture, so the performance of exports in the second half of the year may be affected.

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